• so i have problems too like everyone else is going trough..i think this is a problem

    & an addiction! in the year 2004 i was with this guy and woah i loved him we were together

    for like 4 months or so..we didn;t break up our parents did 😕 so we broke up & i didn;t see him since 2 months and we were just friends in the year 2005 -6!?..we got together but once again we didn;t reallylast long and my parents broke us up again like if they dint want me to be happy or something..the year 2008 we were together everything was going perfectly fine brother had to go do some stupid stuff and steal everything out of his house that day my whole family broke us up now nobody likes him 😕

    !our reasons break up!

    1.i was too young (i was like 14)

    2.something about drugs brother stealing

    the break up;s never have too do anything with me 😞

    2009- we can;t be friends or see eachother nothing just cause my

    family hates him.

    i have too be sneaking out going to places to go see him or anything

    i think and say hes the most nicest sweetest person ever

    i woulden;t choose anyone over him at all

    i love him:) alot

    i just dont know what to do!?

    i say its love and my family thinks its addiction! but its not!!!!

  • You really should wait.

    Being an outsider you should enjoy it!

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