Dream interpretation PLZ


    Could someone plz help me figure this dream out???

    Today I had a very weird dream. Ok I remember being in an underground facility with 3 of my little cousins, my sister, brother, and my dog. The place had lots of rooms with stairs going up and down. There were only two floors underground. In some of the rooms there were police men guarding the place. I have no idea how we got in there but I was trying to get everyone out. Since I was the oldest one I had the obligation to get them to safety. We then came across many of these rooms with police men in them. Each time we found them we would run to get away from them. There were lots of small tunnels as well. We were actually going around in circles because we kept on getting into the same room with the mean looking police man. The stairs had wholes on them. We had to jump them to get to the other side. I would help my cousins and brothers cross and then I would jump. Sometimes I had to go back to get my dog because he would fall behind. Even though I was afraid to go back I just had to go get him to cross. For some reason I felt that we were being chased the whole time. In one of the rooms I found my band teacher. She’s not my teacher anymore. I don’t know what she was doing there but she looked kind of mean. I decided to take my people out of there. I told them to run and so we got out of the room. Again we passed through the same stairs, tunnels, and doors. And again we came across the same room but my teacher was not there anymore. A police man was in her place. He captured some of my people. I felt as if he wanted to hurt us. Then my band teacher saved us from him. She told him to stop. She then took us to the upper floors of the building. This building had many floors. She took my younger cousins, brother, and sister to a kid’s room. Since I was older she was going to take me somewhere else along with these two other guys who were related to me but that I don’t remember. My teacher took us to this empty room with a small window that was positioned low on the wall. I saw I lady hanging from a rope. She was there ready to help us jump out the window. I thought my band teacher wanted to kill us so I ran out of the room. I somehow managed to get out of the building. Outside I could see old run down houses with tagging on them. I walked down this slope towards a river. The river looked calmed; it was green in color but also white. I could not see the bottom of the river because the water was white with some green spots. There was also a waterfall. I jumped to the river and dived way from everything. I didn’t go too far. I climbed to the surface and stepped on thorns that injured my right foot. I then saw my band teacher looking through a window. She looked sad and worried. I thought on going back because I missed my brothers and cousins and because for some reason at this point I noticed that my teacher was just trying to help me. I then saw that my teacher’s son (who was in the form of a cartoon character I recognized) was worried about his mom being sad. So he decided to go rescue me. For some reason that’s how I felt, as if he rescued me. He took his speedboat and went searching for me. He was all cool and quiet. I don’t know why but I decided to steal his parachute to escape from him. I put the parachute on as a backpack then jumped to the river. That was just a trap from him, he then held on to the rope that the parachute had and tied it to his speedboat. He then drove his speedboat opening the parachute and making me float up. We got to the surface. I think he carried me in his arms and took me back to the building. I then went inside the room where my brother, sister and cousins were sleeping in. I saw them all perfectly fit in a huge bed. At this point a noticed it was night already and that my cousins and bros were cartoon characters from many different cartoons. I was also a cartoon character (called Naruto). I was happy to see them. I crawled into the bed and since there was no more space a got cozy on top of one of my cousins. Then I remember seen this cartoon character jumping in too and making himself comfortable.

    Does anybody knw what his dream is telling me???

    Help will be very much appreciated

    Oh i also had this dream 2 nights ago:

    Ok, I remember some pieces from this dream.

    I think I was driving on a freeway. I remember going through different highways, there were lots of them. I think at some point I got kind of lost but then found my way home. I got home and found my mother in the kitchen. I think she was cleaning up. I then saw my pet (a black dog with white paws and stomach, his name is Emo) but he was in the form of two rats. Yes! He was actually two rats, each representing his 2 halves. The rats were just like him in color but the creepy thing is that instead of having rat faces the rats only had one huge eye covering what would be their faces. Still, since I was dreaming I thought it was normal. So this man carrying a case came to my house. Apparently he was an inspector. He was inspecting my house. He then saw my pet and told me to get rid of him. I think my mom told me to kill him and through him in the trash. I didn’t want to kill because I love my pet. I then took one of the two rats and put him in the refrigerator. I was like trying to save him. I then told my mom that I wasn’t going to kill the other rat. My mom then stepped on it and killed it. There was a pile of trash in the floor so I had to painfully sweep him with the other trash and put everything in the trashcan.



  • THe second dream sounds as if you are feeling like something precious to you is being treated as insignificant, unworthy, dirty, or "Trash".

    The first dream,

    Stairs going up indicate that you have the opportunity to elevate yourself, the fact that you're in a prison situation indicates that you may be feeling trapped, and then, you get out and your rescuer is actually your captor, could indicate that you're confused about who to trust.

    Look at situations in your life that involve work, trust, and upward mobility. Situations that remind your of these symbols may have "holes" in the process of moving upward. Advance with full caution, watch your step, and you'll bring your whole band of 'people' with you.

    hope this helps.

    love and light.

    susan D

  • CrabbyTycoon

    First of all i want to deeply thank you for taking your time to read my long dreams.

    Your interpretations are actually accurate. I do feel like something precious is being treated as insignificant and i think that's referring to my heart and feelings. Here at home i feel like no one understands me, like i have no body to share my thoughts and feelings with. A feel trapped like i cannoy be myself. Like im alone on this Earth, but then i think of my creator and my spirit helpers and a little light comes to my life, but then again i fall into depression and anxiety. This happens all the time and sometimes i just want to give up but my strong spirit doesnt let me. I feel like if i give up i will betray myself and God.

    I thank you again for the wonderful help.

    Blessings, peace and love

  • No, sweety, don't give up, whatever you do.

    Here's a little something I like to tell myself. It keeps me going when it looks bad.

    "There's nothing to quit. I want to quit, but there's nothing to quit. I can't quit being me, I can't quit quitting, and I am not about to quit loving the people I love. So if there's nothing to quit, then it just makes sense to keep going, keep doing what I'm doing."

    You can also try some energy healing techniques, to help with anxiety and depression. Contact me, and I'll help as much as I can.

    susan (@) susan(-)denham.com (take out the parentheses, and that's my email address)

    Love and light to you, keep going, girl.

  • Thank you again for the wonderful help.

    I read your message and it really inspired me. I live out of inspiration. Inspiration is like my energy drink, it keeps me going with everything i've got. I love the quote you wrote. Thank you for sharing your light with me and everyone in Tarot.com. Healing techniques? That sounds great! I would love your help. Thank you once again.

    Blessings, peace and love!

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