Paranormal places around the world

  • Hey everyone!

    I figured out I should open a this kind of topic cause I couldn't find anything relevant on the forum. I would like to receive roundups from you about any strange, paranormal places around the world, about which you have knowledge.

    Because I have started this topic I will go first. I will shortly present you one of Romania's most mystical place. I` talking about the "Baciu" forest, near Cluj-Napoca. The “Hoia-Baciu” forest, or better known as simply “Baciu” forest, situated near Cluj-Napoca, is probably one of the most mysterious places in Romania. There have been a lot of rumors about this mystical forest, rumors which contest or approve the paranormal statute of this place. Some of the tourists which have visited this beautiful landscape had encounter paranormal things in various unexplainable forms.

    You can read more details about this place and phenomena here:

    Finally I wait the places you know about or even visited which has a mystic aura. Links are welcomed too of course.

  • I will add your blog to favorites. I probably have a few places I can share with you but only from what I heard. I was told I have not reached the level of spirituality needed to communicate with the spirits in places like this and so I have not attempted it. When the time comes I will.

    I have to do a certain ceremony that may take a few weeks if not months. I will be entering a preparation period soon, per my mentors instruction. When all this is done, I will be writing to you about these places. Maybe on the forum or as blog comments.

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