Arian and scorpio maybe together

  • one month of relationship to an scorpio is very exciting. i as a arian giving all my love to him 5 times in 1 1/2 month we got sex an innoscent scorpio. dosent know how to engage to me but its was nice couz i teach him how but he propose to me and i dont know what to not really sure but i want him to know well.

  • one month and he proposed already? if I were you I would hold until I know more.

    I've seen this pair works in the beginning but I don't know how long theirs last. there was one relationship where he left her for another girl and she was devastated. the other woman is skinny and this aries female is curvy. so then this aries female seems to hate any skinny girl for no reason lol poor skinny girls at work ganged up against her for this reason, which is not their fault since they had done nothing to her marriage.

    It seems this is a good combo when it comes to physical attraction or activity. I can't say it can get that good other than that, emotionally especially. But this is just from what I see in other couples, doesn't mean it will end the same to you both.

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