How long does it take for a reading to go in effect?

  • Readings are not meant to make anything happen. They are answers to questions, not a solution to a problem or something that will make anything manifest in the future. It is all within you. When you do a reading, if you say it looks that in about a month or so you will be hearing from this man, alright, then perhaps in a month or so you will. But if you pick up the phone and call him now because you decided you did not want to wait that long, that would change the future of the reading. We are all able to change outcomes of readings we do for ourselves and others. They are supposed to be a glimpse into what may come and offer answers or solutions for you to use to fix or improve the situation. For example, If you ask When Will I Find my True Love? And you pull one card and the answer is Temperance. This shows the need for patience, you may not find your true love anytime soon. It means you have to look within yourself, work on loving and improving your qualities from within so they can shine through and draw a true love to you. This definitely takes time. If you take the cards advice and work really hard in doing this, you will find a true love sooner than you thought the card may have said. If you do not listen and you don't do any of those things, you may find many relationships, but none will be true love. You may never find your true love unless you heed the advice given. It is all up to you, we have destiny, but we have the power to direct our future in ways that would benefit us rather than harm us. So if you have a prediction with a time result that is longer than you would like, what do you have to do to cut that time down? Or maybe, what do you have to do to learn patience and make the time pass without worrying about it to much? I hope this helps.

    Universal Harmony

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