Can Someone Please Give Me Compatibility Reading?

  • I am a Scorpio woman, born November 1, 1964. My rising sign is Gemini, and my moon is in Libra. A new man in my life is a Pisces, born February 22, 1964. His rising sign is Cancer, and his moon is in Cancer as well. I am very curious about our compatibility, for the long term. Any insight I can get would be greatly appreciated!

    ; )

  • To make it short, for the long term there would be much stress for you both:

    He is very touchy, having moon and rising sign in Cancer. You are a Scorpio, which means you have to tendency to strike even those you love at their softest points. Your rising sign in Gemini will not make you very careful about the sensitivities of your partner. So for the long term I see the danger that he will often feel offended by you, withdrawing himself in loneliness in a resentful manner, which on the other side will make you suspicious about not being loved by him.

  • Thanks hanswolfgang, for your input. I do understand myself, and the influences of the Gemini nature on my personality. Yet, I also consider myself fairly enlightened to this fact, and am in touch with all the other influences on me as well. Although I can be strong-minded, and not as tactful as I should be at times, I am learning! The loss of my husband of 13 years last year (my best friend for 23) has taught me a lot. Our relationship, as well as the sudden loss of him with so many issues unresolved, has changed me fundamentally. I believe I can temper those "Scorpian" traits in my next relationship. I had a casual, short-term relationship with a Gemini man recently, and it was a nightmare! It made me look at my Gemini traits in a whole new light. So hopefully, no matter what the sign of my next true love, I will be able to function in a healthier and more constructive way...

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