Plz do an authentic tarot reading for me.

  • My life feels very foggy n uncertain from around 6-7 1 march 77, 5 57 pm.

    I havent progressed much in my career in d past yrs , was div of a 3 mnth fraud arranged marriage, n now that i have cleared all my formalities to come as a post grad medicine student to states, but im getting jittery leaving my life family n friends behind , should i proceed and will it be beneficial for me?? will i be financially able to pull off?

    Secondly, I feel as if i have found my soulmate in my friend. We r great frnds frm 3 yrs, but he fails to give me commitement everytime i bring up this topic. My dilemma at this point is, what is the future for us? Will we just be good friends or will it mature into marriage? sometimes waiting breaks me n i want to run to anyone i know but my heart takes me to him all d time...i feel stuck in my own doing...sometimes it feels like i want to brush him off n have my own fun, sometimes i feel its my duty to wait n see how it unfolds.....

    i cry out for help, ..

  • drgagannagi,

    you should not proceed and it will not be beneficial for you.

    You will not be financially able to pull off.

    Your future is his carriere and success. You will be just good friends.

    It will not mature into marriage.

    You can never completely ignore your inherent spirituality or psychic side. If you acknowledge this important part of yourself, you are guided to a life of universal giving.

  • i don't get much help from this. can u elaborate plz.

    can someone do a complete reading for can i understand whats going on in my life..

  • drgagannagi,

    if you do not more feel overburdened, if you are no more feeling yourself under pressure, if you are no more taking this game too serious, you will understand, whats going on in your life. It is a inner struggle, without a goal, but you are tolerating no dissent.

    Follow your strong call towards letting go and completions in life.

  • thanks hanswolf..

    i really don't get what ur trying to tell..

    plz tell me cl;early whether going abroad will be beneficial and will i marry my friend or just be friends with him in this life. if so why?...doesn't he like me that much or what?

  • As I wrote earlier (see it above), I have to repeat here and now:

    Going abroad will not be beneficial.

    You will no marry your friend.

    You will not just be friend with him in this life, because he doesn't he like you that much and because he does not want do be dominated by you that much,

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