Scorpio Woman/Pisces Man - Good Match?

  • I am a Scorpio woman, with Gemini rising and a moon in Libra, and I have recently reconnected with an old high school acquaintance who is a Pisces man, with Cancer rising and a moon in Cancer as well. We seem to have a lot in common, and are really hitting it off via emails. We are now talking about geting together for a face to face meeting.

    Does anyone have any insight into this paring? I would appreciate any input!

  • Hi

    Ive seen many astrological posts as this one where u ask compatabillity. Ill reply as ive done b4.

    Astro signs, sunsigns is a itzy small teeny weeny SMIDGE of the whole. In end of the day its ot his sign u need to cop with BUT his personality. So what isan astrologer says he n u aint compatible at all, are you gonna wiped him of n say adios? Are u gonna let a good thing slip bc a compatibillity chart said no no no????

    id say meet the guy get to know him n choose BASED on his personality n not his chart

  • Hi BenteStoker...

    I am not the type to base major decisions on Astrological compatibility, yet my last relationship was with a Gemini and he was EXACTLY like all the descriptions I heard on here of Gemini men. So, I am curious about Pisces men now. I do believe that our true natures come in some part from our astrological birth alignments. In my research so far it is very apparent.

    Right now, I am just curious about anything anyone has to say about this particular matching of Scorpio/Pisces. I will absolutely judge more definitively after we spend some time together. So far, from our conversations and emails I like what I hear. Plus, I did know him before in the past, and thought he was a darling guy, even in high school... Thanks for your input!

  • Hmm, I was married to a Pisces, for almost 15 years, together for 17, and I can tell you, the sexual chemistry was great, but honestly the most horrific relationship I ever encountered. When it was good it was good, but when it was bad it was bad. To say the least, glad to have gotten away.

  • And btw I am a scorpio woman as well.

  • Hmmmm... Oh well, I know I won't always hear what I want to hear! (lol) It does have so much to do with our true nature, our origins, and our emotional development though. Any paring could work if both people are capable of functioning in a healthy way. I was starting to think it was all "Nature", not "Nurture", but now believe it's a combination of the two. How we were raised, and taught to express ourselves is a key issue too, as well as the role models we had in our lives as our personalities developed... What was it about him that frustrated you the most? So far, yours is the first negative experience I've heard, so I'm hoping for some more positive ones! Thanks for the input though... ; )

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks BenteStoker! I'll check those out... ; )

  • Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs. They are equally loyal, sensitive, and romantic. I've seen this partnership work out many times, but remember, Pisces tend to wear their heart on their sleeve, while Scorpio keeps a lot to themselves. Most problems between these two are communication ones, and can be resolved just by talking. Good luck!

  • Hi AAE, and thanks... So many people have said that Scorpios keep to themselves, but I am not the typical Scorpio. I too tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, keeping only things I am not ready to share to myself. I do need to feel trust in someone before I share though. I think my upbringing made me a more open person. (I am the youngest of 6!) So far this Pisces and I are communicating really well. Only time will tell if we are truly compatible though. We are both looking for the same thing, but are not yet sure if we are "the one" for each other...

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