• May I please have a reading regaurding why I repel love? or when Ill find that girl, i think I have but i always thought I have? any advice?

  • Yes, just take it easy and slow. Don't go looking juist let it happened on it;s own. Jusr date and if that is the right person it will happen. Don;t fall the first person that you meet. Go with the flow. have fun doing it..

  • thanks worthy 🙂

  • For some reason your psychi is impared. You have a self esteem issue that needs to be addressed. You surround yourself with people who use you. You are dependable and predictable. Spice it up a bit. Do something to your appearance that gets you noticed even by your friends. Walk with your chin up and emit confidence. The love of your life is just around the corner. You will know her when you see her. Have fun with this. Your demeanor will change and everyone will notice.

  • thanks nmv, i just hope it can be fixed 🙂

  • hi serious7 i just wana let you now you're not alone in feling like this. i have deep rooted fear that i'll end up alone, every guy i meet never seems to wana hang around, they all seem to be after 1 thing and i cant shake the feeling that its something wrong with me, or that fate is against me. i find just trying to be positive and take things 1 day at a time helps

  • Thanks rosey,

    I feel the same way sometimes but I do understand at this point in my life im still young and have time to find the certain someone. My fear is how long will i last.

  • Dear Serious7,

    You do not have the power to repel love. No one does. It might "feel" that way, but the truth is that you are experiencing the way some people try to place their pebbles into your shoes; so that you are the one who thinks you are going crazy. It is passive/aggressive behavior designed to force you to question yourself and to deflate your self-esteem.

    There is no such thing as an ugly or repulsive personality. Every one of us has something unique and special to offer the world. In my opinion, it sounds as if you might need a day of "me time," relaxing and doing good things for yourself. Man or woman, everyone loves the way bubble baths feel pampering. Candles always help along with soothing music.

    Go for a drive in the county, listening to your favorite music and empty your mind of all of the negatives. Allow them to sail off with the wind and draw in the sweet perfume of nature to combat the weary soul and re-energize your spirit.

    Negative thinking patterns need to be replaced with positive traits you possess, and if necessary write down a list of your strengths and post them on your bathroom mirror. This way, you will be reminded that you are a person of much worth and value. Your true friends will recognize this about you. The others who try to drag you down--forget about them.

    They are emotional and spiritual vampires who only wish to drain all of your positive energy.

    Keep the Faith. Be strong in spirit. Be ever mindful of others and you will be blessed.

  • serious7 i know exactly how you feel i'm 26 and yes thats young but there's still a fear lurking in the background " how long will i last before i give up". I think firefly has brought up some very good points though, especially about others deflating your self esteem. being positive and having hope really does help. but if you're anything like me you'll know that sometimes the negative feelings and fear can get on top of you and hope is hard to find. i think the only thing you can do though is be true to yourself

  • Very true Fire. I appreciate the advice. Its getting to the point of changing the surroundings in my life, the people, the job and maybe even a big move. And rosey it does sound like we are alike. I do let that get on top of me alot latley. I just need to keep the hope alive and remember the negativity in this world is stronger than ever, and know its not just all me. But one day I just hope to find that love. 🙂 could be anywhere.

  • Yall are right 🙂

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