• I've noticed that ppl on here offer readings then stop.

    As a female sharman I don't think this is a nice thing to do because some of us don't have abilities that others have and need information and advice.

    I'm an empath but I'm not yet a medium or have clairvoyance that I know how to use yet.

    If you want to help then help but saying I'm doing readings then no I'm not doing them now isn't nice at all.

  • everyone needs a break. I don't know who you are talking about but now and then I think we are all entitled for a break. I don't offer readings but I can imagine that giving too many readings in a day can exhaust someone's psyche.

  • I have a thread where I offered readings on here and I really love the help others and work on my gift. But after 26 pages of requests for readings and answering a lot of requests, it gets very tiresome. Add on that I am a student, I have four kittens to care for, a younger sister currently going through the college decision process, and I am trying to manage a new business I have started, sometimes you have to know when to take a break. This is not just me either. As leoscorpion said, many people on here need to stop because it gets draining and life calls. That does not mean they will not offer their help again in the future. No one can help everyone. As an empath you should understand how drained some of us get. And, you are more than welcome to give readings to others in those threads as well and help them with your advice.

  • taurusgirl1974: Your critisism reveals that you think that those who can help, dont need help themselves. Everybody needs help. Everybody. Absolutely everybody. You seem to think that to be able to help people makes us gods in the terms that we are receiving abundance and all we have to do is share it. This is in fact true, but many of the people who ask for help are not even receptive for help, because they have not opened up for change within themselves. So what is the point of "helping" when they just continue on the same wrong path. It is draining to see that people dont believe in themselves or in the Creator, that the Light is not there for them, too. The light is for everyone, not just for a few blessed. Those few are blessed because they have walked the right path. And to explain the right path to people is important, but when people dont believe that they can change and improve themselves and their lives, it is difficult to be helpful,

    In order to give, one must receive. It says in the Bible that we should open up for the Light, surrender to it and let it fill us and nurture us, heal us and build us up. Then we should let the light beam out from us, then we should share the light with other people. But it is not possible to give and give without receiving. And the receiving is something we must let happen. So when we "give" when we are empty. the help we give does not help. So you should not critisise people as if they are not human. We are all human, and need to help ourselves in order to be able to help.

  • It might be a good idea to take a local class to help understand and broaden your skills. Spiritual study institutes can be found in most cities.

  • TaurusGirl1974,

    The problem is when people ask the same question over and over again on, start numerous posts themselves then also ask the same question on every other post on the go as well and refuse to accept the answers they have been given (by people freely giving their time, energy and insight out of the goodness of their heart) because it is not what they want to hear.

    Then old posts are found where people like Universal Harmony have offered readings and EVERYONE wants a reading, i have seen it, hundreds of them. Where do you draw the line, because everyone is quick to take advantage of a free reading? I personally would be exhausted to do all those readings, on top of my fulltime job, kids and everything else going on in my life that no one else would be aware of necessarily on this site. I too, am unable to do readings at this stage, it is not part of my developed abilities. My gift at this time seems to lay in healings and I give healings to others. I do often get a good feeling/intuition for others when reading posts, but not enough to give a descriptive reading.

    Please, I know you are wanting answers, as we all are, but please understand that sometimes the universe is not going to give you the answer that you seek, as things are still to unfold. Not only that, sometimes you are being asked to look within for your answer, not rely on others to tell you what you want to hear, that serves no purpose at all.

    If you are truly desperate for an answer, there are others sites you could go to, to have a reading with a professional psychic.......there is a site advertised on that you could try - please go to . The good people on this forum are not professionals, they are purely giving their own insight out of the goodness of their hearts. It may not be what you want to hear, perhaps the time has come to pay for a psychics advice and insight, you may then value it more.

  • Why is everyone against Taurus gril?

    I think that even though I can agree 100% with her she has a point.

    It is not fair for the rest of the people that did not receive a reading to NOT get one.. Just because you got your question at the end .. and the current psychic is tired of more readings... it does not make it right.

    Hi Wenchie- it is really good to see you are UP and Running..

    However, I must say that I do disagree with the paid psychic solution... I do not think that just because you pay these psychics are more qualified than the readers on this site. Sorry I spent hundreds of dollars on some psychics that TOLD me NOTHING ;

    I just want to add this in here, because a lot peple can spend their money for nothing...

    Ok- that is all what I wanted to say- wishing everyone the best!!

    Kisses to Wenchie XXO

  • Sorry- the first line should say: I cannot agree 100%

  • I don't believe that someone who is so focused on themselves will get opened very soon. You will open and receive when your time is right. And until you walk in the shoes of someone who is offering free readings and how much they give of themselves I think your pretty selfish. They have lives too. And families, friends and their own mental health to take care of. Until you change your attitude your road to understanding may be very long and for not.

  • Maybe your an empath so you will feel how other feel going through life and dealing with what you are given in order to evolve.

  • LibrasLair: I love what you are saying. In my opinion the truth, because I do think it is selfish to critisise someone for not giving readings after 34 readings and a week with just trying to help.

  • I think we can see young souls compared to old souls and it has nothing to do with the age of a body.

  • hahahha...pple...pls relax

    i think each and everyone of us have our stands and reasons to comment on the things we comment.

    Nobody is right or wrong...just the angle we look at thing.

    Easy easy yo


  • Geez I was expressing an opinion after reading many of the boards on here to grasp of what these boards are about.

    I was told in my 20's that in my late 30's that the gifts I shut down will come back as I get balance in my life which I'm slowly getting.The empath thing I'm still getting used to cause I have friends I get psychic waves from which I'm learning to block but it is all a learning experience.

    Here's my point.If I charged my family money for helping them being a shaman then that would be a wrong thing to do because money doesn't bring happiness.You bring happiness whether you have money or not.

    Your given gifts to help the Universe.Not until you get sick of helping the Universe.

    Also I've seen a lot scams by so called psychics that charge money.

    Just Google psychics and you'll see them.

    If I charged my Mum and my brother every time I've had to help them I'd have the laptop I want, go out as much as I want etc etc.

    I see the gifts I've been given to help people and the Universe around me.

    Also I'm Pagan so pls don't preach to me.

  • I am an old soul and to put age into this is ridiculous.

    I'm self educated and don't appreciate made to look stupid.



    HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow! im not a psychic or anything like that but i do agree w/ the rest of you. I understand what taurusgirl1974 is trying to say, but i understand when someone offering readings stops. I know that it drains your energy and it gets tiring. Is not like they're gonna stay 24/7 doing readings. We most understand that they have lifes too. I don't know you but by the way you're reacting to the comments you don't seem like an old soul to me. I am not trying to be rude or anything. I respect people, I'm just trying to get my point across. One should not get upset for what others say, if you're not selfish then don't let that comment upset you. Learn from what others have to say and then reflect upon it. Good luck in life!

  • HPriestess,

    A big hello and kisses to you!!! xoxo 🙂 I've been pretty flat out and haven't been back yet to join up on your blog site, but I definitely will!

    Not really up and running, but am doing (free) healings for people that aren't going to think I am some kind of nutter for offering. I am happy to help, and although I wasn't that confident in what I was doing, it seems it is effective, so I am gaining confidence and experience in doing it in my own way.

    All I am doing in putting myself in the shoes of the people who are doing the readings here. Look, if they do so many then decide they can't do anymore, then I can understand that. Potentially they could do thousands of readings if they don't stop at some point. In the perfect world we would all have the time to keep giving and just offer our services all day, but we all are LIVING as well, and everyday life generally includes work, family and other obligations.

    It's a fine line because everyone has questions and could use guidance. But one thing I am learning to do in my own case is to continue developing and evolving myself and also accepting that the universe doesn't necessarily want me to know everything that is coming up. Some things they just want to unfold and for me to patient and accept things as they come. I know in wanting to KNOW we sometimes get stuck asking the same question over and over again and want to see all the different insights offered. Some things are just not going to work out the way we want them to (the universe often has a better and alternate plan, we just don't realise this at the time). To keep asking for more insights because you don't get necessarily the answer you are looking for, just adds to our own confusion.

    I just mean if you are not happy with what you have been told here for free, then perhaps there a paid reading might be valued more (as often we hold more value for what we have paid for). I am not trying to put anyone down, but fair go for the generous people here who have given many many readings and have to put a stop to it at some point. Even if I haven't asked for a reading I am still full of gratitude for those wonderful people giving their time and energy in to read for so many others. I really wish I could find it......been looking.......Ahliyah summed it really well and I can't find the post or the exact wording, but it was something like the trick is to give of yourself, but not so much that you deplete yourself in the process. As with everything it is a balancing act.


  • How are you doing Wenchie? And if you have heard from Cris how is she holding up? Best energy coming to all involved. We are all working on it. Peace and harmony to everyone there.

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    I'm doing well, thanks. 🙂 Got my own "man stuff" going on, but haven't we all!!! Gee they are a confusing bunch!!!!!!

    How are you doing?

    Haven't heard anything more from Chris and to be honest I didn't expect to. I sent her an email yesterday (felt that may be less intrusive than sending a text message) and let her know I was thinking of them all and hoping they were all doing ok. I'll check in with her again on the weekend. She did say that they had all woken up feeling much better on Tuesday, so I put that down to our collective prayers, love, light and healing energies. I told her the "troops" had been called in!

    The fact that it was so sudden makes it such a shock. I believe it was Divine Timing for Chris to be there when it happened, to support the family in their grief.

    Thank goodness it's Friday and only 2 hours to go until home time from work! I'm looking forward to the weekend, feeling so tired physically, mentally & emotionally. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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