Strange calls

  • So lately i have been getting these weird calls to my cellphone. The number comes up as private (which means the caller is deliberately blocking their number) They listen and do not say anything until I hang up. I have gotten quite a few of these in the last few weeks. Can anyone see or anything as to who might be behind this? I called my phone company and I cannot block the calls without an actual number. Its very unsettling so any insight would be deeply appreciated.

  • Oh yuck. Jungle Bunny, I'm sorry, I am not psychic and can not tell you who is behind the calls and why but i certainly empathize and hope someone gives you a helpful reply. Silent phone calls are creepy. Have you tried talking with the caller and asking who they are? What time do most of these calls occur by the way? I hope this gets resolved for you. xx

  • they occur at different points in the evening and afternoon

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