Confused by a Cancer

  • Sandran712 u funny , good day hope u doing well today, Have a good day everyone. confusedbyacancer how is your day going so far? im getting ready for finals but I still need to check on my tarot family, just touching base here. all is well so far, so far, i must reiterate lol.

  • Dorluv: good luck on your finals. I am a bit sad and mopy cause my cancer has still not talked to me. Lets c what happens in the next couple of days. Thanks for asking!!

  • Hey, ConfusedbyaCancer & Dorluv. After a month of not talking I sent a short text asking if my cancer was still alive and he texted right back. He thought I was mad at him becuz a few times he seen me at work I looked like I didn't want to be bothered. I responded let's talk later if you have the time and he agreed. We shall c. Good luck on your finals. You all have a blessed day.

  • ConfusedbyaCancer>>I am a bit sad and mopy cause my cancer has still not talked to me. Lets c what happens in the next couple of days

    Sandran712>>If someone cannot handle the long drawn out silent treatment of a Cancer.Your sanity might not be able handle it.That is just the way we are.You could call/text and say I'm worried.Where have you been?? will wake us up to respond.but, calling 6-7 times a day might over do it.

  • Dorluv>>its so unbelievable but im dating a cancer and he is exactly like everyones cancer in this forum. I was kinda worried that one of u met him online

    Sandran712>>>Oh No! I will never meet a Cancer online.Unless he would be nearby me in the same town and even then I might burn him at the stake...LOL

  • @Dorluv, GOOD LUCK for your finals. You will kick azz!!! I'm sure of it xox - Oh, and nope my cancer man is not your cancer man. phew! 😃

    @MySkittles, so it's still going eh! Good stuff. At least we know he's still breathing. Haha. Love your response to his text by the way. It's something I would've said 😃

    @ConfusedbyaCancer, remember no matter what happens be prepared! I have a feeling he'll get back to you. They usually do.

    Story I would like to the between the lines and notice the cancer man behaviour. So I spent the morning with my cancer man yesterday. To recap, before me there was a girl he was seeing and when he met me, he disappeared on her and decided not to get in touch with her even when she texted or email. He was quite open about it with me and would show me her texts. One was inviting him to breakfast and telling him how nice he is and blah blah blah feeding his ego. One was seeing how he was and how he's doing and giving him positive messages, then another about how she felt for him and the last she wanted her picture back. He NEVER responded to any of those. This has been within a couple of months. About a few weeks back he said he felt bad and should really respond and just see how she was doing, if she was ok and wanted to be friends because she was a nice person. But he didn't. I told him not to because it will just screw her up again, especially now she's finally got the message. And then yesterday morning he said he will send her the picture with a gift for Christmas. He saw this cute puppet of a stingray (which he hopes she'd like because it had a special meaning to her. HE remembered what she had said about it.) thoughtful and considerate, these cancer men! But it wasn't because he felt something for her. It was out of guilt. He just felt awful about what he has done. These cancer men, can't handle being not liked, thought bad of worse hated.

    Point of my story, you have to read how they are, are they back because of guilt or because they are really into you!

    Just reading the past threads made me realise if this girl was any of us. She could be posting here too. Having the same issues with a cancer man.

  • Virgocookie>>he disappeared on her and decided not to get in touch with her even when she texted or email

    Sandran712>>That is just so rude of him.And I should feel saddened.That you got to see your Cancer and I still have not heard from the Cancer dumbass.LOL..But, there is no feelings there,He is only a classmate from school.My thought about your Cancer man treating this woman this way.Pay careful attention with his behavior.Because chances are when you are not hearing from him Where is he really?.Not planting a seed or anything.But, if you are seeing texts from her.What is really on this guy's mind.

  • Sandran712>>I still have not heard from the Cancer dumbass.LOL

    Sandran712>>I have an UPDATE on the Cancer dumbass...He emailed me last night under the email I knew for sure he would get.He told me he received my emails.And replied to them.I never received not a one.Not only I feel like I am the Dumbass!lol.Matched set lesson here is...EMAILS ARE NOT EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.If you ever get worried emailing a Cancer.You better make sure the paths crossed each other.As you all know I despise the texting.I think I may have to give him my cell phone number.He is in Illinois.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Keldjoran: Now you are confusing me even more. Than how do tell the differance between when they are really into you and when they are just feeling sorry for you and getting rid of their guilty feelings??:(

  • keldjoran>>What she described is EXACTLY what I do to people and how I feel about it afterwards; and often I will do kind gestures to make up for it (like sending a gift or something) but this is just my way of making amends, it does not mean anything more, people have a tendency to read too much into our actions and get sucked back in

    Sandran712>>I agree.I do feel like this a little.But,I focused on the why in the world would Virgocookie's Cancer guy show other private details of a text/email stuff. to her.No offense Virgocookie...I was wondering what was this guy thinking??Cancer's at most times do not behave this way.I mean how would he like it if we took his personal thoughts and tossed them to other people.Cancer is private.We keep things hidden.And we have alot to deal with trust issues.Maybe he did this to gain your trust. That is a possibility.If he felt safe to earn your trust.Then I think things will work out.I just think it's weird How us Cancer's go about trying to earn trust.LOL

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  • This post is deleted!

  • ConfusedbyaCancer>>Than how do tell the differance between when they are really into you and when they are just feeling sorry for you and getting rid of their guilty feelings??:(

    Sandran712>>If a Cancer is into you.They will show alot of interest.Clingy type behavior.Almost like a boyfriend girlfriend crush in high school.You cannot stay away from each other.Calling and emailing/texting for days on end.Almost suffocating each other.This is to an extreme.Keep in mind that if Cancer's have a job.You may not hear from them as often as you would like.But, if they were into you.They would call regardless.Especially if the pattern remained the know he is at work such n such.Calls like clockwork.Chances are they are into you.Now..The guilty feeling would be where a Cancer acts distant.Don't talk much.Will be nice to you but doesn't show alot of interest.May even try to move the conversation along as if he may need to be somewhere else.Sometimes may bluntly say I gotta go.Almost similar as going to the bathroom..LOL.But,this is really hard to say.Because...this is similar behavior trait as if they are bothered with some issues and need an outlet to go and think.You really need to come out and ask.And this is my point.A Cancer needs the emotional feeing and closeness up in your face.This texting /email crap is not for Cancer's.We will correspond to it.Because if that is all they got.But, unless there is a physical visit involved.Cancer will stop calling.The communcation starts to gradually fade to point of nonexistent...Now..we can go for long periods of not hearing from you.And pop back in your life as if it were yesterday.I don't think other signs can do that.Can they?

  • Keldjoran: What if they are ur online friend for now and he cannot c you?? How do you tell than??

  • keldjoran>>Think about it, if your significant other was getting texts, wouldn't you (as a jealous Cancer) want to know what they said??

    Sandran712>> I would..But,..The Cancer was getting texts from the other woman.Virgocookie is a Virgo.I am sure I would not be a happy clam if it were kept hidden.He was being respectful to show her.I'm sure..

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  • confusedbyacancer>>Keldjoran: What if they are ur online friend for now and he cannot c you?? How do you tell than??

    Sandran712>>It is harder to tell online.Only to pay close attention what he is telling you.Making sure the story stays the same.Cancer doesn't do well with online relationships.I met a Cancer man years ago online.He was 1,000 miles away..We talked for 4 years.And we mostly talked weekends on the telephone.It didn't take long for me to see he was an A hole.He changed his phone number like 4 times.Now..keep in mind.He gave me his phone number each time he changed it.I would call when he wasn't home.The time change was 4 hours difference there.I never had the option of an answering machine to leave a message.And with my high intuiition skills.My nerves were in an uproar.The dancing and playing head games left me nauseated.I told him if he was never interested he should have just left me alone.Threw alot of guilt trips,broken promises.Very Controlling.I was fine being by myself.His birthday is July 9th.Same as O.J Simpson's birthday.

  • keldjoran>> don't put your life on hold for anyone, it's not worth it

    Sandran712>>Dr.Phil just said this same thing a couple days ago.

  • I agree with that if they are interested in you, they will drive you crazy with attention, talking, and all that. Mine is playing a little game right now, which mind you they can switch on you in a heart beat! But, he still watches me, texts me right back, like he wants to play but is still wondering if I think he worth my time anymore...

    when they dump you, they will no longer text you?, or try to make you not believe what you are about them? I know clearly what he is doing, but he is abinent that it's not true. Whatever!

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