Ryans in jail, now what?

  • He relapsed, he got caught, now hes in jail, (best place for him I think) ... and when he gets out he will be homeless...Im worried for him! were will he live...will he end up on the street! how long might he be in jail?

  • Dear Karmacoma

    He chose his path. His relapse shows he hasent faced rock bottom to change his ways. I fear if u allow him to b in ur life still he will take u down with him.

    I think his re arrest back to jail is a sign for u to cut ur losses n move on.

    Say thanx for what he taught u but sever the ties n move on. I know it will hurt but the consequences if u dont will be huge. Ur very life depends upon this.

    Thats what i hear from guides n angels of urs. Take the advice hon!

  • Thank you...I am only following my heart...I know all about the rock bottom thing I say the same all the time...but its another to picture someone that you love living on a street cornor...I'd like to say...I dont know...I hope he is in jail for a long time, that is his only chance...thanks again 🙂

  • yw sweetie!

  • This is so wierd.. My fiancee's name is Ryan and he just got arrested. I'm trippen on if were talkin about the same man. Haha this is some wierd shit cause its the same situation. When he gets out he's gonna be living with me, and were getting our life right together.

  • lol it better not be the same man! or me and you can not be friends. lol Well good luck to both of you. ; - )

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