Cards/suits you don't care for?

  • Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has a certain tarot card or suit that they do not like to have come up in their readings? I'm not really sure why, but pentacles are my least favorite to the point that if too many turn up in one reading, I'll scrap it and do another one. Illogical, since they are in the deck for a reason and have their own particular wisdoms/lessons to share, and I know i'm being 'snotty' when I refuse to accept their placements. Am I alone in this or are there others who see certain cards in a negative light?

  • There are not actually any good or bad suits. The reasoning is up to you. If you look at life as "a certain suit" then you are not seeing life at all. There are many so called "Good suits" and many so called "Bad suits". If you choose to refuse a certain placement of the cards, then you are seeing life as the way that you want to see it and not actually as it is. What are you trying to hide away in your life? Why do you only want to see the good? Life is made up of the good and the bad. You cannot have it one way only. You need to find out why you only want to see the good and turn your back on the bad. No one wants to see the bad, but it is the bad that we learn from. Life is not always popsicles and ice-cream, fairytale visions and sweet candy. When you are truly ready to accept the negatives in life, then you will be able to focus on the positive. I like your optimism. It is a great thing. But don't get so caught up in the good that when the rain comes pouring down that you melt. Learn to accept all things in life...Good and bad....It is then that you will feel human and not like a robot, set on go, in one direction only. Next time that the cards are laid down, see them as they are and not what you want them to be....Then you will see things as they truly are. There are no bad cards........Only truth....And don't ever forget that you can always change the future. Thats why you should never ignore any certain cards. They are there to give you direction....It is up to you to choose the way......

  • I'm personally not that keen on Swords - especially the three, the nine and the ten.

    I don't know if it's because I don't like them or something else but I always get at least 1 or all three in every reading (even a Past - Present - Future reading!)

  • fulfilment seems to be saying that our dislikes are telling us something about ourselves. That's probably true, but isn't it a bit intense? Surely sometimes we need the space to simply not like something, without having to be always learning lessons.

    I agree that these things are pointers we can use if we want, but surely all such lessons are optional? Sometimes we just have enough on our plate. Whatever "not liking Pentacles" means can wait until some other time -- when we are ready.

    Meanwhile, don't we all see life through the understandings and experiences we've accumulated? I think that these different "views" contribute directly to that "life". Our presence in a situation usually affects the situation, even when we keep quiet. These effects are personal, unique; certainly not describable using generalizations. It seems to me that when fulfillment was writing, he was wanting to appeal to a "law-based" view of the world, similar to what science attempts.

    The belief that there is some neutral `objective reality' here, is widespread but misleading. The philosopher Heinz von Foerster said it best: "Objectivity is the delusion that it is possible to make an observation without having an observer." If we see anything at all, we do so by being a part of it. Unfortunately this is something science has yet to recognize.

    It is a common mistake to think of the coarse discriminations science deals in, as "reality". Before my PhD, I too thought that science was concerned with "truth". It would be better to describe it as concerning "an empirically based network of non-conflicting statements". Very useful for many things, but nowhere near good enough for describing "real life" IMHO. The sensitivities needed to read tarot involve subtleties science is simply incapable of recognizing or describing at present.

    So while I accept that "never ignore bad cards" is a laudable ideal, I think sometimes we just have to. It only becomes a problem when we are no longer aware that there are gaps in our "truth" -- that at best we are dealing with "approximations to reality". You know, the way we scientists do all the time! 🙂

  • The Three, Nine, and Ten of Swords have a bad rep, it's true, but one should not be scared of any card or suit to the point where they won't look at a reading where the card/suit in question appears. I'm not a fan of the Tower, because it can mean violent destruction, but I do recognize its importance when it shows up in a reading.

  • Fulfillment and Javalava both bring up interesting points to my question and have given me more to ponder over.

    I would like to think that I do not ignore the wisdoms of pentacles, that I see them more as advice given from a person whom I didn't ask to share....I'll listen, but I'll probably go on to someone else and ask their views afterwards.

    I do know that if a situation or person (or tarot suit!) bothers me enough, then that 'thing' is there to teach me something about myself. If I had to make a 2 dollar psychological guess about my feelings of pentacles, it would probably be based on my feelings over financial issues/material gains-losses.

    Now next reading will be all pentacles! 😉

  • hmmm, thanks to the candy hunt, I'm discovering more and more interesting things around! Under the tarot tab, there's an articles archive and low and behold, there's quite a bit written down pertaining to the meaning of the suits and major/minor cards.

    I'm finding the coins chapter very interesting and helps me understand more of why I have the feelings that I do towards them...and hopefully now I can work on changing them!

    Amcauley, maybe if you have time, you could check out the sword cards you do not care for and see if that helps you with those. 🙂

    Have a lovely day ~*~

  • Yes, I know what you mean. But when I have that reaction to certain cards, I have to look at why at that moment I do not like them. Is it because of the meaning they impart at the time of question. It's interesting that yours is aimed at a particular suit. Considering it's the pentacles, it makes me wonder, do you have an issue with completing what you start. Or do you leave things undone because you see no way to reach the destination or conclusion you are hoping for? Just my random thought on a friday afternoon.

  • Good morning Artemisxlr8 🙂

    I have to confess that yes, I do have problems finishing what I've started....and I procrastinate, too!

  • I'd like to point out that none of the suits is "bad" in its entirety. There are good cards and bad cards in each suit, and I don't think Lioness is putting THAT kind of value judgment on the entire suit. Pentagrams indicate the more physical, material aspects of our lives, so maybe they may be pointing to material things, whether good or bad, in her life, and she's just not into the physical plane much. Anyway, that's my opinion.

  • My opinion is that if you're just going to reshuffle and do another reading if the coins show up too much, why bother even having them in your deck? Throw them out if they bother you /that/ much. Otherwise, you're really just wasting the time of the Powers That Be... not to mention your own time.

    Really... If you know you're "being snotty" by doing that sort of thing, then... why keep doing it? If you know there's a flaw in logic and a problem, one should work to correct it instead of keeping on as one was. Otherwise, there's no reason to even acknowledge the problem. Again, wasting time.

    The original poster also commented about seeing the coins as "more as advice given from a person whom I didn't ask to share"... The issues with that is that when you pick up a tarot deck and work with it, you ARE asking them to share! You're asking the entire wisdom of the deck to present itself. How would you feel if someone called you and three of your other friends out to lunch, and when you got there told you to go home because he doesn't really care for you to be there after all? Once more, class... /waste of time/. And hurtful, to boot. If it were me, I wouldn't talk with that person again.

    But, do what you will and all that good stuff. If you're trying to change it, good for you. I hope the issues with it get resolved, because to be honest it is a bit silly.

    The only card I dislike is the Nine of Swords, and I am already well aware of why I dislike it. 😛 But I still pay attention to it when it shows up... I'm not very good at denial.


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