• ok, my mom came to visit me last week, when she slept in our guest room, she said she saw a ghost like inage that looked exactly like me. this image walked around the room smiled at her and then walked away. my mom said it did startel her a bit , but she could tell what ever it was it was friendly. she said maybe i had an out of body experience or something. who knows. ... but that same evening i fell asleep and her a voice that sounded just like hers saying my name, and it sounded just like she was standing over me. i did get up and look out of my room to see if she was calling my name, but she was in her room asleep. i didnt go into her room at all that night , and she said the being had different clothes on than what i wear. it scares me a little bit, but she has always had different spirits visit her all her life. why would one take on my apperance?

  • it could be out of body or a spirit that looks like you. or it's just visions of past life that had happened to me before. spirits sometimes take the form of the body they have inhabited before. this means they used to inhabit a body that looks like you, but in this lifetime another spirit has inhabited you.

    some spirits whose bodies had died do live among the living, you might happen to see them as they pass you by on their way to another place. why they do this, maybe they are testing your psyche bond between you and your mom, usually it's quite strong.

  • well she wasent scared at all by it, but she said she knew it was me. it scared me alot though that she said it looked so much like me, or was me. do you think it was a nice spirit?

  • if she is sensitive and she is not scared then you shouldn't be either

    if she knew it was you, then it's an out of body experience

    but usually it happens when you are asleep not when you are awake

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