Libran men and physical beauty

  • Hello lovely libras

    I am a cancerian woman I have libra as my rising sign and my moon sign (my venus is in gemini and my mars in leo).

    So, I have just started seeing a wonderful libran man but I am worried about him seeing my body as it is covered in scars and cellulite (lots of operations and yo-yo dieting!) I look after myself in other ways though, good skin, etc.

    Anyway, what I want an opinion on is: do I tell him about my body hang ups and fears that he will find me disgusting before we get intimate. Or do just act like I love my body, I am a goddess and he is one lucky man ; ) !

    all the best and many thanks

  • Hi

    Despite being female i can tell u men when they see u naked they dont see ur bodyflaws they see you and only you.

    is that aint reasurrence tell him of it n that it makes u insecure n scared. Thats another thing, men are NOT, as said by popculture, mindreaders!!!!

    Last thing that may help, believe it or not, men also has bodyflaws they aint happy about.

  • HI, just wanted to add to what Bente already said....

    I think that most people find flaws endearing. i would feel too intimidated to be with someone who is perfect! If I like someone and then find out about some little insecurities they have, this makes me just like them even more as they become "real". I say, just know that you are special and amazing despite any of your perceived "flaws". I believe the flaws are what make us so loveable.

    Also, I am a libra and my last serious boyfriend was a libra. He was so handsome and also one of the kindest most understanding people i could ever hope to know. My goodness, i could be just horrible acting and could also LOOK horrible (like first thing in the morning) and he always loved me. No matter what. In the beginning, I kept waiting for him to drop me! He was very good looking and so charming that I was sure he would go off me and find someone else..... but he only seemed to see my best qualities. I also learned from him as we became more serious as I noticed that he chose to only see the best in just about everyone. I don't know if that is typical Libra male behavior or not but that is my best Libra male experience I can offer.

    I say, be proud of who you are...flaws and all! I'm sure it will all work out wonderfully! x

  • well ok lets see here.................. ok i have been dealing with libra girl that very insecure about her looks BUT SO AM I, so if hes the great guy you think he is he could care less about flaws like scars, and even stretch marks!!! even if you have never had a kid people get them, me and my brother both have them(around 14 we stayed up all night over summer and just ate everything) and have more than the normal person(trust me) and i worry people will think thats weird, but honestly i know once people get to know me they will like me for who i am, not markings on body, and yes maybe ask him about his insecurities and prolly make you feel comfortable to tell him about yours, everybody has insecurities even MODELS that think there fat!!!??? like really? lol sounds stupid but it happens,

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