HELP birthday wheel spread/meaning

  • It was my 25th birthday yesterday, and this morning I decided to do a birthday spread. However I found it hard to put together some card meanings/combinations and how to interpret them... If any of you reading this has some insights to share I would be very grateful...I use RWS deck.

    1st position (What will be born): STAR + 5 WANDS + 9 PENT

    My interpretation: I will be hoping for happiness, however I will have to first go through some form of argument? or to defend my point of view?

    2nd position (What will grow without bearing fruits for now): ACE SWORDS + WHEEL FORTUNE + 2 CUPS

    My interpretation: Birth of fated relationship? Destiny/Love?

    3rd position (What will bring balance to my life): ACE PENT + 4 WANDS + 10 PENT

    My interpretation: Heritance/donation of money and family reunion

    4th position (Passions coming): 4 SWORDS + FOOL + 5 PENT

    My interpretation: I am stuck with this one... Passion for a new beginning? but which type? Why do I feel that I will need to recover and why would that be linked to passion? Moreover, I know the 5 of pentacles could indicate some sort of financial difficulty, but I also read that it can be a positive card from a relationship point of view?

    5th position (My peak events/ideas etc): 10 WANDS + 4 CUPS + 5 CUPS

    My interpretation: Overload at work (peak of activity), getting very bored and disappointed in love (peak of sadness/discontent?)

    6th position (First fruits but no harvest yet): KING WANDS + KNIGHT PENT + TOWER

    My interpretation: A business man/or entrepreneur will approach me and invite me but the result could be catastrophique? So why is it fruits I am harvesting? Should I not let this man enter my life, who is he??

    7th position (What will bring joy and cause for celebration): 6 PENT + KING CUPS + HIGH PRIESTESS

    My interpretation: generous lover? Does the high priestess mean that I do not know this man yet? or what is being kept secret?

    8th position (What will die/come to an end, what will be harvested): LOVERS + CHARIOT + HERMIT

    My interpretation: Will I break up from a lover I do not even currently have? or will I just have taken a decision concerning romantic matters? No idea what end the Chariot might bring... please help... And also end of isolation and self-reflection?

    Not a position but a message from the Tarot: Tarot blessings 'May you': 7 CUPS + SUN + EMPRESS

    May you be happy and fertile, or pregnant?

    many thanks


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