Bad nagging feeling can't shake

  • Every once in a while I get a case of the "yuckies" and I have a heck of a time shaking them. It's like this heavy weight of impending something I don't want to hear or something bad that's going to happen. Is it just a planetary thing or could it be something else? Have been struggling with forcing a good attitude at work....did I mention that I have a very good job for the rural area I live in but there seems to be some power plays going on that's making me fight the feeling of just walking away?

  • I hear you. This week has been heavy for alot of people. Try to keep positive, change is around the corner. Things will get better. Try to use your time this weekend if you are not working on just relaxing and rejuvinating your spirit. This will help you in the week ahead. Start fresh on Monday. Best wishes.

  • Thank you! glad to hear that I am not alone in the muck! LOL

  • Hey, we are bound to rise from the ashes at some point right? I am ready to rise above this maddness, so thats how it will be. Make a choice before you go to work, not wait until you get there to decide what kinda mood you want to be in that day. And sometimes we just need a break from it all.

  • Hey great advice. I agree that this past week has been something of a negative for me also. I think it might be the changing of the seasons or cosmic. I have played the odds and kept myself out of the politics of the office and the powerplays that happen and its a 50/50. You are seen as stronger and supportive by some and others will see you as oblivious to the issues. Just feel good about you and YES! Make the choice before you go to work. In the end, You are what's important. Relax and take advantage a few days of not thinking about it. Now, that is a challenge!

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