My father is trying to kidnap my sister's children

  • I've become drawn into a dangerous situation and need guidance & protection. After staying away from my family for over 25 years, I've been receiving calls from a half-sister I've met once in my life and she is begging for help.

    My father is on his way to see me, we believe he has her children, this is a man who should NEVER be around kids. My brother is a local cop, and exactly like his father, (how he recently passed the test, I have no idea) but he has been repremanded twice since June when he passed his test to become a cop. Brother is helping father with this and they are heading my way.

    Is there anyone who can give me a reading so I can be better prepared to deal with all of this? One of the reasons I've stayed away for so long is the chaos they bring with them everywhere. It makes me physically sick.

    7/06/1966 born 6am female

    Any help & guidance is appreciated .... Thanks

  • Let your father come to your house and call your local police. If he has kidnapped her children then report him immediately. You stayed away for good reason, no reason to get reinvolved. Your brother isnt the only police officer . SHe needs to report them missing and you need to let them no where they are. PLay nice so they actually come to your house so that the children can go back home to their mom. Good luck thats horrible. Makes me sick too.

  • I am sorry about this situation. I am sorry about this. These men dont come alone, they are having demons with them, although they are not aware of it. So it is dangerous. I think that they smoke and talk with loud voices with great confidence in that they are right.

    The girls are young, none of them teenagers I think. One of the girls has long blond hair and none of them wear glasses. So the girls are in the car with them. They are driving a car that is a bit high up, a strong car. And they drive too fast, although not without control. Your father is very confident about himself. Psychopathic, since he lacks empathy and feels that only he is right.

    He comes with confidence and strength. He is not going to give up. He is a strong person, although with that I rather mean that he comes with very strong opinions and selfconfidence. He is moving quickly and with a certain goal. He has a plan. Why is he driving to you?

    He understands that you are afraid and he enjoys it. He is even laughing. I think he is smoking while driving. And talking with a loud voice with confidence. They are listening to the radio. To music. They are enjoying themselves in a way, but it is like an adrenaline rush. Not happy in the happy term at all. They are enjoying the rush and the power. The power that they feel they have when they frighten their family. Funny, but I think they are laughing together about what they have done and what they are wanting to do.

    They want to show something. To make a point to the family.

    I think perhaps the point that they want to make is that your father should be allowed to be with the girls (or is the youngest one a boy?) and that you should have accepted to have him in his life instead of showing the cold shoulder. He is saying that he should have been allowed to have contact with his grandchildren and his daughter (you) all these years. He is angry that he has been showed so little trust. Your brother agrees.

    I dont think that they feel that they are doing something wrong. They think they are doing the right thing. They have done this to say that he has wanted to have contact with his grandchildren and with you, and he feels mistreated and misunderstood. He feels he is seen as a criminal or a bad guy, but he feels that he has just been treated badly by life and by other people.

    What he wants from you, is to let you proove to him that he is just misunderstood. But when he comes, he is not coming for a soft talk. He is coming to tell you how unfair he thinks you have been to him. He is angry that he is so misunderstood. When he comes, he comes to accuse you for treating him badly, by thinking badly of him.

    I dont think their intentions are to kill anyone or be violent in a physical way, just to make a point. Although it could be dangerous because they think that they are right in what they are doing, and that everybody else are wrong. And dangerous because what they are doing is frightening your sister and you and the girls.

    Please call the police for help. A professional. One who can guide these men out from doing more harm. With anger and fear and frustration in the air, there is need for a person whom is calm and relaxed (!). Yes, relaxed. But what they are doing requires strength in the way that you dont panick. Dont panick. Call the police and explain the situation. The girls need to come out from this situation with minimum amount of stress.

    I dont know if I have told you the truth, since I am just trying. So please excuse me if I am wrong. Call the police.

    I dont think you are prepared for a calm and good talk with your father. He is not good. He is too much confident that he is right. That is very dangerous, because he might just become more aggressive when you or someone is trying to explain him otherwise.

    Sorry for what you and your family is going through. Sorry about that. But remember to not panick, because fear is as dangerous as anger.Stay calm and trust that there will be a good outcome of this. Stay calm and call the police and explain them the situation.

  • Hi Hanged Woman,

    Thanks so much for all of your insight and advice. You hit on a lot of things that were right on and gave me much to think about. I am prepared with the police here on this end and have advised my sister and she has people watching on her end.

    I will try not to panic, fear is not good for this situation. I will do the best I can to help contain him here until the proper people can become involved. As soon as he leaves the state (MN) with the children, both boys, one 10, one 6, to come here (Maine) he has broken the law. We have all of his plate numbers. If he shows up here, the proper authorites will be waiting.

    I will keep praying for strength, as I haven't faced him in a very long time. Not sure why he is comming here. I turned him in the last time we spoke, so, maybe there is a part of him that knows he is out of control and he knows I won't cover for him. Not sure, but only time will tell. He is due to be here any day, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks you so much for your time and wisdom.


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