Help with my reading

  • I've utilized for compatibility and done research on my own. Is there anything interesting to note between our charts? Are we a good match? I would appreciate any tips too on doing my own readings? Thank you for your time and help in.

    Me (female)

    Sun Virgo

    Moon Aries

    Mercury Virgo

    Venus Libra

    Mars Sagittarius

    Jupiter Capricorn

    Saturn Scorpio

    Uranus Sagittarius

    Neptune Sagittarius

    Pluto Scorpio

    Ascendant Virgo

    Midheaven Gemini

    Him (male)

    Sun Capricorn

    Moon Scorpio

    Mercury Sagittarius

    Venus Scorpio

    Mars Capricorn

    Jupiter Leo

    Saturn Virgo

    Uranus Scorpio

    Neptune Sagittarius

    Pluto Libra

    Ascendant Cancer

    Midheaven Pisces

  • JustineElise,

    you are not a good match. There would be many points in your list I could show off, but to make it short, I will only give you a hint at one of the most important points: Saturn is very decisive for a partnership, because it shows, what will be suppressed or restricted.

    Your saturn is in scorpio, that means, you will have the tendency to restrict or even suppress or fight his ego, because his moon is in scorpio and the moon is our self image, our ego.

    On the other side his saturn is in virgo. That is even worse, because you are a super-virgo, having sun and ascendant in this sign. He will restrict or suppress your being, your appearance. It would be very difficult for him to accept your being, to love you, as you are.

    In the beginning you will show him your ego, the fiery aries, but for how long will this last ?

    Someday the virgo will come out and provocate his denial.

  • Both myself and his mother are virgos and let's just say you were 100% right. He went from adoring me to resenting everything about me. But that is life. Thank you!

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