New to Tarots

  • Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and recently have been learning how to use tarot cards. I actually had a palm reading this summer that was insanely accurate and I was told also that I have the psychic triangle on my palm. Explains a lot I guess. But that got me thinking and I found tarots and palm readings to be really interesting after also watching several friends receive both.

    I have a few friends that do tarot card readings and they've been trying to help me and teach me. I love my deck. I was instantly drawn to it and it took me weeks to be able to actually buy it. It was the only deck of it's kind at the store I got them at. The box and old and beat up and had obviously been at this store for a very long time, but the cards were brand new and crisp, so as my friends say they think the deck was just waiting for me to come along for a while.

    I'm having some difficulty with the readings. I can't exactly interpet the cards on my own. I have to go to the book often for the meanings. I have discovered which card in the deck is "my" card though. But i'm still having difficulties with the readings. Everytime I do them for myself I have a hard time understanding them, but that's perhaps because I don't like to accept what they are telling me. I did a reading for my friend who also uses tarot cards and she said it was very accurate and actually complimented her own reading she had done for herself earlier that day.

    I'm just wondering if anyone here would be friendly and helpful enough to maybe do a reading for me? I have one thing in particular that I am extremely stumped on and i've been stuck at a cross-roads and I just want to know what I should do. If I should give up and walk away or if it really will all work out in the end.

    I can attempt to do a card reading for someone else in return. I say attempt because I am new to it, as i've explained lol, and i'm not sure how well it would work out but i'm willing to give it a try!

  • Anyone?

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