What is this dream telling me??

  • It was a party going on. there was my ex with his girlfriend. she looked amazing compare to what she is in the reality. I couldn't recognize his face but i knew was him. I left the party with a girl and go somewhere to drink beer, ...while drinking I was feeling like i had to go and take care of my son, but something was holding me against my desire, ...lastly, my ex shows up and chats with me...he tells me that he was missing at the party too, ...then weirdly we both were walking next to each other...it was a nice city view in front of us, ...quite unexpectedly I felt his arm on my shoulder while we kept walking....his arm was very heavy and i had to kind of bend a little my head on his chest,

    ...after few seconds i put my arm on his back like accepting him or something....kind of feeling more than seeing.

    any thought is appreciated,

    best a

  • it was his left arm

    thank you

  • Well, the first part about the new girlfriend looking amazing, better than in real life shows a bit of insecurity with his new girlfriend. You may feel you don't quite stack up or she has something you don't, or maybe you are acknowledging that your ex may think that and it is hard to understand why. The part about wanting to leave to take care of your child while drinking, maybe your mind is just letting you know you are still a responsible parent (some issues revolving questioning of that maybe? just speculation), you won't jeopardize your child's safety just to satisfy your own desires. The next part about you two being together, apart from the party and then walking together shows a desire to maybe make amends. Talk and finally put some resolution that has been missing from the situation. I also see this as prophetic in a bit. A dream showing you the future if you went back to your ex. The view is great and you are walking together, but he is weighing you down and you have to adjust uncomfortably just to make it work. You reach out to him afterwards, to balance things out, but it is inconvienant for you. I think your subconcious is telling you though you may be thinking of your ex, thoughts of getting back together will not end well. You know this and maybe your dreams are reminding you. If you are looking for clarity, approach him through an email or something impersonal (not a phone call). Don't push for answers or ask things that you know will only open old wounds and hurt you more. This is just my take on what this dream may mean.

    Universal Harmony

  • Universalharmony, thank you a lot. very helpful!

    best, a

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