It's not a sin to be poor, it's just so inconvenient

  • Why is it there are people, for example, Paris Hilton, who are born into this world with money? People who don't know what it's like to come home from work so tired and still have nothing to show for their hard earned money, because all they get done doing is paying bills. People who don't know what it is like to go get into their car to go to work and the thing won't start. I could go on and on. Is it fate?

  • pay attention to the hints and suggestions of those that know you. I used to be mostly broke & get fired all the time. I believe 3 people suggested I get my real estate license and eventually I did. I now make ALOT of money and love my job. I'm saying you should do the same thing but do listen to the suggestions that may be offered to you.

  • Bluewatermamma,

    You"re doing well in real estate in this market? That's wonderful. People have often told me that I would be good in real estate, I think it probably would be a good fit if times were different.

  • I hear ya...boy do I hear ya...

  • Sorry to crack the illusion, but life in fact comes out from the heart. See the film

    It is important that we believe and surrender to that faith. We must believe in what we do not see. And ofcourse practice to do so. Since faith is something that can grow inside of us.

  • having a lot of money doesn't determine happiness. It sure makes some things easier but even in business you will find that money alone doesn't guarantee a success. competition is hard for everybody, that's why even rich people have to know how to keep their income flowing in. their lifestyle alone will make sure they lose sleep if anything happens to their daily income. their friends circle and network are there because they have money, they know that as soon as they go bankrupt, they will lose it all. do you really think a rich banker sleep well at night? nope, nor do his clients. because money is a 24/7 operation. the less they sleep the more they can keep up on things. add criminals on top of that, they wouldn't go after a 1,000 limit credit card if they could lay their hands on millionaire's bank a/c. so again the rich has to pay for safety, which is not cheap for what they are protecting. I don't feel any remorse not being rich, I did feel bad when not having a job and then recession stepped in. but for 3 years of not working the universe took care of me well. I never lost my house, never filed bankruptcy. All I did was living within budget and cut down unnecessary expenses. The rest comes from my husband who got busy at work and our family who won lottery. They were not that busy when I worked, but when I lost the job, they suddenly got quite a few strokes of luck. That's how the universe takes care of me while I am crazy looking for job.

    We all make our own future. Life challenges are thrown to everyone, by the universe. It's how we deal with it, that matters. Are you going to move on and actively looking for jobs that pay more, or are you going to waste your time wondering why other people have more money? Because what they do with their lives do not benefit you in any way, so don't bother about it. Deal with your own problems and find solutions for it. Everyone else, well they should deal with theirs. spend time to turn inward and turn off mind chatters. look back to the past, what were you good at and what brought food to the table, you might find hidden talents this way. also your loved one should know what they think you will be good at. give it a try.

  • I meant to say "you should not do the same thing" I typo'd and said you should do what I do, whoops. although maybe it was a subconscious slip up. ...maybe you should get your real estate license!

    the last year has been horrible for sales but if you are meant to do it you will be successful eventually when market picks up. already getting better here in Delaware.

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