Feeling really blah! Not sure what is going on

  • The month of October has been one of those months, where I just cannot seem to pull myself out of this funk I am in. I am normally a very positive, upbeat person, however, this month, I have been just almost like a depression. Will it get better? I am almost finished with my schooling, and I know that has been bothering me, about finding a career that I will enjoy and that will also bring in some substantial income. After my separating from my ex and going through the divorce I have been financially struggling, I know this normal after a split, however, buying me even a pair of socks seems to be a struggle.

    I was doing good about my decision with my friend, and letting go, but this month, I cannot shake it, I surely do miss him, and at times his presence is so strong it makes me upset to know that he is also thinking about me, considering his situation. I don't think we will ever be "just friends" without a strong attraction, and not having him to talk to I must say hurts a lot.

    Just wondering is something in the air or is it me? Will it get better?

  • well i have been feeling like that too but im not married im just lonely without him.

    your situation is much more real you need to spend sometime with him and figure out whats missing and why the marriage between you two so long gone over..if you tow still have very strong feelings for eachother then you shouldprobaly have a talk with him and figure out what;s missing how i said..

    your probaly not complete without him you need him in your life or your just probaly not usto him not being their with you.

    you two being in a marriage and now seperate is not the answer get bak with him & talk it over share all of your feelings before you think or know you want to forshure let him go.

    but as other;s say..you should move on and meet new people but to them they dont understand so i say dont move on its not easy.

    i think you will not get better until you really talk to him and figure out whats making you

    think about him and not wanting to move on.

    seem;s to me you can;t let him go so dont!

    it will get better if you two talk it over 😉

  • No, the friend is someone totally different. I do not miss my ex. Only my little girl.

  • don't worry too much. what you are experiencing is normal. you are still healing from previous events. I'm not sure what happened between you and your friend but allow yourself time to heal from your divorce because it will lead to self improvement which will only give you a sense of fulfillment. in the healing period, the universe will give you flashbacks of past memories, the period where you can learn life lessons from. Accept them as they are and learn from them, recognizing your wrongs and rights as well as others. this is the first step in healing. without recognizing the pain, you can not be healed from it. also important in this period is to avoid negative energy from the past or from others, affect you. protect yourself at all times, a mere visualization of white./ blue light around you when interacting with others (even through internet or phone) will help if you do it regularly. the universe will not send you the one you deserve or desire or the right man for you, until you are ready for him. the only way to be ready is to go through healing process, be healed and actively nurture your psyche and physic. balance is very important in order to live life fully, never forget to nurture your physical health and your psyche, for this will contribute greatly to your overall improvement.

    fear, despair, regret etc are negative and should be avoided at all cost. nobody and nothing can hurt you if you do not let them for nobody and nothing is bigger and stronger than the universe which we are all part of. abide to the universal law, send only positive thoughts and treat yourself positively, and the universe will see to it that your needs are provided. for your physical, go for routine exercises and balanced diet that you can afford. for your psyche, your link to the universe, go with what you feel/believe in. I go with yoga and meditation, you can go with anything you feel. some go with religion, some go with rituals/ mystics/pagan, some go with wicca. the universe sends so many hints for us to reach out and understand it. learn to listen and make the right choice. your happiness depends on it.

  • When is your birrthday please , your ex and your daugher's if you don't mind giving ut that infotmation. ?

  • My birthday is: 17 Nov

    Daughter 28 Sep

    Ex is that really important? LOL He is already remarried, and I have no interest with him, other than my daughter so I guess it can be important: 6 Mar

    My special friend 7 Oct

  • Leo Scorpio,

    We have been divorced for 2 separated since 2005, it has been almost 5 years, I have healed. I have mourned, I have denied I have went through every phase of the grievance process as possible. I have taken my time about getting involved with anyone, because I do not feel I am ready. Our marriage was a joke in his eyes, I sacrificed so much of myself, and knew once I got away I would take time for myself, hence that is what I am doing. I was really down about men at one point in my life, and prayed for the universe to show me that all men were not like him, because where I was most military men, thought, acted, alike, it was horrible.

    Hence I met friend, it was my decision to end it because for just friends there is a lot of love and attraction, and he is married.

    Not good to be in that sort of friendship with someone that is married. We were very close but never had physical contact other than a hug and a peck on the lips or cheek, nothing sensual or anything.

    I finally am now able to forgive myself and my ex for everything, it has been a process in itself, but I now hold no more anger or resentment. Nothing but love for he is the father of my child. I know he does not feel the same way, for he is still bitter for what reasons I have no idea. I think he resents the fact I became strong enough to get the divorce, there was a lot of abuse in that relationship, both mentally psychologically, and some physical.

    I am healed now, I gave it to the universe, and have dealt with it for this long, I know I am not ready for a relationship per se, for I want a particular person, with particular character, and qualities. I know what I want and someone who is a lot like me, as far as values, and personality, likes and someone who appreciates and values people, as I do. My friend was so much like me in so many ways but like I said I had to let it go, and I struggle with the fact that, how can someone be so positive and so supportive and so uplifting in your life yet has came at the wrong time. Ugh Life lessons.

  • Dear Dejasmum - I am so sorry you are suffering, but of course, scar-tissue on anyone's heart can fade, but never really disappears. You obviously sacrificed a lot - including day-to-day contact with your daughter - to escape your selfish ex-husband and I feel that this sacrifice is at the root of your low mood at the moment. Are you saying to yourself, "Was that sacrifice worth it?" Perhaps the answer is , "No?" Also, being a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, you tend to over-analyse each action , so much so that you sieze up and become frozen with negative emotions. Your friend is a Libran and he is about to suffer a 2 year visit from Saturn, so he is/has been incredibly hurt by your actions, even though he is married to someone else! Your daughter surely misses you too and to become closer to her, if you can, is I believe, the answer to your dilemma. My views are purely speculative of course, so please do not be offended by then...good luck!

  • I see. there is time for everything. just keep sending positive energy to everyone around you wherever you go. join in actitivities that require you to meet people - single or not, maybe go with hobbies, outdoor, something like fight for a cause (volunteer for animal shelter etc) or even spiritual group. The more you get out there the more chances you will meet the one that you desire. The universe does what it always does, and we just have to keep going when the going gets tough. because life is meant to advance, to move forward through pain and suffering and become stronger better person. you already know this. I feel that you will find the one you desire soon enough. take care.

  • High Priestess,

    Thank you so much for your speculative view, everything you said makes a lot of sense, and actually sounds just like what I have been feeling. I do over analyze everything. And it is true I do question my decisions everyday about attending graduate school here in England, but I do pray that in the end it will be worth every painful day I am away from my baby.

    Thanks so much.

  • Dear Dejasmum. You are very welcome. Good luck with the future and remember, that time both heals and reveals; nurture your little girl in your heart and tell her you love her and you will both blossom. Peace and love!

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