Capricorn women

  • I have a capricorn girl friend born jan 9 and i want to know or get an idea what shes thinking. I was wondering if i can have some cappy women to help me out please

  • I used to have a Cap woman friend at work. My hubby is Cap and some women in his family are Caps. I can share you the bits I know about them, that I see exist in general.

    They seem to hold traditional values, or like people who do. They are competitive and ambitious, even in small things. They can be unforgiving if they feel that their mate is dragging them down or delaying them in reaching their embition. This could be family, career, anything they put their mind into. They also don't appreciate dishonesty and betrayal, of course nobody does, but they just know how to deal with this cool-headedly not showing signs of anger or sadness. They don't forgive easily but they can stick around as long as it still serves their purpose. Be honest with them, all the time. If you are sick or need help, they will be there for you, but if they know you are just lazy or a whiner, they will not be there for you anymore even if you are not lying this time. Caps work long hours, they will put work and money as priority on top of love and s ex. They are resilient and will change if necessary, for the sake of ambition. Second after work and money is family. Until you become a part of their family, aka married or engaged, you will still be outsider and they will not make you a priority unless of course you two are planning a wedding of some sort because then you will fall in the 'family' category. Their sense of responsibility is very deep, that they will not tolerate slackers of any kind. They are good in planning and management, if you have a business together, make them the person that runs it. they will see to it that your business is successful. they do sometimes work without pay, if they trust the boss. but as soon as they lose trust in the boss, they can go as far suing him for the money thay are never paid or destroying the very business itself. pursuing a relationship with Cap can be tough but once you have her heart, you have her for life. stick with her when she is working long hours and show that you understand the value of hardwork and money management, she will take this as a sign that you are capable to climb up to peak of the mountain with her.

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