Confused by a Cancer

  • So mine is talking to me and it seems like he is asking some questions about my trying ot get to know me. But he keeps blowing hot and cold. He will talk to me for hours and than all of a suddent disconnect for now reason and I have no clue why or what happened. No bye.. no i have to go.. this is driving me crazy!! Someone please help me figure this out. Is this normal for a cancer or do you think he has other women on the side??

  • Have you ever tried simply asking him why the dissapearing act? Simple communication may help clarify whats going on. Just dont go too far. Just ask a couple simple questions and take your time to respond to his answers

  • ploik>>they are needy and use people to their advantage and never take responsibility for wrongs that they do to you and make it look like yr fault

    Sandran>>This is so not true.An immature may do this.Not all Cancers portray ignorant behavior.This is all not Cancer trait related.This is all bad behavior.They just happen to be a Cancer.

  • Just wanted to give everyone thanks for all there support. My Cancer is being more attentive to me and started being his old self. Maybe we just turned a new leaf. Please pray for me and give me advise on what i should do to keep this moving smoothly. Thanks!

  • Yes it hurts really bad but the worst thing is that we don't fight we have lot's of fun it's just the issues when he can't walk his talk.....I'd really like to know if the lady that posted her's was from MO is actually the same one I'm involved with and if so you can have him....I'd just like to know....Please reply???

  • Here we go again, need your help please!!!!!!!!! Things were going find and all of a sudden a teased him about being a born a virgin again and he got mad. Said he didn't think it was funny and he said he enjoyed talking to me and wished me luck. He dumped me for teasing him... Please help!!!!!! Is this really a goodbye for will he contact me again?? Thanks!

  • ConfusedbyaCancer; Just the same as mine, but at least he wished you luck . I diden't even get that just cut me off without any explaination what so ever . The last I heard from hime he said he would call me that was 5 weeks ago . I think mine is well and truly finished . I'm just heartbroken .

  • sandran LOL

    "A Cancer man get on my "

    I am a leo and leo male gets on my nerves 🙂

  • hey confusedbyacancer,

    my cancer man broke up with me because he had been unemployed for a while and stressing about his life. He tried pushing me away by saying very rational things like, I need to worry about my life before I worry about having a girlfriend and maybe in the future we can be together. I was hurt but with friends encouraging me I lived my life and had a lot of fun with it. We saw each other time to time because of our mutual friends when he is around I would not pay much attention to him and carried on a conversation with his friends. Within a month he came running back saying how he realized I was the love of his life,how much he loves me, how he has dreams about me, and always ask around to see what and how i was doing. With all men not just cancer loves the should never let a man know he has a hold of you. I really recommend you ladies reading this book called Why Men Love Bitches.

  • lol bit%ches

  • @ladyyx --- LoL...They just dont let yu type certain words !!!

    @ConfusedbyaCancer --- Maybe you hurt him in some way...I feel he'd come around in a while...just hang in there till that happens and meanwhile you could send a text saying sorry if you hurt him and leave it at that. Don't ask don't explain! These cancerians are a lott to deal with and it'd take all your patience to have something with him :):)

  • Confused-I agree with astrodame, hang in there. Aparently, cancers don't let go easily and come back, even if they were hurt. Another thing I learned on all these cancer threads is that cancers are very very sensitive, and get hurt easily, even if you are teasing or joking, so don't even tease even if you don't mean it. I teased the cancer I am seeing for gaining a bit of weight and I think he got really hurt. He didn't break up with me over it at least, but I am going to be careful of what I say,even though he's always teasing me about being short (I am 149 cm and he is 185 cm).

    My cancer is also a lot younger than me.

  • I just want to say a few things. first of all I don't have good experience with water sign males, not trying to say that they are all bad. I just have better experience with earth signs if anything. that said, I read some posts here about teasing Cancer, born a virgin again and gaining weight. I think if you tell other men this, not only Cancer, chances are half of these men won't take it lightly either. I don't know a man that admits they are virgins, especially if they are above 20. I have met women above 30 that are virgins, at least so they said and with no shame.

    For a man that is actively taking care of his look and shape, gaining weight is a big No No so teasing him about his weight should be avoided or it will give him nightmare and he will give you one in return. I never thought of this before myself, I just said it as the words pop out, not thinking. but after so many hells break loose on me, I learned to be careful with words.

  • so h ell is not allowed? interesting!

  • I thought only women were sensitive about their weight...I have teased other men about it before and they just laughed it off.

  • My cancer man has done the disappearing act 2 times now...first time was 1 month and when i emailed him to say goodbye he contacted me and worked it out.... 3 months later he disappears again after texting me every day and telling me how I was breaking down his walls and how much he loved me, its been 2 weeks, no communication.... I tried a few emails but nothing. I have pretty much hardened my heart towards this behavior.... like my sister says, the best way to get over a man is to get under one..... back into the dating pool I go.... HEAVY SIGH!!

  • LOL lua

    nope, both genders

    they just don't show it, but the ones that are actively taking care of themselves especially

  • I agree with Astro, Luaz. Go with what they say. Cancers do get offended and hurt easily. Under that hard exterior is a soft flesh.

    You know what guys, just reading the posts on weight gain, my psyche is now thinking of food. Like crabs, maybe cos of the decription I gave just then. I could have one now. They are so yummmm. I'd prefer to eat crabs, break their shell and pick on the flesh than deal with one. hahaha. At least with their actual counterparts, we don't have to catch them, they just get served/handed to us on a plate, why can't it be that easy with the real cancer men. LOL!!! =D

  • virgocookie. Are you learning funny little comments from Sandran . I just love you guys . Thanks . lindie xxxx

  • @Virgocookie --- Haha...if cancer men were as easy to 'consume' as their animal counterparts I BET none of us will be around here 😉 But these cancer men are something, aren't they...mine is 😉 I miss those chocolate brown melting eyes, the lush pink lips and the warm hugs...sigh time for a cold shower AGAIN...LoL 😉

    @Raqtopcaligal --- Yes, thats the way to go about it 🙂 Let HIM come back to you and see how content you still are...cancers so looooove non-clingy and strong females !!!

    @Luazinha --- True. But what I still don't get about these cancer men is the fact that even though they'd themselves criticize you about ur flaws openly, the moment YOU mention they aren't perfect either...they hit the bottom !! How unfair...

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