Another dream! :)

  • This seems to be turning into the dream forum! Anyway, just kind of curious about the symbolism of this one.

    I had been off and on seeing somone a few yeasr ago but he seemed very hesitant to take anything forward other than friendship, flirting and occasional kiss. I really really liked him but knew that foir whatever reason, he liked me too but not as much as I liked him as he never really went for things with me and alwasy made sure we were "safe" and surrounded by friends when we were together. Yeah, i got the message and it kind of hurt but anyway, one night I dreamt that he was in my room. The light in the room was all golden and he was kneeling at my bed and holding my hand. I woke up just positive that dream menat we were to be together!!! 🙂

    By the way, nothing futher ever happened with this guy and we have both gone our meery ways but I always puzzled about that dream. It seemed so sigificant but....obviously THAt didn't work out. Anyway, even though it's in the past I'm still kind of curious and any inettpretations would be kind of cool.

    thanks! xx

  • It seems to me, that this dream meant giving up of binding relationship, coming to a stage of love.

    Real love is free, without expectations and clingings, a state of love which is more friendship than relationship. A glimpse for you what could be, if you could be just in this state in your waking life.

  • Very interesting. Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I hate to break the mold here, lol but frued would tell you that all dreams are simply some form of wish fulfilment...

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