Confused by a Cancer

  • capgirl- sounds like you have been cured of "cancer" lol!

  • OMG!!! YES!!!! WOO HOO!!! I may need a bodyguard for a few weeks until he cools off, but I am officially Cancer free!!! : ) hahaha

  • Body guard? is he being threatening? I feel sorry for his wife too, Pisces can be very sensitive.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself and getting rid of this jacka.s.s. And hope he won't do this to other women.

  • He hasn't threatend me at the moment, but I know that he is crazy.

    Right now, he is too angry for words & trying to lie his way out if the intimate details that I shared with his wife...I don't mean to be hurtful to her, I mean to inform her that she married to an extremely deceitful loser... He is dangerously playing with lives, and yes, I too hope that this will make him change his ways...Honey, I guarantee that he will think twice about doing it again anytime soon after the nuclear attack that I launced last week... Just pitiful.

  • Ok folks so my cancer and I are talking again. I am keeping my fingers crossed this time. after going back and forth and playing minds games I finally broke down and told him right out that I like him and after that he said all was cool and started to talk to me. Now we even talk on the phone but I still don't have his number. Any hope for me folks. Help a confused girl out. Thanks!

  • Hey everyone, I am back. so last I told you all we were talking and things were going great!

    Infact he even made plans to come visit me during holiday and now all of a sudden he has stopped calling for returning my calls. I left him a message that I was just calling to see if everything was o.k. but wont' be calling him back any more just in case he needs some personal space. Still no message or call. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have had no arguments or fights and nothing out of the ordinary that I could think of that would have offended him. Any thoughts or insights would be appriciated. Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!!!!

  • He's married let it go, you sound like you have become obsessed with him which is probably what he wanted from the start and by the way you probably aren't the only extra one he is stringing along, sorry there really is no nice way to say the guy is an egg.

  • So things were going great, and all of a sudden he disappered on me again. I left him a message one day to see how he was doing and next day to see if he was o.k. no response... so its been over a week now and I have not contaced him and I have not heard anything back from him in over two weeks. Please help...will he come back and does he need space... or is this something more??? We had no fight and nothing I can recall that may have hurt his feeling.. not sure what the heck happened. Feed back from cancerians would be appriciated!!!

  • Can someone please answer this question.

    If a divorced cancer man introduces his children to a single woman (who may be his girlfriend), does this mean he is considering a serious relationship with the woman?

    Hope someone can help.


  • I will try again, can someone please answer the above post........Thanks

  • Was his initials LTF by any chance? Thanks.

  • LOL! My January 21,2011 11:22 PST comment was directed to Sandran712: Hi, I was wondering if the Cancer you knew for 4 years initials were LTF.

  • so the final curtain has come down. He appeared again and said he was out of touch because he was out of country. I confess to him that i have a crush on him and that I think he doesn't feel the same. He says you got it so I tell him that for sake we need to stop talking and thank him for being a good friend he say good luck and bye. Any ideas if this is really good bye or if he will come back?? Please help and give you thoughts please1 Thanks!

  • Anyone out there, please help with my post and let me know your thought. I would really appricate it. Thanks!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Goodbye is goodbye. Look at it as a learning curve. The cancers I know when they are "on" can be very magnetic and we are drawn to the warmth they exude..but alas they are also ( in my experience) moods as changeable as the moon and you never know what "phase" they are in. They also are protective of themselves and their hearts. He has given you the gift of letting you go so you would not waste any more energy there. Time to move on dear... remember what you've learned.

    Cheers P

  • Calling all canerians and people who understand cancerians. Please help me out and give me some feedback on weather this cancer man I care for will come back? Thanks!

  • batrak--abrama

    Dear Michael--protector and God's own right hand please hear my prayer--guard the energy of this sight so it may reflect the highest intention of the Angels--to offer healing and comfort. Not only for the meek and pure of heart but also raise your wise sword and help heal those who are most lost and in their pain hurt others. Thank You--Amen.

  • that sounds like my, well who i thought was my man. is he in texas and initials

  • Do yourself a favor and move on. Do you really need to be tortured? I too was involved with a cancer man, unpredictable confusing relationship. I learned ALOT about myself and the boundaries I will set for self respect. It was not a healthy relationship no matter how charming and wonderful they are. My specifcally stated. "You just want to see how far you will go with me and then dump me." That's exactly what he was doing to me. I actually went on a trip with him to Aruba. What Hell on paradise I had to endure. Nothing worse than a trapped Cancer man. I slept with this man for 8 days, we NEVER had sex. He ignored me the whole time and that was in last August. I have not spoken to him, blocked him from facebook (his natural habitat) and with time realized I don't need this, nobody does. Life is short ,why waste it on an illusion in your own mind?

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