Aquarian Men???

  • I see a lot of complaints about Cancer men, Aquarian men are me.

    You don't know whether your here or there with them.

    They give you the cold shoulder 4 no reason.

    They drive me nuts!!

    Well 1 does but still.

  • lol I love em!

    call him out on his cold shoulder...also try returning his "aloofness" with affection...they tend to open up on accident that way. lol ...Their not mean you know its just the "from another world thing"

  • they are quite a question mark... but one i have in mind is shaping up nicely, we'll see (smile)

  • calil what your sign?

  • I dated an Aquarian man back in the 80's and instead of telling me straight out that he wanted to end our relationship the BOY tried to set me up with another guy and accuse me of playing on him. Of course I realized what he was doing and kicked him to the curb FIRST much to his surprise! This is the same guy who brought his other gf to my house pretending that she was his sister. Unfortunately I didn't learn my lesson that time and dated another Aquaman who got another woman pregnant while dating me. I think I'll stick with Leos!!

  • Pretty much most of the Aqaua man that I do know cheats, But I heard they where good lovers. Don;t know. I am an Aqua women.

  • Oh I've called him on his cold shoulder and give him all the affection I can cause he has poor judgement in friends so I want to be there 4 him cause I know he'll need someone with a mind for better judgement 1 day.

    He's a flirt but so am I so I can't say too much about

    I love him death but his Aquarian ways drive me nuts.

    I have friends who are Aquarians as well and they drive me nuts on an equal level but I love them all.I seem to attract Aquarians to me.

  • Taurusgirl, try and read all about Aquarius, Very interesting comments. I have never been involved with an Aqua man. But there is one that is interested in me. I will not give this man the time or day. Heck he's married. His B'day is 1/20. Married maen are not my thing. Besides I'm all wrapped up with an Gemini. Love this guy.

  • they are good in bed! you heard right.

  • KarmaComa I hope

    Been celibate for more than 2 yrs.By choice and by fate too.

    Needed to sort myself out.

  • mmmm im jealous! lol you will have fun...make sure he knows, that will intrigue him (always a good them especially with aquarius) he'l make it worth your while.

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