Cancer woman and the virgo man, wise or foolish to proceed to date???

  • I am a cancer woman who recently opened communication with a former classmate. I was upset with him when he'd bully me in high school, but then from advice from my best friend who is a scorpio, i decided to give the guy a chance. I started communicating with him.. and it was so easy to converse and text. We have a long distance friendship, and haven't seen each other in 10 years. But we have been actively communicating for a little over 3 months. We have a lot in common, but I don't think I can trust men. My relationships have only lasted at the very least a month long. I am very attracted to the passionate possessive men who pamper me. But should I expect these same qualities in a virgo. So far, he's very reserved, shy, very smart, funny, very physically appealing(to me), hardworking, loves animals, loves his career... but it is even wise to even bother? I value financial security, and right now, i am not self-confident with my own finances or my education level. And I still need to develop that more for myself. I mean, I have a bachelors and I am very self-sufficient, independent, very beautiful, etc... but should I even bother with this guy? I can be moody and passionate. Very moody, and I hate relying on people for support, especially financial support, but I get turned off if a guy I like isn't even decent enough to support me... I can make my own money, I am fine with that, but if he can't even take care of me when I need him, then we have a problem. So far, maybe I should just keep things on a friendship level. But exactly how long can I be very very cautious... Is it wise to proceed with this virgo male? Oh, and to top it off, I was the first one after 3.5 months of communicating, flirting (mostly from his side.. actually 95% from his side).... He likes to flirt with me a lot, and always says how attractive and intelligent I am. He also says he enjoys conversing for hours with me and that he finds me very surprising and interesting. But then I was the first one to even admit I even liked him! And he agreed with me, and was embarrassed for not even initiating it. Should I even bother? I don't love him yet. I told him, I may like many people, but it doesn't mean I love them. Still, he just makes me sooo comfortable. Oh, btw, there is nothing physical yet between the two of us. We're still "communicating" I'm just calling out my cancerian signs out there... is this even a safe thing to go forward with??? I think I may have to see in in person again for a better assessment, and shouldn't be fantasizing so much. That would be the best approach. But then that;s where we have a problem... if he were a scorpio male or a gemini or a libra male... they come running to me immediately... they'd travel anywhere just to be with me, but this virgo... he says we should think about planning a meet-up... Is this more of what to expect??? no spontaneity. no excitement? no adventure! I know if I was in love with a person, I'd drop everything and be with them or at least visit them on my own. I am serious when it comes to love and relationships... is it even worth it?

  • i personally feel as though thats a compatible match. First of all my grandparents were made up of those 2 signs and ended up having 8 children. im not saying bust out those babies but the relationship worked for the most part. Since they are yin and yang and cancer (water) and virgo (earth) go together hand in hand. life is sustained by those two elements. Last but not least virgo is stable ( for the most part) and cancer is a lil too whimsical so the pair compliments each other perfectly. Good Luck in your relationship 🙂

  • Well, to me, it sounds like this guy could be shy and nervous, and you're getting tired of waiting for him to make the move. Actually, I have to ask, if you're as cute/smart/intelligent as you know you can be, then can you attract a man local to you, where these long distance issues do not appear? I think you're just headed for more heart ache and confusion.

    Also, not sure if this is for you, but when I'm in doubt, I use the pro psychics at Most Gifted ( I like to have another check, before I invest my heart and emotions into a man, who may not ultimately be the best for me. So far, they've been right on.

  • Hm... thank you for the insightful comments. Mr. Virgo actually asked me the other day out of curiousity how things were between the two of us... and I told him that honestly, I don't know. I told him that I am working very hard to better my lifestyle and accomplish my goals. I told him that I respect him, and our friendship, but that I still don't know him well enough. And I told him to be patient with me. I told him i wasn't seeing anyone, and that if another woman catches his attention, he is free to go after her, because after all... it's may the best man/woman win...and then i told him I didn't know so much about this lovey dovey stuff because I've never been in love before. But if anything serious were to evolve, then we'll deal with it when it comes. And you know what??? he then sent me an article to read over about a spider and it's mating ritual... lol! And then he told me, "Fair enough. I'm not trying to rush you or anything, but sometimes, it is good to clarify things else misconceptions may occur. Good communication is the start to any type of successful relationship. My life is also quite full at the moment, but, i do find you quite interesting and attractive, and probably would make a very good partner. so yes, let's see what time brings." So maybe it might be okay then.

  • he's the just the one guy who I am physically attracted to , surprisingly, an island away... but he's different from the other guys in my area, only because he's ... i hate to say it without sounding too superficial... but he's very attractive for me... and he's smart and hardworking and goodhearted. The other dudes are smart, hardworking, goodhearted... but i am just not attracted to them physically. and i can't help it. I mean, i can like the guys in my area.. but i will only be forcing myself... with this Virgo, I don't have to force myself, especially since it's just soo easy.

  • OKay, now this is what worries me about this virgo male... Do virgos beat themselves up physically? I mean, he works out soo much to an extreme to relieve his stress... and then, he'd tell me how sore and hurt he is all the time... and now, he's telling me that hes' been losing his appetite... maybe it's work... but sheesh, I told him to eat something. He is definitely a trooper.

  • cancerpig,

    I think I replied before to this message-somewhere in here about your Virgo male. I think you should get together--as nothing is happening --and everyone is "nervous" when you meet up again after a passage of time--but I think if you saw each other maybe a year or so ago--I think not too much has probably changed appearance wise-and you have been talking--and the feelings seem stong--so start the dating/mating process--and see how it goes. You both share the same values-and you said he was a cutie pie a year ago--so connect. You may find your soul mate!

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