• I got a really bad case of nausea today.

    The last time I got this was when a friend of my brothers died.

    I'm just wondering if someone I know has passed over as I'm feeling a bit better bit still sick.

    I posted this in the wrong section so you might see this twice.

  • I think you are experiencing anxiety from all the aruging on this forum and grief over your love life. Try to calm down. I am not saying its all your fault. i know you were feeling attacked and judged. This will all blow over soon. Ive been sensing a lot of tension on here over the past few days so Ive kinda backed down as well. Things are getting wierd on here I dont understand why this is happening because evryone started out so nice. I wish everyone would count to 10 before responding. Try to take deep breaths and relax both your mind and body. Hope this helps...

  • Now I feel nauseas. Its time for me to take a break from this place I swear I have been spongin everyones terrible feeling off here. Well maybe now you feel better because I think I just ingested yor problem. ( :

  • This is interesting to me. I'm sorry about your nausea. i have it almost everyday and it is a nightmare. It usually kicks in my afternoon. Dr.can't seem to find a reason why except maybe migraines....but every day? After reading this thread, I wonder if I pick up icky feelings from other people and that is what causes the nausea?

    Although, Taurusgirl, I do think we all have signs that we know or relate to when something happens. the fact that you felt that way when a friend's brother died, may mean that something has happened..or is coming. I hope not, and if so, I hope it is good news for you.

    I usually feel anticipation of something occurring when I hear a certain song on the radio every time I turn it on or change a station. Also, if I start noticing that same time keeps appearing when I check th clock. Sometimes, if I'm driving and contemplating my life i will ask for a sign and a sign, bumper sticker or liscence plate holder comment that always gives me some kind of "aha!" Wondering if anyone else has scertain igns that they look for too?

    Sorry to hijack your thread though Taurusgirl with all my ramblings. If any phychics can help you with this, i'd be very interested in their response.


  • just found out my friends Dad died.

    So I think I was experiencing her grief.

    My brother told me to meditate so I did.

    I felt better than I found out this morning about my friends Dad.

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