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  • I've become drawn into a dangerous situation this month. It seems as if ghosts from my past have come back to haunt me, even though I've stayed away for the last 25 years. Is there anyone here willing to do a reading for me? It would be very helpful to have a heads up as this situation will descend upon me and my family soon. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    My B-date is 07/06/2966 born at 6am and I'm female



  • charmedone66,

    your mind clings to the known fearing the way into the unknown which lies ahead of you. But your energy pulls you in this direction, so trust your energy and follow it.

    Be for renewal and change and be against the traditional.

  • Is that 6th July 1966 and where please?

  • 6th July 1966 Lowell, Mass at 6 am

    Thanks so much for your help!

  • Dear Cheri, I have no idea what your "dangerous situation" was, but you were only young at the time, so ...was it concerned with a previous relationship? The most significant aspect of your chart for me, is your emotional generosity and desire to sacrifice all for the one you love. Did you make some kind of sacrifice all those years ago that is coming back to haunt you? Is a child involved? IF so welcome it ! You have a tendency towawrds secrecy...but this is harmful for you ..let your generosity of spirit develop without fetter..no-one will think any the worse of you. This is positive news...Pluto transiting and opposing natal Mars is unearthing the people metaphorically 'buried from the past...please make peace wih them and all will be well, deny them and you will have a problem of your own making. Peace and love Cheri..

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  • I wanted to thank all of you who have sent replies. It helps to talk things through with people who are neutral to get a better grasp on the situation.

    High Priestess3 No, this is about my dad, an acoholic, child abuser and as struggled with bi-polar disorder for most ofhis life. He hides behind his religion, he is a pastor, to judge and torment others. Yes, I made a pretty serious scarifice many years ago to save my family, but I should have stood up and fought instead, which is why I am trying to make the right choice now.

    Thanks to all of you for your guidance and protection. Love and Light, Cheri

  • Dear Cheri; CharmedOne.....I could see a child, but didn't realise it was you. How could you have stood and fought? No-one would have believed you.! Forgiveness starts wth yourself. IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT . IT'S YOUR FATHER'S/ PARENTS...no-one can screw-up your head as much as a set of parents who have no respect for a child's emotions and treat her like a plaything. Please make no more sacrifies for this man... your hopes of a change in him will fall on stony ground and once again he will say that everything bad that happens is YOUR FAULT .Sorry to sound so unmoved, but people like him repeat the same actions over and over and rarely change , or progress. Peace and love and save yourself please and forget him..

  • charmedone I read some posts before replying to you so I could find out what was going on

    let me tell you this. nobody and nothing can take over you if you don't let them. I'm not saying you have let violence and negativity into your life intentionally, I'm just saying that you can not let fear and worry stop you from doing what is right. Maybe when you were young you do not have the physical power but now you do. The cycle of abuse continues because the abuser keeps gaining power from the abused that do not fight back for their right to be treated as human being. Stand up and fight now, for you and for your children. Remember nothing and nobody is bigger stronger better than the universe. It will support your fight because what you are doing is supporting life, your life and your children's life and many would make you an example. Don't worry about anything, the universe is behind you and will not leave you alone. He claimed himself a religious man well guess what even his followers, his religion or whoever he is worshipping, will not save him now. Any action against life is not tolerated by the universe. No matter who or what position those have in society. Your journey may be perilous but you will find help and support, even from the unlikely source. So don't worry or fear anymore, you are no longer young and weak, you are now adult and strong and you have the universe backs you in every single step of the way.

  • Hey CharmedOne66,

    I would like to gift you a complimentary reading. I own a business calledPAN (Psychic; Astrologer; Numerologist). If you are interested please email your full name as it appears on your birth certificate. Also, is 6:00 am the time shown on your birth certificate (very important). If the time is off by as little as one minute, the reading may be totally inaccurate.

    Blessings to your and yours,

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  • Hello Charmed-

    My mother was not a very good parent, us kids were exposed to things we never should have been exposed to, my mother was bipolar and a heroine addict. I thank God she had me, however, I learned while growing up I didn't want my children to ever go through what I did. I changed the cycle of dysfunctionalizm. I went through my own drug area and things I never should have, but once I got pregneat for the first time, my eyes were wide open. Since then it has been 20 years later. I had situations that arose from the past and still sometimes do, but I have learned to face them head on and not let them run my life. I had to literally cut myself off from that, that hindered my moving forward. I had to cut my entire family out of my life and focus on what was best for me and my children. don't follow those that cannot bea leader, be a leader youself and just keep doing what you know is right. You Father will have to face his own demons himself at some point in time. But stay steadfast and do not fret, for those old haunts can no longer hurt you if you do not give it control. Focus on the goo stuff in life, not just the bad.


    Sweet Sag-

  • Great advice Sweetsag69. so ..glad you came through the bad times with your own integrity intact. As you say, you cannot help some people....you just have to cut them out of your life to save yourself. Peace and love everyone.

  • Hello Charmed I had a very similar experience when I was growing up. My father was also alcoholic and verbally abusive. It was very difficult for me while I was growing up. My mother didn't think she could make it on her own and stayed with him. At age 16 the abuse from my father turned physical. I fought back. I was tired of listening to all his drunken bs. I was told not to come back home if I reported him to the police. While I did report him to the police. I did not return home either. I started making a life for myself. I went to school to get my GED. I then went on to technical school for certified nursing assisstant. When I turned 18 I got in contact with my mother and helped her to proceed with divorce. My father moved out and started recovering. Thankfully he has since been recovered. 5 years later I was back in school for medical assisstant then 5 years later a registered nurse. It is now 26 years later. Stand firm and hold your ground for what you believe in. Sometimes we tend to give in when it's "our family". Just because he's your father doesn't give him the right to treat you like dirt. You have lived in agony long enough. It's time to move on and take care of you. The road may be long and winding but it's your path. Good luck

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