A Tarot Reading Please!

  • I am a Pisces female (3-6-1972) who has been married to a Taurus (4-22-1972) for 12 years. Over the last year my husband and I have been struggling in our relationship. We have split up and reconciled and now I am thinking of leaving him for the last time.

    Also in this picture is a Scorpio male (10-23-1969) who has been, for lack of a better term, a "crush" of mine since we were teenagers. This man has recently re-entered my life and has been primarily a friendship. We have both admitted that we feel that there is more than just a friendship lurking beneath the surface and that those feelings have been there since the first time we laid eyes on one another roughly 20 years ago!

    I wonder if this Scorpio is my soul-mate? If not, am I still meant to be with my husband the Taurus? Any and all insight is welcome!

    Thank you,


  • Best of luck to you. I was in your shoes and I feel that my soulmate i have known since I was 12 yrs old. Been in and out of each others lives for what seems like forever. Everytime we talk its like no time passed. I left my husband not to be with him but because the marraige wasnt working. I reunited with my soulmate and have had many ups and downs with him but my love feelings for him never change. We are not together rigght now and its so painful and theres alwasys things happening that make me think of him or I dream about him and once in a while he calls me and so on. Its like we cant leave each other alone but for whatever reason we just havent been able to work it out. There are alot of people on here wondering about boyfriends or ex boyfriends and I have not gotten the answers I was looking for. If anything I got reprimanded for not being close enough to God or accused of being unhappy without a partner. So I hope you get the advice you are looking for if you do let me know because lately I get alot of preaching and not alot of understanding.

  • AndreaOh

    This Scorpio is not your soul-mate.

    You are no more meant to be with your husband the Taurus!

  • I've liked my friend Chris since I was 15.We hadn't seen each other in 20 yrs then I saw him back in February/March and we started to chat with each other explicitly then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me.

    My questions are will I talk to or see Chris ever again??

    Is he single??

    Will Chris and I ever be together??

    What are his feelings for me??

    His birth date 25/1/1974

    Mine 15/5/1974 9.50 am Liverpool Australia

  • Lovinmylife,

    I am definitely not leaving my husband for the Scorpio. My husband and I have had a really difficult relationship and it boils down to his possessiveness and jealousy and this feeling that I must be "everything" for him. I am so frustrated and really in need of some independence! I lost all sense of myself for many years and recently I'm trying to get it back, but he keeps dragging me back by being passive-aggressive and manipulative! I can't bear it any longer.

    As for the Scorpio; I'm perfectly OK if it's not meant to be. I do love him and maybe I've held onto the fantasy of us being together just a little too long. It's only been as recently as yesterday that I've realized it may be time to let him go. Such is life I guess!

    Thanks very much for your input. I think I've known all along what course I need to take. It's nice to know others have been in my shoes!


  • Hans,

    I love that you're clear and concise! But it also makes me wonder what else you may have felt. Any other thoughts? Especially regarding my husband the Taurus? If not, thanks very much anyway and have a wonderful day.


  • Hello Mr. Hanswolfgang

    Would you please do a reading for me please.

    I have an important decision to make in my life and i need to know which path is the best.

    I wanna go to college but im not sure where to. I wanna study here in Nevada but I feel that i will have more chances out in another country. I dont wanna leave cuz i love this place but everybody is telling me that my future is other there. What should i do? I need an advice plz.

    Oh would you include a love life reading as well please. I have been feeling very depressed lately.


  • taurusgirl1974,

    you will I talk Chris again, but you will not see him.

    He is not single.

    Chris and you will someday be together.

    Chris would want to come to you, but he feels a commitment thinking not to be able to withdraw from that.

  • AndreaOh,

    if you would now leave your husband, you would rush in just the wrong direction. You can now learn to hold your strength inside of you defending against any suppression and loving all what connects you with him and what is complementary to you. Just living in the moment without any expectations, it is worth trying.

  • SunCappyGirl,

    it happens not often, but I agree with everybody: You should go in another country.

    Concerning your love life: Go for that what you want. You are the queen and that what you want to happen, should happen. You are depressed because you are blocking your will power. Let it free.

  • hello hans

    can u do a reading for my current friendship of three yrs. where is it headed? is he gng to marry me?

  • hello drgagannagi,

    your current friendship is headed towards a desaster. Your egos will have to fall down.

    He is not going to marry you.

  • THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, your advice has given me strength. And yeah i think you're right. for some reason i feel like my desteny will take me where i have to go. thank you so much

  • hello there hans...good day to you...

    any input you might have is very greatly appreciated...this is in regaurds to love...are you surprised ;0)...i have known my bestfriend for 14 yrs now...for most of those years i was in love with her...and entered into a situation about 4 yrs ago...where i lived with her and her girlfriend...that did not work out...we just started talking again for the first time in 3 yrs...in the process of this three yrs i have moved on...and for the first time...have found another person i am interested in...keeping in mind i have remained single for the last 10 yrs...so is this new person i'm beginning to have feelings for...also feeling the same way??? is my bestfriends intentions towards me to pursue intimacy...put simply...what is going on in my love life???

    thanks for your time...


  • @ mindflower915

    hello there jen,

    this new person you are beginning to have feelings for is not feeling the same way.

    Your best friends intentions towards you is not to pursue intimacy.

    But do not worry: REAL love is coming to you. You wil soon be falling in love, and then you will not to have ask me, but then you will know!


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