I'm kind of jealous!

  • You all have these amazing psychic experiences and nothing like that has ever happened to me. Well, I did have dream about a friend the night he died which was atcually gave me a very good and warm feeling BUT outside of that...nadda. I'm really looking to broaden my knowledge of all these things and find the board is a great plavce to learn. i am also taking some classes which I enjoy. I really envy those here who have been incontact with spirit guides etc. and wonder how to open myself up to that. I really belive I have some kind of ability...maybe an empath? I don;t know but i want to develop more!

    Also, interested in how people feel here about learning from and having readings with paid phsychic. I don't know....I had this one authour of a tarot deck to a reading for me and he ripped me to shreds! Ack! He said I was too judgemental of others and bascially was a self-centered snob, only get men because I am attractive and need an attitude adjustment and be more open to dating guys who don't make my "list". First of all.... I don't have a LIST! i date whoever my heart falls for....regardless of social, financial, attractiveness or education standing. I've found that I''m always surprised by who I fall in love iwth and most of them really don't fit the type of person people perceive me to be! Well, anyway, I can't argue wit the phsychic reader beacause that just makes me sound defensive and not able to take constructive crticism but I felt he was soooo incredibly off base in his assessment of me and I almost wonder if he was actually transferring his own insecurities and assuming I was judging him unfavorabley? Anyway, I consider my self pretty open mined until someone proves to me that maybe we are not on the same path in life and it might be time to move so I was shocked by this guys rather cruel assessment. Anyway, long story but I felt liked a kicked kitten and I thought, Geez...I could have just called my mother if I wanted to feel this low. I don't expect a psychic to kiss your butt but really. I don't need a lecture on how to communicate nicely with people and be attentive when they talk! So, I'm wondering if some of these paid psychics are a little less honorable and only see others as dollar as dollar signs? Unless this guy was telling a truth and I am so out of touch with how I am that I can't recognize that he is right!

    Anyway, anyone have good exoeriences with paid phychics? That it why i choose to come to this board and also phsychic learning centers where we are working towards the same goal of being more creative and aware and where people are supportive! Sorry for the rembling post all! I just want to learn and be in touch like so many of you are here and I'd love to hear ideas for further learning!

    Thanks and xx

  • Hi

    Well Ive experiences with paid psychics n astrologers n was like u ripped off. I then looked atmy finance n chose if i want to eat n live, n at times go away for awhile i need to stop purchasing dead end paths like paid help.

    many paid psychics readers are fakes, inmy book anyhews bc its all the same ladida yack yack they splur out. heck even free ones are frauds.

    NOT saying ALL are frauds n fakes but majority is, n i believe many sell out when they choose to charge what was free gifts from inheritance offamily n fate above.

    Overall have u done what many of us do, we turn for help instead of saying hey i can predict my own life better n more than most.

    I nolonger go to psychics n astrologers wo charge, for the sane reason, i cannot afford it, if i wanna live in my flat n eat n have car n gas n enough ti pay bills, i cannot splurge on dead ends n frauds who will lipsync my own thoughts.

    Many of these are caniving in sense they ask u questions of u n ur desires, they sit then for some times n return with what they believe u wanna hear. Nu get woohoo yaayyy feeling n u feel light in ur life. BUT ..................... BUT it NEVER came to pass!!

    So my advice is, dont go to them anymore, weigh ur finances, can u afford to be ripped more? is there not anything better u wanna spend ur money on?

    Finally im gonna advice u n ur gifts. To develope ur own powers, they r there but u need to master them, get hold of a oracle deck, doreen virtue angels deck. n when u feel comdortable get hold of a runes set. i feel u would do smashing with runes once u conquored ur fears of not being able to train work n use ur gifts fully. If u dont want any of these Tarot Waite riders deck is another great deck to practise learn n master gifts with.

    If u need anything else regard developing ur gifts let me know.

    B Stoker

  • You dont need to wonder if a psychic you spoke with was really telling the truth about you. If you know he is not telling the truth, then it is not the truth. If it is his job to do what he does, then he might also be a bit into other peoples feelings and situations, not you and yours, but others, that might still be lingering in him. You are not in position to ask him about how he cleanses his inner feeling before every reading, but one must wonder when you have such a bad feeling after a conversation with him. Sounds as if he was not focused on what he was payed to be focusing on, and did not have an open and clear mind when you called. Then the receiving would be mixed with a lot of other "shait" that comes from his mind and feelings. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

    I myself do the latihan in subud. I dont call myself a psychic at all. I dont think that is so very important. What is important to me is to have a clear inside, a pure inner feeling. To know myself and be filled with a divine peace. Then the bonus is psychic gifts, healing gifts and other gifts, because I will then see things clearly and be a tool for what I normally call God.

  • Why don't you start a meetup group in your area on line. I suggest you find people of like mind and converse with them one on one. Meeting others with special gifts is so refreshing. When you get together you share ideas with each other and ponder the subjects discussed. I also suggest you keep the meetings open so that no one is critical of others beliefs or ideas. What works for me probably will not work for you. Keeping yourself clear and peaceful is the key to opening your minds eye to see what gifts you might have. And if all else fails, you are a tool to help others find themselves and are offering support to others in a non-critical environment.

  • Thank you all for you response! Love these forums! I was really mad about that reading I described above but I think what made me most angry was the fact that I gave this man the power to tell me whatever he wanted under the guise of a reading. I just wanted to be in the presence of someone who was a psychic and trusted that he was genuine. Perhaps he was or as Hanged Woman suggests, maybe he was just carrying over energy from a previous reading. I think you all pretty much summed it up....we know ourselves best and why would we allow someone else to tell us how we are and what is in store? We have the power to change directions and make decisions on our own and can find true friends to discuss our thoughts, hopes, learning with. Thank you for the words of encouragement. sometimes it is good to be reminded.

    Bente Stoker- I'm drawn to you and your posts. I think you have an interesting way of seeing things and wording them. It is funny that you suggested runes. because when I was 15 yo I bought some on an impulse and played around with them even though I hadn't the slightest idea of their power or how to use them. I just thought they were cool! I may try them again now that you mention it! Also, thank you so much for your offer to help me develop further. i would love to be in contact with you and ask questions from time to time.

    Hanged Woman- I don't know much about subud but I can tell that going to this group or process has helped to give you a very strong and empowered outlook. That is what we are all searching for! I was never brought up with a religion but have spent that last 10 years or so looking for answers in many different religions or beliefs. So far, I have taken bits and pieces from different beliefs that work for me but there is still much i want to know! It sounds to me as though have studied lots of other religions as well and through that quest you have formed and solidified your own beliefs.

    NMV- I agree that meeting other people with the same interest is ideal. I have taken a few classes at a psychic college and met some nice people to talk with. I try to stay clear and peaceful but sometimes just want more understanding and get frustrated. I am thinking of taking a comparitive religion class in the hopes of learning more and meeting more like minded people. Thanks again for responding.

  • psychic are human beings, they can be affected by negative energies or send out negative energies. this happens to all living beings

    I would imagine as psychic they know what they have done or if they are affected, who/what affected them and how to cleanse themselves propr to giving out another reading

    the psychic you are talking about might have problems on her own, with relationships, and projected them to you

    this is why she was saying all those things that wasn't true, it wasn't in the reading but she added it because her emotions were clouding her ability to read clearly

    I had one bad experience with psychic he called me arrogant, to which I didn't snap back but when he said he could give me another service if I pay more, I just walked away LOL what the he ck I thought I wouldn't pay him to call me another name would I?

    anyway everyone experiences spiritual as well as physical experience, it doesn't have to be dreams, it could just be seeing something that's not there. but because you don't nurture your psyche, you will fail to recognize this as spiritual experience, you would probably call yourself delusional or thinking it's an eye trick

    nurture your psyche and physical the best you can to live a balanced life. your psyche is the link to the universe, that has all the answers and guidance you need to find the right path for you. once your psyche is awakened, all you have to do is tune in now and then for guidance and you won't even need much help from others. You will be able to communicate with the universe just like you do with regular people. That alone is a great help. I was sent mentors, spirit guide and new animals to help me walk in the new path I am in. Since then if I do have any confusion, I know who to turn to. Having all these help does not mean life lessons stops, but they do help. If life is a series of exams, they will be sort of teachers. Teachers will teach us what to do, but what we decide to choose as an answer to a particular question within the exam, is our choice. So it doesn't mean we won't make the wrong choice, but definitely less confusion or doubts there. I nurture my psyche with yoga and zen. you can go any way you believe, maybe you go by wicca, some mysticism or religion. It's your choice.

    I got most of my yoga exercise build from www dot anmolmehta dot com

    also a lot of meditations including zen here, it's perfect for me, but you can also find free courses online. just google it and maybe youtube has some. I actually found my spirit guide this way also. well she found me so to speak, pulled me to her time and place and then together we returned to my home. so it was the best one hour exercise I have ever had.

  • ebay has the most inexpensive psychic email readings available online. If you have not tried it out, chose the top rated ones at a price you can afford. They usually let you know what they need up front, like date of birth for zodiac tendencies, your name and your email address that you want your reading sent to.

    With paid psychics, I have had exceptional readings and totally inaccurate readings. Online, the sponsors prefer that psychics focus on the positive rather than tell you the whole horrid truth. Most of us really would prefer the truth to the feeling of being ripped off. I have not exactly been too happy with the paid avenue lately. Two years ago, the site I used was terrific but it went under new management and the quality of the readings went way downhill.

    Normally, I would say you will get what you pay for but that is not true any longer. It mostly depends on the depth of caring present in every individual. I've had two give me the exact same reasons (like a house fire) for not refunding my money. Others are plain rude and shuffle cards as the $$$ and seconds pass without hearing a word.

    Real psychics would not give such twisted reasons why they cannot follow through. Word of mouth is the best bet.

  • This post is deleted!

  • psychics are not all good. You get bad mechanics, you get bad doctors, but you still find yourself a better one. If you go away feeling bad from a reading--that was a bad psychic. Spirit would never do that! Spirit knows just how to give you what you need to hear without harming you in any way. Sometimes, you have to shop a little before you connect with the one. When I finally found THE ONE our relationship lasted ten years untill she passed. If you do go to a Spiritual camp or church looking for a reader chances are you WON'T find your best one without an appointment. That's the first clue--the really gifted ones are well booked ahead of time. Accurate readers keep clients comming back and tell their friends! There is always one like that in the group. Too many people wander in wanting a reading right away and do not want to wait around for a couple hours or come back another day. There is work on your part as well to be ready to hear or not hear what you WANTED to hear. My sister used to keep going and going until she found the one who would tell her exactly what she wanted to hear. You have to be ready before a Spiritual guide can really give you your money's worth. The woman I went to was a Reverend and head of a church. We shared the same birthdate and I always went for my birthday. If it was a crazy year I went again in Nov. Going more than every six months is not a good idea. No matter how bad or upset I felt going in I always felt healed and hopeful when I left and she was very accurrate with names and future events--though sometimes it took years for some things to happen. She always taped our sessions and took notes and gave me a pad for notes. You'd be surprised how much you miss untill you play the tape back! Also some things don't register untill they come up and THEN the advice really makes sense. I've dodged a lot of bullits being prewarned. I was devistated when she passed and panicked awhile but kept getting the feeling I needed to become my own Guide for awhile. I got needy a few times and wasted my money on some terrible readings then finally did get more self reliant. Just about the time that happened I did stumble on an excellent and gifted reader who gave me my money's worth. That was a few years ago. I have not felt the need again yet. If you are searching, try looking for a Spiritual church in your area that has services. Often there are free messages given after service. They often have healing services and other activities and classes.

  • Thank you everyone for your responses. I've found something helpful in every comment. I like t rely on my own intuition but it is sometimes nice to have somone clarify or confirm what I'm thinking. Also, it can be difficult to read for yourself. I'm searching for a psychic or tarot reader in my area and will be able to use your advice to help inform my decision. I've also looked into e-bay readings Firefly and will try out some of the people there. Thank you for that idea. Many of the readings offered on e-bay have excellent feedback and are very inexpensive! Also, good to remember (as many of you reminded me) that sometimes readers have off days. I do want to hear the truth even if it is not rosy but I also want some accurate information and i felt as though the person I wrote about before was pretty far off....and on top of it, I felt really awful and down after walking away from the table. I'd like to find someone who gives the truth but doesn't also make you feel like the gum on the bottom of a shoe! Thanks so much again for all your comments.

  • Good morning stony

    It is always good to have validation. That lets us know that we are getting the truth in what we see and hear. Trust the first thing that comes into your head. That is always right because it comes from the heart and soul.

    As far as reading for oneself, we are really not allowed by universal law to see for ourselves because we have to learn just like everyone. But... I use Rune Tarot cards in some situations to help me get a little clearity and when I do, it is accurate.

    If you feel comfortable with me, I will try to see for you. Feel free to ask the other members about me. I am a Sag and I always the bottom line...that is one of our traits.

    Light and blessinga. I know what you feel about searching for a good psychic.

    Light & Blessings

  • Hi Soapamaker,

    Well, I guess it makes sense that we are not allowed to see for ourselves but it sure would make life so much easier to have peace of mind about the future! I've tried tarot readings on myself and have gotten very confused. I tend to look for the answer that I want in the cards and am not terribly objective.

    Anyway, I have seen your other posts and it sounds like you have helped a lot of people. I would love it if you were willing to do a reading for me. Thank you so much for the kind offer. I wish i could offer something in exchange for you. I've been reading about tarot and have been playing amateur tarot reader for the last 8-10 years with friends and family but to be honest...I think I probably am not all that good. I always second guess myself and feel shy that I will be way off base. I could try though if you'd like? If anything, you just might get a really good laugh! 🙂

    So, anyway, The main thing I want to know is about love. This is not an earth shattering "problem" and I feel selfish about my concerns when there are people out there with real drama in their lives but the thought of never marrying or having children makes me anxious and sad. I'm in my mid 30's and have been in a few serious relationships but I always end up backing out when it comes to marriage. Most the men I've dated have been really good, honest people but even though I knew these men would make faithful and loving life partners, I didn't want to spend the rest of my life with them. I felt as though I would have to conform completely to their lifestyle and I would be giving up my own life to accommodate theirs. For instance, my last relationship was with a wonderful man who I still love very much but he is tied to his ranch in a small isolated mountain town in the middle of nowhere. He loves his lifestyle and doesn't want to leave his ranch and small town where he grew up which I completely understand. I grew up in a big city though with mild weather and wasn't happy living wih him on his ranch with the extreme weather and I felt extremely uncomfortable with the small town gossip and also the fact that we were 3 hours away from any city. I realize that it takes flexibilty, giving and compromise to make relationships work but I want it to be an even compromise with someone who has future goals that are compatible with mine.....someone whose life I like as much as my own and vice versa. Also, I would like to have children and am afraid that the clock is ticking and a family may not be in my future. So, if you can, do you see marriage and children ever happening for me? ALSO, I have a really interesting job opportunity in another country but am scared to take it. I have lived abroad in two different countries in the past 10 years and am now in my hometown where I grew up. I've been enjoying being back home and being closer to family and I've been reconnecting with old friends and getting involved in sports and activities in the community. I don't really want to give that all up again after just settling back in. I like the idea of staying here and putting down roots...but then again....it would be interesting to go abroad again and maybe I would meet someone like-minded in an expat setting. Uggg! What a typical Libra I am. I didn't mean to write so much but I wanted to give you some info about myself and if you have ANY insight at all or even just advice, I would love to hear it.

    Thank you so much Soapmaker. x

  • Good morning Stony!

    I agree. it would help to make us see just s little clearer for our future. I read my own tarot cards. Their are 24 Rune Tarot cards and 2 blank cards (blank means iit is yet to be determined). They are Witches Runes by Silver Ravenwolf & Nigel Jackson.

    I find these cards to be very accurate. The main thing you have to think about tarot cards is asking the question and letting it go through your mind down your arms and into the cards. When you feel that has been accomplished, is when you turn the card over..

    I just pulled your cards with the question of love entering your life.

    I see your past and the rut you were in...There was a task to be complteted that had not be done. A clearing out of the old way of life and into the new.

    Current time shows that there is a inabilitiy to realize your ideals..being locked into a circle of pessimism, where you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whish is why you are searching for a psychic. You could be full of old terrors and have a great amount of anxiety, a anticipating the worst.

    Rethink where you are

    For the future..turbulent imes as outworn things are cast way and a rebirth and new developments are coming. Look inside yourself to see and understand the dark side of yourself. You will be going through a transition. It will be to evolve into wholeness. A difficult experience may be ahead.... But after all is said and done! !!!! A whole new awareness a feeling of rebirth!

    It does show not to travel.

    That was a redaing from the Witch RuneCards I have...The first time I did that online!!! But boy did it show me exactly what you said and what it is around you and why!

    Hope this helps!!!!

    Light & blessings

  • Thank you Soapmaker,

    I think I understand but will have to mediate on your words a little more. I am so fearful about the possibility of never finding someone to marry and having children that I am actually blocking myself and unable to move forward?

    I'm having a little trouble understanding how to look inside to see the dark side of myself. I tend to be hard on myself anyway and lately (the past 6 years or more) I have been remembering ways in which I unknowingly may have hurt others in the past through selfish behavior. It's almost as if a light switch turned on one day and I realized that I needed to become a more thoughtful and caring person. I wish I could go back in time and been more aware of careless behavior on my part towards other people. I have never been purposely malicious or wanted to hurt anyone but probably have done so unwittingly by being self aborbed. The past few years, I have also been conciously working towards being non-judgemental and more accepting of other people's actions recognizing that everyone has issues they are working though. I also am working towards getting over myself and thinking more about others. Is this what you mean by recognizing the dark side of myself?

    Finally, evolving into wholeness...does this mean being happy on my own and self sufficent ...not needing another person to make me feel whole? I have been wondering lately if I am meant to stay single during this life in order to learn self-reliance.

    Anyway, that gives me a lot to think about. Thank you so much for your time. It's very kind of you to help so many people the way you have been on these boards. All the best to you. x

  • Stonyeye I would like to share something with you and I don't know if any of it will apply to how you feel. There was a time that I thought I NEEDED someone in my life. But it was because I didn't know my own self worth. I relied on others to tell me I was a good person. I was reliable, faithful, hard working and sooooooooooooooo predictable. These things kept me drawing needy people to me. I am a caretaker. Oh I am good at it too. So good that they didn't want to work or live clean of addictive things. I had some really really hard lessons to learn I didn't need people like that in my life. They cost me my job and made life even harder to take care of my children. Well I was at wits end and so tired of being needed. I said to the universe I want someone in my life, not need to be needed. And I don't need someone I want someone. When I changed then I found I liked myself FINALLY enough to enjoy my own company. So when I changed then the people around me and who came into my life were not needy and didn't need to be taken care of and financially supported. But I had to change and grow and evolve. That is my experience and it took more of my life to learn than I care to think about but I guess that was in the plan. But at least I learned so when I do this again I hope that I don't set the learning process to be as tough as this time around. Much love and Peace.

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    Thank you. I found your story really interesting. I totally agree that we tend to attract what we are thinking or focusing on at the time and that is not always a good thing. If someone is wishing for someone to need them then they may end up attracting people who drain energy and need to be propped up all the time. Your post really hit home for me. It sounds as though you were wise enough to finally step up and make a change in your thinking. That's not always easy to do is it? It's amazing how we can get stuck in negative thinking patterns and it can be so difficult to break those habits. Your words have helped me to try and chage my thinking. Since reading what you wrote, I have been thinking of the types of friends I have attracted in the last few years. I think our choice of friends can reflect how we are thinking about ourselves. I have some really wonderful people in my life and I'm proud of my friends. Romantic relationships however....well.....now that I am looking for a common thread in the types of men i have dated, many of them have been really good people but they share the common trait of looking for a woman to make them happy and almost play "mommy" to them. I am trying to be content on my own and not feel totally desperate to find someone but the fear of never having a family does weigh heavily. i suppose I just need to continue and enjoy life and and like you did, ask to attract relationships with others who are already happy but would like to find someone to enjoy life with. For the most part, i really love my life but have fallen lately into what I perceive as the societal pressure of being worthy only if you have a family. Maybe not everyone feels that way but I've been negatively assuming that people look at never married woman over a certain age as on the shelf. Such a cave man way of thinking and I need to get over that! We really can be our own worst enemy!

    Thank you again for your response and sharing your experience. Your words really resonated and have helped me to see things a little differently. Take care. x

  • I do think that is confronting your dark side hon! Keep going forward with a much positive light as you can and it will all work out.

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