What to do??????

  • Been talking to a guy that I use to work with for a year now. Recently he gave a old cell phone to my daughter for her to use. She notice some old text messages still in the phone, she showed them to me and they were from a female asking him do he love her and is he in love with her. Also she was telling him she loves him (they were dated Sept. 08) When I confronted him about the texts he thought they were before we started talking, when I told him the date he said that his brother also used the phone. Always had a feeling he was seeing someone else but didn't want to accuse him because of my past relationship (being insecure). My past relationship I was with him for 9 yrs and he cheated throughout the relationship. So now do I continue as if I never seen the texts or what?? Really need advice......has fallen in love with this guy.

  • unless u want more of the same move on

  • I am one advocate for love but not lies. I concur with Llib. Steer away from this one, I feel he's not being honest and is not worthy of your trust. Sorry, it's not what you want to hear. But going through another heartache is even tougher. Ask for better, raise your standards on what you want, you'll get it. I did. Blessings.

  • Sry, havent been on lately, thanks for the suggestions. Well he has did a disappearing act on me, havent seen him since Dec. 18 and havent talk to him since Dec.24. When I text or talk to family members they just say that he is okay and leave it at that. I'm really like confused and hurt that he really couldnt have been man enough to let me know something, I think I would of been able to handle it much better than I am. Its really hard especially when you are in love with the person. So right now Im just trying to move on (not by talking to someone else) but to get over him.

  • Dear Inailz, it is very hard. It's even more incredibly difficult to move one without any explanations or reasoning of any sort. Somehow though, we simply have to learn that some people are not worth it. They are not worth constantly doubting yourself, feeling insecure and spending your moments with them wondering about who they're thinking about.

    It is like Sarah Starfish said -it is highly important that you raise your standards now. Look for someone who can help you feel more confident about yourself, by showing devotion, love, and most importantly, an openness and honesty in which you deserve.

    I feel for you Inailz, but you will be able to be stronger from this and in moving on. You are obviously better than this man, and deserve a much much more secure relationship. This isn't to say you need be more paranoid, only in that from this you should walk away from these feelings from him in having learnt a lesson. That being you deserve the truth in all situations of any relationship, you deserve a loving man, one who appreciates all you have and you for you.

    He, as demonstrated by his cheating, cowardly behaviour, that you spoke of, was never going to make you happy and least of all content. And in an ideal relationship, that is what you should be looking for...

    I hope you realise that you are not only strong, but will oneday feel this strength, in having ended these two damaging and wearing relationships with your dignity about you.

    I hope you find someone that will forever love you


  • Thank u so much sugarpop!!!!! I also hope to find a man to love me the way I deserve to be loved.

  • Tja is really bad to be in love. I know, that madness and he is so unthankful and talks and more with other women. You can have a loose on off relationship with him, you can have him perhaps as a friend and that is it. You have to look out to find someone for a proper close relationship and take him as a fun person and friend. You know you are lucky you still can talk to him!!!

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