• Hi Ahliyah,

    My question is why are people at each others throats this week? I've never seen the forum like this before. Everyone wants their opinions to be right, normally different viewpoints are expressed in the intention of wanting to give help and advice.

    I can still feel my whole body wound up and tense. Is there something else going on with us all and we're letting it all out here or are we all reacting to the incredible amount of negativity we are receving and giving here?

    Hope that makes sense because I've got a headache and not really thinking too clearly!

    Many blessings to you Ahliyah

    Wenchie xo

  • I mean you can usually count on much support and encouragement here, but not this week.

    Perhaps we all need time out until things settle and calm down. Some good exercise may be needed by us all, get grounded and let things out in healthy way!!!!


  • well wenchie u may wanna backtrack my posts on this thread n u will get the reply sugar.

    bless ya

  • Hi Bente,

    Will do!

    And I have to say, the things said to you (by the person that flipped out) were totally out of line......a absolute disgrace. 😞

    No excuse for that at all in my books, I wouldn't talk to my dog like that. But you know the sad thing is I hear too many parents talking to their own children like they are a worthless nobody. And these poor souls grow up believing it and we wonder why kids are out of control today.

    Bless you too Bente!!! :-))

  • It happens in any forums, any interaction. there is always a time when a clash happens. if a clash can happen in real life then it can happen online. I can see what the universe is teaching me right now. but hwow everybody else perceives it, it's their decision. to each their own.

    I had a bad row 2 years ago in a family forum. wasn't picking a side but because I was attacked by let's say A who was attacking B, I then was pulled by B to be on their side and I agreed. Athough we won, well let's say we got the last word and I became good friends with B and the family. The anger, which was negative energy, never dissipated, there was no longer fun, peace and freedom of responding and communication has then stalled.

    It was 2 years ago but the universe throws this challenge to me in this period, being in this forum (which was spiritual forum, different than the first) and was not in conflict with anyone, to see if I learn anything from the past. This time I chose not to pick sides and to avoid provoking aggression or sending out aggression in any way.

    I am also in the middle of preparing for a very important ritual, sort of initiation (not really but close) to the path I have chosen, that I have left my original religion for. Leaving the religion itself has been quite an experience for my family and friends are not pleased with the choice and were a bit aggressive trying to pull me back. So the universe is throwing me this challenge for another lesson that is not less important than the first. The path I chose require certain discipline and changes I should make winthin myself, the universe wants to see if I am as ready as I said I am, for the initiation time is close and once I am in I can not just walk away.

    Well this is how I perceive what happens lately in my life, online and real life. There is nothing wrong with clash of opinions. We are here for a purpose, it's what you choose to do, that makes the difference. I probably don't see why some people do what they do, but to each their own.

    I've been warned a couple of times not to type some things myself and I chose to type them anyway, which then made me have to clarify them sometimes because people took it not the way I meant it to be taken. But anyway, I will learn to listen more to this warning since it is, like everything else, is sent to me for a reason.

    May the universe shares its abundance to everyone in this forum. I will not be responding to this thread anymore, I think I have typed enough it would bore others to read my post again and again.

  • Bente i wasnt talking about you. It may have appeared that way because I posted after you did. I was responding to THW. Im not going to sugar coat what I saw. No one has to agree with me I am being honest about how I feel about the situation, I dont claim to be perfect or expect anyone else to be. I knew I was going to be reprimanded for what Ive said but I took a stand for what I felt to be true anyways. I counted to 1000 before I said what I did and that was the nice version of how I feel. Sorry if it makes me look bad I was truly offended by her attitude and I spoke up.

  • it also was not my intention for THW to leave the forum. If you read my posts earlier I was saying quite the opposite. I think she was already feeling like she wanted to go before thsi happened because she was didnt like hearing poeples "complaining". I find that to be extremly rude and I have seen women right in my own church with the very same attitde. I left the church because I saw a total lack of compassion and an idealized way of thinking that they believed because of all their blessings that they must be truly obeying God. I have seen her state that she has no problems because of her belief system only solutions and if people chose to hear her message they would have no problems either. I disagree and I hope that she doesnt have to learn the lesson the hard way if real problems should arise that are out of her control. I dont appreciate being told that i am sobbing over romance either when I have gone through much pain over losing someone very special to me. So she made her choice she was already on her way out I spoke up for somehting that has felt wrong to me way before this even came up. I was avoiding that conversation with her altogether until I couldnt stand to see another person being treated like they were worthless because they didnt like her "solutions". Others may not see it that way but I can read between the lines. I can see that people dont like where I am coming from either and I may take some time away from here too but I am not going to pout about it and threaten to leave. So again Im moving forward from this mess. Moving on.

  • lovinmylife thanks for sticking up 4 me.

    I did ask THW several times to back off and politely but I had to be awful to her cause she was that way to me.

    Your right all I did I was an offer an opinion of what I was seeing in these forums and got attacked for it.I'm not 1 to let ppl attack me then act nice nice to make them feel better about attacking me.

    I also told THW I'm Pagan and I don't want to be preached at cause I have my beliefs and she had hers.It wasn't a thread on beliefs or religion so I didn't think it was right of her to go my thread and preach.I was polite about it until she kept on doing it despite my polite requests to stop.Then she personally insulted me telling me what I do and don't believe in even though she doesn't know me.

    I've studied religions of all types and it wasn't for me.If it gives balance for other people then I applaud them for having that faith but I don't want to be belittled for being Pagan.

    If you's have a beef with me......call someone who cares cause I'm done with the stupid argument with me expressing my opinions on my thread.

  • Hi Wenchie, I understand what you're saying.

    All of us need a vacation from forums, I've talked about this quite a bit. Forums build up with energy just like other places. One has to limit the amount of time spent, and especially stay away from toxic posts. Make a pact with yourself to not read through them, that at the first sign of yucky energy you're out. I know I said in one of my posts that I am not required to work with highly negative or unconscious people. That's the way it is. I respect myself enough to stop that energy at the door, before it comes into my world.

    Email is a very flat thing, and it is easy to misinterpret the written word, especially when the recipient's emotions are involved. If I don't express myself very well in a post, I may choose to say , whoops! back the truck up, that was not the intention of my words. THIS was the intention.

    Staying away from explanations is also a very positive thing, imho. We cannot be responsible for the emotions of others.

    Take an advil and swear off reading here for a while. : )



  • I reported those that called me every name in the book n abused me. copy pasted it n clicked report abuse n reported them. is the only way i think. n u kniow what that has no limitation on when u report it. so if it nags u still report it. as they say better late than never right?

    luvinmylife i know it wasnt u or me at all. bc u n i never has had any but nice beautiful things to say to oneanother. we connected as friends n soul friends.

    Taureen u did the ticket guurrrrlllll. U showed NONE of us has to take dingbats crap anyday at all. U go guuurrrrllll.

    What u did is what i finally realized i had to do in a 3rd chat i made to. 2 first i allowed myself to b run from em in the sense dang here i dont belong nor do i wanna. 3rd chat i turned n said NO MORE. if u want shit, u get shit. N boy did they learn i aint an easy target at all. Tougher than the worlds best largest most scaryests powerful weapons of war, being it fighter planes, warships, tanks u bloody name it. bring it on bc i wont back down. no one tells me what to do think or say. its a violation of basic humans rights to which i stand my bloody ground.

    so dingbats BRING IT ON!!!!

  • Wenchie ur pointing to parents speaking to kids that way, yeah i know many do, n it reminds me of a place i was in aprenticeship. the kids feared this woman who was to teach me the ropes as an educator. me they quickly loved n was fond off. Puppies all over me, n the more they surround onme the more evil glances she sent me. no matter what i did or said she wrote down. she even lied faster than a wild horse could run.

    i learnt this is not whom i am nor whom i wanna become so they can take it n shove it.

    All i felt sorry for was the kids who was scared shitless of her, it was not respect but fear. an odd form of love i guess. But i saw how they relaxed when she was not there n when she showed how tense they all got. lasted some long moments until they sensed she was on her good side that day.

    this makes me think why so many parents keep kids home until preschool n school begins. Simply bc many educators are not fit for the job at all

    sad really, n i wonder if the kids ill have is to be with n in such a place. I believe i will argue for em to stay home with me n their dad. proΒ΄s n cons i know. BUT risking my kids wellfare n psyhe wellbeing on such a skank .............................. too large a risk i think

    social aspect i know. Some how kids learn it despite not being in preschool.

  • BenteStoker I just think these ppl expected me 2 fight back and I did and they didn't like it.

    Well they can get a box tissues and cry over it cause I don't care.

  • Listen, taurusgirl1974: I have never been angry with you, and I did not fight with you. That is why I said that you are just angry, but not about me. I dont understand your anger. I dont understand it. I have not been angry with you even once. I dont understand why you are angry at all. I have just answered you as we do in this forum. One asks, one answers. There was never anger from my side, and I dont think anybody else were angry with you either. I was attacked, not you. I was never angry and am still not angry.

  • Taurusgirl1974: You use the words "fight back". This just says about you. You were fighting. I was never fighting. I was never angry. I dont understand your anger. I have never been angry with you.

  • Hola Everyone πŸ˜„

    Good day! What's happening?its been some days since i'm here......apart from counting 10 (as per the thread title request), shall we also smile at our computer screen? hahahaha πŸ˜„ smileeeee plsssssss.

    I LOVE everyone of you in this forum (THW, leoscorpion, ahliyah, wenchie, Hpriestress, lovingmylife, taurusgirl, sacogal, BenteStroker...just to name a few....basically ALL of YOU here. Really). This forum is a channel for sharing of experiences and thoughts no matter whether its negative or positive. I learned alot from each and everyone of you....your thots, your opinions, your thread, your relationships encounters, everything. And i reflect back on my life...be receptive, be positive, be teachable.

    And of course, having my fair share to comment my thots and opinion too here. I really treasure and appreciate the big heart you all have by listening...THANK YOU.

    And its really Great to see pple non-related (in term of family bond) to response to each and every thread posted. Just to give supports or to project their opinion/experiences regarding any issues for a helping hand. Whether we share the same feelings or not.....doesn't really matter.

    As human fellows, we r here to learn and give support. Spread the LOVE, be compassionate and be empathy with one another on the daily issues we encounter everyday.

    Shall we continue to spread this good nature that are bestowed to us since birth? πŸ™‚

    "Having a smile a day, keeps the worries away"....just like "Having an apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

    Wishing all my loved ones here a Happy and Great Day!


    smile always 😜


  • Fishy you are so sweet, I love you too!!!! I am moving on from this disaster. Its a no win situation. I want to move forward from this. I felt sad about it thinking about how well everyone was getting a long just a week ago. And I feel sad that THW wants to leave the forum. I already said too much in earlier posts and I am sorry THW. In telling you what I felt to be wrong I was being judgmental myself. I started out trying to make peace and it turned out I had some inner turmoil myself. Hope you will forgive me. And taurusgirl I hope you stay with us too. I love everyone on here too. HUGS. ( :

  • lovinmylife, i'm 'sweet'? i thot i smell 'stinky' like a Fish....hahaha lol ;D

    oh oh no! no one is leaving this forum. Cos Fishy is here waiting for the family members home everyday...hmm maybe not everyday cos sometimes i'm busy..heehee

    anw, WE all have Big Heart & Big LOVE to contain everyone here or even the universe...thats why the supporting, guiding, sharing of experiences etc is seen here.

    so everyone, please do continue the good energies spreading ya

    Cheerios & Love

    smile always 😜


  • Guys Ill soon show with a new name. Stoker name has PLAYED OUT FULLY. but my name will bente none the less. so await me new name


  • Just new to this forum, I have been trying to connect with some spirituality that has been missing for awhile in my life. I am a solo practicing Wiccan opening up to possibly connecting with some others who share similar views and through a friend who is studying to become a Priestess a local coven here in TN. All of that completely unrelated to your post I know. What I wanted to say is that I seem to be feeling that (angry) energy all around lately and have been discussing with my husband just how it spreads like wildfire. While I always try to put out positivity it does get hard sometimes when it fells like life is at you from all angles. I am a believer that if you meet someone on the street you have the opportunity to leave them with a smile on their face and feeling a bit better, which they will likely pass on or you can leave them feeling angry bitter and ready to pass that on. So GO Positive energy, the whole planet needs it right now. And a question ??? My husband and I were discussing people crossing over in these hard times, souls unhappy or unfulfilled not at peace due to the way things have been on the planet as of late. Could or would that increase or perpetuate that energy even more so in the universe. Would it make it harder for souls to cross peacefully to the next realm? Leaving even more residual negativity about untethered. Curious on your thoughts.

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