Is cancer good or bad

  • I now start dating a cancer man and he seems to be good i am a Taurus and we live 4 hours apart from each other i just need to no more before i move on with him.

  • I believe there is good and bad in every sign... Not just cancer.. You will probably find a lot of stuff on here about them as they are frustrating.. But I have been with mine now for 1.5 years n known him for 10 - we were friends first and after going through everything that this year has held for us we are really getting back to a place where we are happy..

    I don't get a lot of the stuff that other ppl talk about on here - retreats etc but we have had our fair share of issues... But at the end of it all we both love each other and we try to make it work and that is alll you can do.....

    Good luck!!! Love and light...

  • thank u very and it was very helpful to me

  • that is great!! I think you can only ever do what you feel is right for you at any particular time in your life... If you are getting along and you are happy and not in an abusive relationship - then go for it... You never know what you are going to miss if you don't try... Believe me - I nearly missed mine all cause I thought he wasn't good enough... But that was a judgement that was based on nothing... And he turned out to be completely the opposite of what I originally thought! And to think I based that on an assumption! LOL

  • tough to say, you two probly cxant stand to be apart, My Gf is taurus and it goes both ways, its awesome. Ive heard you match well together, I myself am drawn to the Taurus, I think its a wild ride. this roller coaster is the craziest ever!!!!

  • Hi Everyone! Girl, ask him what his intentions are and ask him what he wants with you,... and you should ask the same. No point beating around the bush. Cancers don't like confrontation, but it definitely makes them think...Be nice, be friends, get to know a cancer before jumping into anything serious (unless it is magical from BOTH sides). Dating a cancer is not for the faint hearted. I love my Cancer, but man, what a challenge, but it is magic! Chat soon.x

  • good as long as u r good to us

  • I am a cancer woman and was with my taurus man for a very long time is one of the better match ups for astrology ...............we had our ins and outs but ,its worth the effort 🙂

  • if you have the birth information of both of you

    you can check out compatibility at www 0800-horoscope com

    just to get a closer look

    upbringing and many other things shape personality

    so after finding compatibility you should try to know him better

    maybe communicate more and go out more together in the weekend

    I've seen this combo before and it does work

    so it does sound like a good one you have there

    good luck

  • Shenella>>>But I have been with mine now for 1.5 years n known him for 10 - we were friends first and after going through everything that this year has held for us we are really getting back to a place where we are happy.

    Sandran>>I was with an Aries.It's always good in the beginning.I spent a rollercoaster ride with him for 23 years.We split shortly after.But,it was fun...LOL

  • Thanks Sandran I really appreciate that input 🙂 We haven't really had a rollercoaster ride - it has just been a bit rough on both of us this year - n taking it out on each other hasn't helped! Normally we are just fine together always have been we are really only talking like a 6 month period of not sure wat the other was wanting... But we are working it out and talking better than ever because of all of this "stuff" 🙂 In the last week we have had a discussions - his best friend wanted me to keep something from him - which I didn't - we talked and have worked things out like never before - we really are stronger than ever before 🙂 Which i am so grateful for... And really happy!

  • Hi, I am also a Taurus, and I have been having a fling with a Cancer man for several months. I am still learning about them because I have only been with Capricorns. I can tell you that it seems that they can be the best of the best and the worst of the worst! Mine has been driving me crazy for some time now, and I feel that he is honestly struggling with how he feels for me and what he would like to happen between us, but only time will tell 🙂

  • wickedmoon . llindieloo here it might help if you read my post ." Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ", If you have any advice for me please dont hesitate to comment . thank you

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