• Ive noticed over the past few days there has been alot of arguing. I have also noticed a seriously increased amount of tension between members. There has been much debating about beliefs but not alot of compassion or understanding. Come on people lets all count to 10 before respondin. I was getting so un nerved on here the other day I had to walk away from my computer for the rest of the evening. I am not pointing any fingers but there is definnantly a spiritual tug of war going on. Lets try to respect each others feelings and differences so we can go back to being helpful. THeres way too much negativity and we all get enough of that from our private worlds lets not bring it here and take it out on each other. I am going to pray for peace. I hoep everyone can calm down I said some things on here to that I am not really proud of. I think there are others that would agree. Thank you if you read this and are giving consideration to what I am saying.

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    ............................... now what ? LOL

  • I only have seen one person arguing. I have not been angry. Although I did have a conversation with an angry woman. But I did not feel anger towards her. I didnt see anyone else being angry with her either. She just perceived so, because she was angry about something that we do not know what is about.

  • Ive seen a few, n those were useal some who was acting higherthanallyouonhere.

    lame lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • I agree with staying positive and helpful. I mostly read and rarely respond. Negative Energies can manifest and pull us in directions that we do not want to go. I suggest peaceful meditation with what ever makes us calm. I play piano and sometimes let my emotion play for me, not necessarily a song or composition. We are here to help each other along this time in space and life is so much easier and pleasant when we don't allow the negative to dwell for very long. I personally am impressed with everyone here. Even those that express themselves strongly.

  • Bente, you actually counted HA! That was a metaphor for people to calm down before responding.

    THW, I wasnt only referring to what happened between you and taurusgirl although I dont see it as being one sided. You didnt listen to what she was saying and that would anger me too. There has been other instances where I feel peoples feelings were completely overlooked and were only a catylyst for you to express your very strong belief system. You have great things to say and I can appreciate your views but defending them all over peoples threads is less then helpful in my opinion.

    Wenchie I am gonna read what you said, didnt see it. But you have a very sweet spirit so if you were annoyed it might have gone undetected. lol

    NMV nice response. I respond probably more than I should and its usually because I want to offer compassion and advice as I have experienced alot of pain and can relate. I love that you play piano thats very awesome. I was never gifted with the ability to play music but I come feom a long line of musicians in my family. Ever hear of the Cleveland orchestra? My great grandfather played violin and so did my grandfather. They even composed their own music. He played piano as well so when I hear piano music or violin it touches me deeply.

  • lovinmylife , my post was NOT aimed at taureen at all, bleep no never. it was aimed at someone who cruelly called me "mailorder bride " n "stupid" n more.'

    it was also aimed at a teen who flipped on all n everyone who tried to put in a helping post. No matter what was adviced this one, she flipped over 70 acres of cyberspace.

    oh duuuuuhh nmeeeee first NOW i see it was for nvm LOLOL OH MMYYYY BAAADDDDD LMAO

  • Wenchie I read your post on circle of Gold, yep you get what I am saying. There has been alot of wierd stuff going on this week, My guess is that putting many different people with different views, cultures, beliefs, and experiences would cause some friction. I am saying that if we can come to an understanding of each other and make peace right here on this forum what an awesome example we would be of what I feel we should be stiving for. We all need healing and love. The world needs it. This is just as real on here as whats happening in the rest of the world. I feel that if we can all come to a place of understanding and compassion with each other then we are helping the "world to heal". Unfortunantly ther has to be some debating over issues to come to that place of understanding each other. Then in turn still having love for each other even if we dont like each others opinions. To me that is true love and thats what we need, thats why we are here. Difficult isnt it? Its a test of our spiritual walk. To see is we can still have love for each other even if we dont agree or like where each othe ris coming from. Do you know what I mean? ( :

  • I have never defended my belief system. Although I have explained solutions to problems where I have used religious symbols to illustrate the advice. That is not about preaching, it is about to explain a kind of meditation and spiritual process. But I see that I am not appreciated so much, and I will leave the forum in near future. Although I will still linger a week or so before I quit. But I will leave soon, so you will get back your forum without my mendling in with the way I choose my words. That angry woman was angry, but not about me. That is sure. It is not possible to be angry for anything that I have said in this forum. I have only come up with good. I have not been angry with anyone, there have never been any reason for that. I thank everybody for having me in this forum. Bye.

  • Bente you make me smile everytime! Lol. Yes I know it wasnt you arguing with taureengirl. SHe ws truly upset and I felt bad for her. SHe felt attacked and judged on many levels and instead of recognizing that, she was even further accused of being angry. It pained me to see that going on. And some one actually said those things to you? Ugh terrible. Which girl are you referring to that went crazy all over cyberspace? I also saw a man accused of being selfish for saying he was sad because he lost his business and people he loved. I thought WTF? Seriously, its selfish to say you are in pain? Come on people, I stayed off that thread because it upset me to think that people would judge so harshly on hear. The poor guy even said yeah its is selfish and I need to move forward. Well, lemme tell you something, its awfully hard to move forward to move on if you dont deal with the pain you are in at the present time and add insult to injury by calling him selfish. Shame on us for not validating what that poor guy was going through. Sometimes all we need is a little sympathy or validation in able to move on. Whatever people!!!! I am rolling my eyes right now in disgust.

  • THW, thats your choice if you need a break from here. Had to walk away from here several times myself. I re-read taurusgirls thread and she did ask you several times to leave her alone and you did not listen. You also made a comment that if people dont want to accept you opionions about God then they are helpless. Forgive me but to me that does sound very harsh. I have asked for help about relationship issues on here before to and a couple of times was made to feel like I must have no God in my life at all to be feeling loss and pain over my situation. Like I wasnt believing in God enough or unable to see the truth about spiritual matters. I let that slide because I was hoping someone would respond with a little sensitivity. I have also seen you say that relationship problems bore you and people arent finding solutions because they are not acceptng God. Do you think God is bored with my perosonal struggles? I would hope not. You have chosen a spiritual path that works for you and there is nothing wrong with expressing that. But to make people seem like their problems are because they havent chosen the same path of "enlightenment" as you have is wrong. It makes them feel belittled. I think you have good intentions but There is a time and a place, Im just saying.

  • Lovinmylife: I will never come back to this forum. You say that there is a time and place. And I say that this is not the place for me anymore. I have been here for almost two months every day, and now is enough. People just complain and dont understand why they should stop. This angry woman even attacked me for being a positive thinker. If you look into the thread, you will see that I had not preached before she attacked me. I have done nothing wrong, but I see that I am unappreciated. And the sobbing for romance in this forum is just too much for me. It just does not interest me for a second. So this forum does not fit me. It bores me and I am out now or very soon.

  • Hi All,

    It is unfortunate that tension has risen on this forum. Many participants have both given & received support & requested advice. In a time when there is so much stress & tension in our every day lives due to a challenged economy effecting our jobs & relationships with family & partners this forum would better serve all of us in a more peaceful manner. That does not mean opinions can't be expressed but worded carefully as to avoid hurting one another. If the topic is getting too upsetting then perhaps the participants should let a few days go by before continuing the topic. Sometimes a new perspective is helpful & tension dissipates. If a topic doesn't interest me I chose not to participate in that thread. I think it would be unfortunate if people leave the forum due to the events of the past week. We should just try a little harder to respect our differences & realize that's what gives depth to the discussions.

    Let's play nice & foster a peaceful supportive environment where all feel welcome

  • Well said amused. Thw, I am sorry that you feel you need to leave. There are plenty of people that do appreciate what you say on here. I dont think you should quit expressing your views as anyone should have to. We all want to be heard. I am sure there are people that will miss your enthusiasm about your spiritual path. I am sorry that you see what people are going through as complaining and you find it boring as amused said you can just avoid those threads and talk with those that are appreciative of you. I see alot of people that do value your perspective but if you feel this no longer serves you well then I am sure you will find other places to chat about the things you are intrested in that wont be so boring.

  • in any kind of interaction, clash of opinion is to be expected. I have been attacked online and in real life. I may have said something wrong to them but so did the others. in all cases what is important is how we deal with the situation. are we going to use aggression or are we going to take it with a grain of salt? because aggression is negative energy and sending it out means the universe will send us back aggression, because that's what the universe always does. I can't say I have not been aggressive, I have and that;'s why I know. So sending aggression, whether sending it to someone or sending it back, does not benefit anybody.

    Life is meant to move forward. Negativities will not let us do this. Unless we choose to be positive, we will be stagnant and anything stagnant creates problems wherever it can manifest. We get out of life what we put into it. Some people create problems and benefit from hurting others, they may do intentionally or unintentionally. But what matters is how we deal with it. Are we going to focus on where they do wrong? are we going to focus on finding solution to our problem and let these people do what they like to do? or are we going to let what they do affect us to the point we can not find the solution to our problem?

    What we choose to do, is what determines the outcome. I joined a lot of forums not only tarot.com and see the same things happening. In real life I've had my share of ups and downs and I am still learning to forgive past relationship hurts. Sometimes they come back and I snapped, in real life or in the forums. The universe reminds me, again, that maybe I have been hurt or fooled, yet i have enjoyed a great marriage for almost 9 years. I should be greatful and not dweling in the past, because those that hurt others, whether they do it on revenge or they just like hurting people, the universe will return them every single negativities they have done. Why should I dwell in past hurts, while the universe can take care of those? Why fight fire with fire if the universe has more powerful fire in its hand ready to send out?

    Nobody and nothing is bigger or stronger than the universe. Positive things have been happening to me financially and emotionally since I refrain from negativities. All we have to do is choose wisely and everything else will fall into place. I never had much problem with THW although due to my new spiritual path I can't relate to many things she said, but when I had a problem and posting it in the forum, she was one of many that came to help. She did offer me to join some kind of organization but I refused politely and thanked her for the advice. I did think that she is trying to recruit, but I chose not to argue over it or return the offer with negativity. Because it is her right to recruit (if it's true she is trying to) and it is also true I have the right to refuse. And being in a lot of forums, I am not new to negativities whether I provoked it or not. But all I have to do is to explain my situation, what I really meant (because maybe the wording is wrong somehow) and things will return to normal and I get the solution I need, or at least new friends.

  • hangedwoman i understand u more than u think. i used to shy n run from sites to be rid of i, but one day i said enough is enoigh n stood my ground. NO ONE is gonna run me from a site or place again. When i leave its because i want to NOT bc some dingbat n loghead wants it that way. I do hope u will stay n say dingats bleep off already.

    whats the saying on cookies? oh yea if ya as dingbat ( to all ding bats out there ) dont like the smell in thi bakery mayb ya ought to lush down somewhere else, bc we sane ones aint going nowhere!!!!!!!

    hangedwoman again, we´re here for ya n we luv ya guuurrrrl !!!!

    luvinmylife, well i must say i am caught in a good moment. i can b as depressed n sad as hangedwoman n then again as good humored as now.

    i see this battery bleep as a powertrip thing, as a dingbats n logheads n lushmorons wanna pull a fast one in sense they act say think they are more than anyone else. Well hello news flash they aint n they NEVER EVER will be. So there !

    dingbats, logheads n lushmorons crawl back where ya came from, no one needs ya, no one wants ya so flush already !!!!

    • flushing sound n seeing these being flushed theheheheheh*

  • I dont want anyone to feel like they have to leave. I hate that this is going on. I did take personal offense tho to you saying that you find peoples sobbing for romance boring. Its not the first time you have stated this. Yes it offends me. I was also sticking up for that girl because so many people were attacking her. Clearly she is in terrible grief. If your life is positive and ladi da good for you but i am sure their was I time when it wasnt. You say you are married and happy and finding your spiritual path. I went to church with women that put on the very same phisod and their lives were not as great as they claimed. You did do things to provoke that womens anger whether or not you want to admit to it. Whatever Im over it. I am getting ready to go out with my boyfriend so I can come back on here and bore you some more with my relationships.

  • HEAR HEAR luvinmylife, im AAAALLL behind ya. Easier to point out all elses flaws than ur own. Well narrowminded dingbats n lushheads look hard in ya mirrow n face ya flaws, bc ya aint perfect n if u dare say u is then i say LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!

  • May I stick my foot in this door? lol

    First, let's all OHM for a moment. Lots of energies going on, way too many. : )

    There are no emotions.

    Reread that.

    Read it again.

    Now everyone, in love and light please look up the following word at dictionary (dot)com


    When in doubt, about anything, just ask a question. That's all anyone has to do.

    Just ask a question.


    love light and harmony,


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