• I have a 9 year old boy, Cameron. I never put him in daycare or preschool. He is bright sociable and I think benefited much more from spending his time with loving guidance at home from family and close friends. After all when they are in daycare or preschool who are they learning social skills from and what type of bad habits or simply habits you don't agree with come along with that? I had a friend who worked in daycare while she was earning her teaching degree and she told me some nightmarish stories of how some of the "child care professionals" treated the children. It eventually led to her leaving out of disgust. As you stated she felt badly for the children she left behind being that she was one of the good ones. But the disgust and inability to make bigger changes within the system caused her to give up.

  • Welcome Rikku and im happy to see u.

  • Hi charmed witch bente new name. tee hee hee

  • Thank you for the welcome charmed witch bente. Merry meet to you.

  • I see u likey me new namey a lotsa luvinmylife theheheh

  • i have been visiting these forums less and less as it causes my energy to drain. recently divorced, i am building a new and healthy relationship with myself knowing that the universe will be my guide when it is time to connect with someone on the same spiritual level i am on. i spend my days hiking in nature, working out at the gym, reading spiritual and uplifting books, listening to music, spending time with my grown daughters who i love dearly and finding joy in things i have never found joy with before in my life. i thank god for my journey although i have had many hardships they have made me stronger and awakened me to the joy in life. i have developed many food allergies and avoid crowds in malls and restaurants because the heavy energy drains mine. its as if the universe is telling me to just be still and reach deep inside to listen to what my soul is telling me...to know and love thyself. we all should have compassion for others as we are all on our own journey and are experiencing life on many different spiritual levels. i send blessings your way and pray that your journey leads you to a joyful and peaceful life. love and light...

  • I'l give you a real simple explanation.

    These people sit behind their computers and insult people cause in real life if they insulted these people they'd probably get the hell beat out of them.

    So they act big and tough behind their computers when in reality their nothing but cowards.

    Cowards make me sick.

  • Please please please Admin,

    Can you pull the two threads titled "Ummm" (under Tarot forum) and "Let's Coount To Ten" (under psychic forum). There are people who just want to keep it going in their angry, negative way, it's becoming abusive and i have tried on another thread she started, to tell Taurusgirl1974 in a loving and calm way not to let things get to her, to let it go and not let the anger and negativity fester.

    Taurusgirl1974 just doesn't seem to be in a good place right now and I'm sorry she feels the way she does, but please, if we get rid of these threads (delete them entirely) then perhaps she won't feel the need to have the last word and keep things going and hopefully she can move on from all of this. Her responses are becoming abusive and I feel that if she feels this way, perhaps she should stay away from the forum all together. That is certainly her choice, but please can we get rid of these threads and cut the negativity.


  • I'm fairly new on here, an have noticed different beliefs, and approaches but I'm keeping an opened mind, because some of those aproaches have done me a world of good latley, answered questions where a light bulb went off, have me feeling very comfortable latley, if I had been closed minded or stayed in a comfort zone I might still be taking steps back, instead of forward. I guess if I don't have anything nice to say I'll just stay quiet, because I'm feeling grateful for the good here.

  • Taurusgirl1974,

    I must apologise, that was a big ooops! I was sending that to admin and got distracted part way through, came back and ended up posting in error. I did not mean for that to be posted publicly. I did not mean to put your name here and was not trying to have a go at you. I am sorry, but I do feel that some of your responses were a little harsh and perhaps not responding would have been the better option as it does not continue things on. I know you have felt attacked and for that I am sorry, but we all need to let it go now and move on. Every time we are sending out anger and negativity is ends up being returned to us karmically.

    I am sorry, but I do think that the best option here is to delete those threads entirely, we all start fresh and move forward past this.


    Yes, there are many people here with different beliefs and how wonderful is that? I know that I may not agree with everything other people believe but I do know that I certainly learn something from them and have the chance to look at something from a different perspective. I think we just need to keep in mind that we should respect each other's viewpoints even if we do not agree with them. We need to be encouraging and supporting each other, not ripping shreds off one another. I'm really glad you have gained some clarity for yourself while on the forum. Also, welcome to the forum bluecat123.

  • Wenchie youdid nothing wrong sweetie. There is something in the air tonite and its not a good thing. Keep yourself protected for now this one is a doosey.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wenchie maybe I shouldn't have gone off but they are responsible for their comments too.

    They attacked me and I could have been more diplomatic but when the comments became personal well I'm only human and I have my limits.

    So yeah.

  • At times one HAS to DRAW LINES. otherwise they all think what they do say n post is ok n acceptable. Often we choose our fights. HOWEVER once in awhile we just get enough n we speak up n reply back the same way more deep n vicious. Not bc we can but bc we have had it with the abuse n ridicules. Its like the rules of harressment is ok n allowed in our society.

    SOME NEVER OUTGROW it. I label them as the skanks that fight for the last spot on the popular squad. Its so highschool. Funny that that is still permissable, it so ought not to be.

    ah well women r women worst as they say.

    Taurus im glad u stood up, at times we MUST bc we aint by far any push overs nor doormatts. trust me ive met many a douchebag like that- today they r dead to me. i dont even bother replying em or aggreeing with em, simply bc they r SO beneath me n they will NEVER rise or stand up n say listen i was so wrong. In their mental state r they ALWAYS in the right n NONE is above them, all else are lower than them. To them are we on the dark side of life in need to step into the light, we are lost souls that needs rescuing n prayers to find the light in our lives, we are the evil ones, we are witches of the bad negative black ore, we´re losers, we´re whatever name , ive heard em all. In end, ALL they say what we are is deep down what they themselves are, and it shows what persons they are deep deep down more than what it says claims we are. Sadly its way to easy for such skanks to get away with it.

    One major who contributed to a teen KILLING herself yes, she is that vile and evil along her gang got a teen to go n kill herself, was not many months ago made moderator for a chat online. Needless to say that chat is dead now. Deserted. like all chats that skank n her gang has frequented n poluted.

    So its also a phase where lies rumors n cheats win. Sad no?

    Anyhews again Taurus good for u that u stood up, im behind u n hats off to ya! ;-D

  • Thanks CharmedWitchBente.

    I accept responsibility for my actions which yeah I should have been a little bit less abrasive but when certain ppl started attacking my character and who I am as a person well by then I'd had enough.If they were truly psychic they wouldn't have made those comments seeming they knew so much about me.

    Like I said I'm only human and even I have my limits of patience.

  • Yep we sure do!

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