What Do The 'Shivers' Mean?

  • Hi All,

    I have a question that I feel a little silly asking but I am so curious. Sometimes when I think of the man I love I get a deep shiver/shuddering that goes through my body, I mean I physically shiver and shudder and get this weird feeling through my body.

    The first thing that comes to my mind is that he is thinking of me too at that time.

    Is that really what happens or just my "over-active imagination"? I am really interested to hear your take on this.

    Blessings - Wenchie 🙂

  • I think that could be a possibility. I have had experiences when I have thought of my father and my mother would at the same time and at the same time we could get this sensation through our legs. It is possible that he is connected to you and the feeling of acknowledging that is intense. Or maybe the thought of him so is strong it sends a physical reaction through your body. If it a good sensation, well then these are good, powerful emotions. If it is uneasy, then this might be a warning that you should be watching out with this man. It is possible to be physically connected though, even while far apart, I do believe that.

    Universal Harmony

  • Thanks Universal Harmony, I keep being told we have a strong spiritual connection from psychics. I don't get the feeling every time I think of him, but often enough. It is a good sensation though, not a bad or uneasy sensation.

  • I am glad it is a good connection. Then I think you are right and the psychics are right, that the connection is definitely there. Physical connections can be great 😃

  • It feels good. I only ever get it when I'm thinking of him, no one else. Just wish we were properly together, it's a bit 1 step forward, 2 steps back at the moment, but I'm being patient (trying to be!!!!) and hanging in there!

  • OHHH Wenchie that sounds delicious! You must be connected spritually or maybe is soul recognition from another life, i read a post like this yesterday on another site. Sounds yummy if you know what i mean. Good for you!

  • Hey Poetic555,

    It is nice, but at the same time, when it happens it makes me realise how much I miss him! Double edged sword deal if you know what I mean. I would be interested in reading what they had to say of the the post on the other site. Could you please tell me where you read it?

    Thanks - Wenchie 🙂

  • I hate to ruin the spiritual mood, but I get shivers when I think of someone i'm attracted to, too, and it has a lot more to do with hormones then it does with spiritual connections ; )

  • I like this topic. I feel real connected to my not so there guy and have beeen told the same thing about us being connected. Alot of times I know when hes gonna call me and we communicate with each other in dreams sometimes. Just wish more of that would happen in real life. Do you ever think you know what hes feeling or thinking when this happens? We can read each others minds sometimes, finishing each others sentences and such. But we are not together so I try to not read into it too much because that makes it painful. ITs tough to know sometimes whats imaginary and whats real with these men. Good luck to you, your a sweetie Wenchie.

  • Wenchie I would like to know if the guy that gives you the shivers is the Taurus you were talking about on another thread? The reason I am asking this is you said he gave you mixed messages. Is this the same guy?

  • MariaRia, I will keep that in mind! There can be both physical and spiritual reasons for lots of things or just one or the other. I'm exploring all possibilities!!! 🙂

    Lovinmylife, thank you for the compliment! I think you are a beautiful soul too! I don't know what he is thinking at that time, but quite often I know when I am going to hear from him. I'll get a feeling that I'll hear from or see him during the day and then later on.....I will.

    LibrasLair, yes.....the same guy. I keep being told patience.....he's real slow to move, he's been very hurt in the past and takes him time to trust. I have tried to walk away and forget about him, but can't and keep being pulled back to him and I think the same thing happens for him. I believe he feels the connection like I do. So....I'm hanging in there. It keeps coming up that we are spiritually connected and do have a future together and because I'm also Taurus and VERY patient and determined to see it through, I just keep on living my life while he sorts himself out. He is Taurus, Cancer moon and rising sign and I am Taurus, Virgo moon and rising sign, so not a bad combo. But apart from all that, there is just something about this guy and I can't really put my finger on it, but I am attracted to him on every level and just can't get him out of my head!!!! This guy is a really good guy underneath, worth the wait! (And I'm just a complete sucker!!!! 🙂 )

  • Hi Wenchie,

    That also happens to me when I am thinking of someone. But it could also be that someone from the otherside is with you when that also happens.

    Sparklingsoul 🙂

  • Hi Sparklingsoul,

    That is an interesting thought, I hadn't considered that because it only happens when I think of R, not when I think of anyone else. Is this there way of telling me this guy is for me??!!!!! 🙂

  • Wenchie the reason I was asking is that I am sure you realize since your also a Taurus that they love to be the rescuer. And if I read and remember right you were coming out of a divorce and were feeling quit bad about it. So that may have had something to do with the draw in the beginning. I also am still married to a Taurus but we haven't seen each other since 04'. We had a very strong connection and I knew we had been together before and not in this life time. He has abilities that I didn't have and so he was a teacher for me. I had friends who told me that as long as I needed him we were ok but as I became more open and picked up on what he was doing while out on the road driving truck he was afraid I would feel what he was doing. Also he used my messages as his own when he delivered them. In the end of our relationship I had been told he wasn't being faithful and my guide was having to be point blank with me so I would get it. Little messages weren't getting threw to me. The point I want to make is he was rescuing women out on the road and then taking the opportunity to be unfaithful. I know several Taurus men just like that. They are kind and caring and love to rescue. Not a bad thing if they want to be free as a bird I guess. But not good when they are married. It was my experience with my husband as well as many of my friends husbands. Just be careful it was a very strong connection for me also. And I had a strong empathic connection with him as well. If he hurt anywhere on his body I did too. Cancer isn't patient either and its your rising sign. Taurus is so you are being pulled. I can do a spiritual path for you and you'll find my address on one of these threads. I think its the one about Libras. Take care and move slow. Wishing the best for you.

  • Ok I just saw your Virgo rising. Well they are very opinionated also and want things their way. Not very patient. Move easy. Sorry I see his moon was in Cancer.

  • That happens to me at times with my friend, and the odd thing is I could be doing something such as work, or dishes and get that feeling, its wonderful when I get that way, but sad because like Wenchie we cannot be together. It's like a warm feeling throughout your body, nobody has ever made me feel that way.

  • awe dejasmum, I remember you. How are you doing?

  • Thanks for your offer LibrasLair, I will try to find your old post and send you an email.

    I think for us, we both get to rescue each other in a sense!!!! To be honest, he really doesn't know that much about what goes on in my life or my marriage/divorce or about my ex or the problems I have had with the ex. I have kept him and the rest of my life quite separate. He knows that I am VERY independent.

    I am sorry that your husband was the cheating kind, I could't put up with that either. Both R and I are not the cheating type, in fact his last serious girlfriend cheated on him and it devastated him. He is the solid, reliable, dependable type who isn't into cheating and I am very confident about that. For both of us it is about learning to trust again.

    Talk soon! 🙂

  • BTW.....I did post a little more about him and our situation on " How Do We Let Go Of These Men We Are Obsessing Over????" thread.

    Ahhhh men, can't live with them and can't live without them!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Yes but isn't it fun!

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