Scorpio woman/ Leo man going great but......

  • I have a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon and Virgo ascendant..... he has a Leo sun, Aries moon and Taurus ascendant..... both born in 1964. We have been dating for over a year now, we both have been married before and we both have children around the same age.....pre-teens to teens, we both have secure decent paying jobs and we both own homes. We have so much fun and I have never felt this confident about a relationship....but.... although we instantly hit it off neither one of us rushed things which was fine as our relationship progressed.... for a while it seemed that I was doing all the giving, you know treating him how I wanted him to treat me, going to his house and spending more time there than at my house....lately he has seemed to pull away a little so I gave him a little space, didn't try to spend every available moment together...maybe fan the flames a little, so to speak. My intuition keeps yelling that he is having doubts, or fears about the natural flow of our he's not ready for the next step.... I too have been thinking alot about it too. I realize we are much more than our "Sun sign" and I have yet to see a post regarding a Scorpio woman and a Leo man.... Any insight might be helpful.... Thanks!

  • Hunnybunz....Don't be discouraged,Leo men can be moody at times, they love being in the spotlight and they love having their ego stroked. One bad trait that I have noticed is that they can be flirtatious, because they are very charming men. I can understand that you want reassurrance from him but there is a way to do it. Leo men can have a tendancy to test the waters to see if they still have it may not be anything personal against you or that he is having doubts,he may feeling insecure about his feelings.Try doing something really romantic for him and reassure him that you aren't going anywhere and by doing that I think that you will get the answers that you are searching for.Leo men are very affectionate and can be very sensitive so stroke his ego a little and i'm sure he will do the same.

  • I hope he is not dwelling in the past hurts too long. it's our tendency to dwell in past hurts, male or female. because when we love we tend to go all the way, we tend to give ourselves out. almost like going to battle we will fight to the end, for the sake of providing for our loved ones. so you can imagine when our heart is broken, it's like being stabbed in the back, not by the enemy but by our own. this is a big thing for a leo, very big that if we can't control it, we will succumb to revenge and as much as we fight for love we will fight for getting our revenge.

    I am not saying that your leo male had done nothing wrong in his relationship. but being prideful and loving, he might not see his own mistakes and this will prone him to his dark side even more. hence, he is never ready for another commitment or close relationship.

    if you really love him, help him see you as his future. and that his past has nothing to do with you and him. help him appreciate what he has, and what you two share. one way to do this is to actually talk to him about your relationship. listen to what he says carefully, and whenever you see a chance to open his eyes about the two of you, say it. if he is avoiding you now, send him little gifts or messages. keep trying to take him out of his shell, what does he like to do in his spare time? does he like movies, eating out, outdoor? take him out, enjoy the moments. then find an excuse to take him to your house, let's say you forgot to turn off the oven LOL anything to make him step in. let him see where you live, make him comfortable being in it. once he feels comfortable, he will not hesitate to come visit you now and then maybe even more often than you have visited him. a cozy house will work, doesn't have to be elegant or flashy. just have to be something that brings comfort to his eyes, therefore his heart.

    leos are physical and visual signs. you also need to take care of your self, doesn't mean you have to have a model look and shape, just healthy and in good proportion for your age and build. the way you dress maybe you want to tweak it a little bit. don't be afraid of showing off a little bit of skin. as long as it's not too much for your age and build, he will like it.

    this is as far as I can say based on what you said. if you share more I might be able to say more. good luck. by all means don't show aggression, forcing him to do anything even though it's small things. if anything all you get will be another aggression and temper tantrum that leads to violence all that will not serve your purpose.

  • It's hard to know how much to put on a forum to get a good picture of the situation....thank you so much for you is some more of how our situation is...

    We were both divorced for almost 5 years before we started dating. Very early on in our relationship he asked me to be exclusive, as we hit it off so well I readily agreed. Shortly after that he was a little tipsy when he told me he didn't want to fall in love again but that I was breaking down that wall. He and I were inseparable for so long, longer than the normal infatuation stage, with weekend visits to mainly his house and a few to my house. It just seemed easier for his son who has a slight disability. He has shared custody and has him for half of the month....I have my two children full time as their father lives in another state. So all of the "ex" situations have to be workable and I support both of our past relationships for the sake of the just makes it so much easier. He struggled for years before his divorce in a cold relationship with a woman who had issues mentally and being shy to get into another marriage because of the lack of intimacy was completely understandable and it did take a while to get him to lower his guard. But we talked about it and worked through it. I have some Scorpio traits that make it hard on us sometimes but not in a way where I cause drama, I've learned through the years to keep it at bay, but because of some of my bad relationship experiences I find it hard to trust. I have no reason to doubt him, he is not overly flirtatious, he is a little jealous but not in a bad way and of course we both deal with insecurities....who doesn't?

    When I say he has pulled away it's not in the sense that he is avoiding me....its just little things that I have noticed and maybe I have noticed it because we ran under such heat for longer than usual. It's things like not as many emails and not as many text messages....and he used to stop by in the morning just to kiss me when he worked the night shift and I have noticed him checking out other women when we are out together, nothing blatant but enough of a glance to give me notice. Of course life still goes on even when you are newly in love....and there are things that happen, people get colds and the responsibility of children happens and just being plain tired. So maybe I'm reading this completely this is just how it is when your love grows deeper and you are past the "I have to know everything about you" stage.

    I have done a lot of what you leaving little notes around his house and writing him romantic poems, this past summer I surprised him with a vacation for his birthday that we totally enjoyed, as well a numerous other trips, concerts, dinner dates and homemade meals....I even redecorated his bathroom when he went hunting last year and cleaned his house on several occasions! I am by no means standing back waiting for him to do for me....quite the opposite and please don't think I am keeping score because I'm not. Everyone of these things I did for me as well as him, I relocated here 5 years ago and had be so lonely...that meeting him and hitting it off the way we did has made me very grateful!

    We have talked about marriage and we are both a little apprehensive, especially about our combined family. We both agree that when the time comes we should not move to his house or my house but that we should get a different house that can be all of ours. All of this was discussed during our first year....but when the date rolled around for our first anniversary we didn't even celebrate in fact he forgot, and the cooling down is what I have noticed since then. As if we have just stalled out.

    I believe he is comfortable at my house and he is very laid back...he understand the good and bad side of teenage girls and helps me through it...he has never displayed any violent tendencies at all and his presence helps calm my nerves when things get tense... There is very little that I have found about him that bothers me, but nothing I can classify as a deal breaker. He is very affectionate, even in public and I keep up my appearance, most people guess my age about 10 years younger than I am. I just feel this distancing which has thrown up a red flag and the last thing I want to do is put pressure on him by becoming insecure, clingy and suspicious.

  • I see. they can be a bit flirtatious to other women, but I wouldn't say he is really interested in them. it's just he is like a cat, always curious and sometimes jump into things not calculating the risks first. I don't see anything to worry about when it comes to you and him. he seems to be in the period where he is analyzing your relationship. maybe he has met women that asked him things that make him think about the situation or these women might have been through the same thing he did and their conversation reminded him of the past or the truth about your relationship.

    it's very very hard for us to forget a heartbreak, a betrayal, anything that hurts us emotionally. it can come back to us just because we heard someone else went through the same even if we don't know this person. The thing with him is that he has his son with him for half the month, will be very hard to forget the past if he has his son with him. Not saying he needs to get rid of his son, just to show you how hard it would be for him, that's all. You are doing the right thing to give him time to recover completely. Just keep sending him little messages and perhaps drop by every now and then see how he or his son is doing. Let him know that your door is always open for him. This may sound small and he would've known it already, but a little reminder can go far since whatever he is going through right now might make him feel disconnected to what and who he used to know. I have faith that things will turn out fine for you both. I hope for the best.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 🙂 yep I know what you mean. my scorp rising makes me have that quality too

    it does put a damper on sunny go lucky personality, but at times it helps a lot when dealing with people that have bad intentions.

    your nagging could be just you or just past memory coming back. anyway, just want to wish you two all the best. I really don't feel anything bad going on.

  • Yes I will admit it has saved me a time or two....ignoring my gut reaction has proved to not be in my best intrest. Thanks so much for your insight!

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