I keep getting some of the same cards over and over...

  • Invariably when I do a reading for myself the Devil comes up as quite often does judgement too, no matter the focus of the question and I was wondering if anyone could advise me as to why this might be happening?

  • Well,

    Just on the subject of recurring cards. How often are you or some one else reading your cards?

    If you ask the same or similair questions you will likely get the recurring cards. You are the same person, right? So, you get similar or the same cards again.

    Try only asking the same question monthly or as some would same a lunar cycle. Some thing dramtic has to happen for the cards to change that fast.

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    Peace and Unity

  • I find our life flows in cycles, how long each cycle lasts iis a mystery to me. If you keep getting reapeating cards which is normal I would then ask the another question and draw another cards. The question should be somthing like. Ok I keep getting this card what is the lesson to be learned form it. Mediation does well here. Then draw another cards.

    Hope this helps!


  • I get the same cards as well, 10 of swords and Death in the same position in the spread as well. The interpretation is my old life has come to a end and is about rebirth into a new one but I have to be aware of a past scarring in my old life that can hold power now.

    That really is the power of Tarot - if you ask a similar question and you get the same answer what is the mystery, the answer does not fundamentally change - if you got different cards every time that would prove that Tarot is ramdom and not worth listening to.

    By the way a 14 year relationship has come to an end (death) and I am in a relationship with a girl I first fell in love with 20 years ago but hurt me then (Soft picean theat I am) we have both grown considerable emotionally, spiritually and we have nothing but joy being to gether - however she is my 10 of swords as she is my history that hurt me.

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