Confused by a Cancer

  • WOW!!! I can so relate to ALL of you....I've been involved with one going on 2 1/2 yrs and ready to kick him to the curb.....Oh mine's from Missouri is anyone here seeing the same one??? LOL!!!

  • Yes, Mine is from Missouri. I am ready to be so done with him. It is so trippy the way they ALL have the same traits.

  • Ok this is Freaky, mine is from Raytown, Mo how bout yours???

  • LOL!!! yes it is and Mine's initials are NJ, he's from Raytown, MO drives a Semi does any of this sound familiar to any of you??? Please let me know because if by chance we are seeing the same man....I'm outta here. I don't play the sharing game at all....LOL!!!

  • There is a blog that was done, I'd say started around April or May on here" Cancer man and why is he so confusing". It got so big it had a part 2 to it. My advice is: MOVE ON. Your online guys online life is different then what his real life is. Your a long distance person, he can tell you anything and treat you any way, your only online. Its not just Cancer men that play that mind game online. They tell you all sorts of nice things and that they really want to meet you... I had guys that were in the same state and when I happen to be passing close to their town, they would flake. Almost every guy that I have actually met from online, was not who they say they are.. I dated a lot in years past. I learned NOT to do long distance relationships. Men like women who are BitCHes. You can't change a man so, why try? and, if you have to nag and it's something you REALLY don't like, move on, be done with it.

    Sometimes I don't text my Cancer for days and he does the same to me. It's just part of our water sign trait. We run hot and cold. Then we have a days where we will text each other all day. On the norm, it is about 4 days of no texting. We will go out of our way for each other and, he knows that all he has to do is ask me and, I'll do it. If I want to go someplace or have him do something, I just have to ask, making sure I give him plenty of time to arrange things. They show they care better then they say it. it took a few pains and awhile to get to this point, I'd say 3 months. it takes awhile to establish trust for both of us. There have been 3 times I've asked him if he wanted to be done with us and he's made a B-line to my side each time. I know I'm not getting rid of him anytime soon. Most Cancer males do better with older women, I'd say in their 40's. It's a patience thing. most younger women can't handle the lack of constant attention. Mine has been with older women in their 40's since he was 15. He and I are 4 months apart, in our late 40's, I look like I'm about 32. I don't need or want, constant attention., not like when I was younger! He's more sentimental then I am. I had mentioned a few days before we hit 8 months,about it being 8 months. He invites me over to "show me some work on the website, that would be best done at his house" He made lunch and gave me a gift card. I gave him "my time". My birthday is this Friday and I do expect something, he's asked enough questions! he gets cookies from me today, when I pick him up from the airport ( he went to Chicago for a football game with friends, we live in Las Vegas, NV). He doesn't get anything big from me until Christmas.

    You have to act like you deserve to be treated like a Queen and nothing else will serve. Your time and attention is valuable. If he wants to play mind games, let him pick a lesser female. A man is just an older child, he will test you and treat you the way you LET him treat you. All men like a challenge. My big thing and, I ALWAYS tell guys this is :" KEEP YOUR WORD. if plans need to be changed, let me know as soon as possible, don't have me waiting around because if you do, don't bother calling me EVER again. The only thing a person truly own is their honor. If you can't keep your word, your worthless and I have no need for you." I've had a couple guys test that and, I won't talk to them,it would be a waste of my time.. Amazingly, I have never had a problem getting a date. A few still call even after we parted ways a long while ago. Most guys tell me that they think about me and miss me, even the ones I told off in a very heated way....They don't even cross my mind!

    If things didn't work out, I would snap my fingers and say ' On to the next 3!" I used to meet guys in 3's and whittle it down to 1.

  • These posts help me better understand my cancer daughter.

  • Hi 2knowmeis2luvme, I must clarify my relationship. Mine wasn't met online it was in person. They are very moody and they hang on to the past. I've just got to the point of moving on I don't deserve to be treated this way.....Thanks for your input.

  • Hi you think were involved with the same man???

  • Now I think my cancer is talking to another woman. He has started talking back to me but it seems like he invisiable when he is talking than all of a sudden he will become visiable and than soon there after he will stop talking to me. So to me it seems like he is waiting on someone to come online and he talks to me or anyone he can find till that person comes. Than when she is there he drops everything and only talks to her. Is this a normal cancer trait. But when I asked him if he is talk to anyone he says no. Please helpppppppppppppp!

  • confusedbyacancer, My fella did exactly the same to me last week, he came on line signed out again the in again as invisable to everyone do u think he saw me on line and diden't want to talk to me ? bebfore he went to india he said catch you on line , whats going on Anyway a bit of news A friend who i used to chat with has contacted me and we got chatting ... guess what he is only a cancer as well ....... ohhhh nooo.... what am i letting myself into but he sounds really nice and wants to meet me at Xmas when he comes home from Dubai What do you think i should do?

  • llindieloo: This doesn't sound too good. I wish you all the best but since I am confused by my own, I am not sure I am the right person to advise. Take Care!

  • So he is starting to talk to me again like we use too. How do i find out what is in his heart for me?

  • So is anyone seeing the same man that lives in Raytown, Mo ??? LOL!!!

  • @toto53 --- LoL!!!

    I hope ur situation gets better! It feels like a stab in the heart...doesn't it?

  • confused>>i think he is ignoring me and i am sorry i bothered him and will not happen again and I wish him all the best in life. About 30 mins later he sent me a message saying we are kool.

    Sandran712>>Yep that sounds like a Cancer .I don't know what it is..But, A Cancer can't handle someone that is real talkative.A Cancer doesn't give an answer off the bat.We need to think about it first.We need space more than some signs.And a Saggitarius are worse in the space department.I got a brother who is Sag.I am afraid he will die before I see him again.LOL He is always AWOL..

  • The HangedWoman>>>think cancers like being alone

    Sandran>>This is very true.It drives a person nuts..They just can't understand that a Cancer are content being all by yourself.I love peace and quiet.My son was recently sick.Spent 3 weeks in a hospital room.I spent time in a Ronald McDonald House.I cried and cried.I was out of my comfort zone.My element.I tried real hard to hold it together for my son.So alot of the time I stayed in my son's room.I was homesick.The change was killing me.I had to always explain my short fuses.LOL My nerves were wearing very thin.Cancer's cannot handle drastic changes as being sick.Or someone close to them in a hospital.We try real hard coping.But, Cancer trait sucks okay...LOL

  • My Cancer is younger than me as well. Do they generally go for older women?

    Sandran>>I don't think this is A Cancer trait.This is a man trait..LOL.I think a Cancer man would go for older or more mature.But, I am sorry to say these Cancer men in their 20/30/40's I would not give a hoot for.As myself being a Cancer.A Cancer man get on my

  • toto>>I've been involved with one going on 2 1/2 yrs and ready to kick him to the curb.

    Sandran>>>>hee hee My son's father probably thought the same thing about me.We were always fightin like cats and dogs..We kept this up for like 23 years.But, no more.

  • 2knowme>>Mine has been with older women in their 40's since he was 15

    Sandran>>Eww! Ain't there a law against this??

  • mooninsag>>It's very simple, a cancer man will cheat but remains loyal to his family

    Sandan>>This is crazy.Not all Cancer men are like this.But, a young immature one just might be.I am a Cancer.I cannot handle dealing with a Cancer male.They get on my nerves..LOL.They are possesive.I met one online. Years ago.I told him to leave me alone but, wouldn't take no for an answer.We talked alot.Used to talk for 4 years.We had some blow ups on the phone.Because he tried to tell me what to do.I am single never married.And I'll be damned a man comes along and gives me an order.We mirrored each other.

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