Need help from a real physic anyone PLZ help me

  • i was dating a virgo man for almost two yrs i a PROUD cancerian lady dumped him last week cuz he as usual was ignoreing me for nothing and i keep thinking he was cheating on me if he was who is this lady and what is goin on just i wanna kno everything and ANYTHING about her and him and why they did this to me and what will ever happen to him and my love life im so desperate i have been racking my mind for a loong time over this it started him treating me bad for no reason this yr when i was already goin through too much and i was alwyz there for him so i was shockked when he was never there for me ignoreing me for nothing it just really hurts and is karma gunn eVER come back to him for how he treated me cuz i hope so it makes me so mad cuz caused me all this pain n hell for what ? NOTHIng i feel like i wasted two yrs of my life and i am only 22 and i could of been dating around and u kno found the RIGHT one but maybe he is the right one im just confused? and hes confused ? or idk will he ever really miss me i need sum serious advice and SERIOUS insight not playing please take this serious cuz i am very serious thankyou ! ,Bree

  • briibrii09,

    he is not the right one and he is not confused.

    Go on your own way, against the expectations of others and follow your existential feelings.

  • basically is wat im doin 4 rite now but thanks n why u think hes not confused ? do u know this for a fact? why do u think or say he is not the one just wondering ,bree

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