Are we compatible or not?

  • I am fishing for some opinions re my relationship with my partner (female.) She is Saggitarius and I am Capricorn. We met in October, 2009. It began when I answered an advert on an online search for accommodation. She was advertising a room in a flat exactly where I wanted to move to. She was a mechanic and helped me out with my car (which I was having enormous problems with at the same time I was moving.) We seemed to connect on an emotional level and it seemed right to move in with her. We have had a lot of arguments over the last few months. I am working really hard at getting to the bottom of the cause of the arguments but sometimes, she is very obstinant and will not budge on issues that are really important to me and things that really annoy me. I'm just not sure where this r/ship is heading and whether I should hang in there. I am not waiting for her to change as I do not believe you can change people but surely there is a solution to our problems in relating. I believe a lot of the problem is the way she communicates or doesn't communicate (more to the point) and I am padantic about certain things ....... like having bench space in the kitchen to prepare my lunch etc. She just decides to use the kitchen bench whenever she wants to fix something.... A mechanic who doesn't have a shed or bench space to work on! ....... This causes a lot of arguments but she refuses to organise the flat so she does have a space to work at, besides the kitchen bench (and believe me it is a very small kitchen with only one narrow bench to use. ) For a while there, we were having an argument once a day. It seems to be getting less......

    I have thought of finding another place to live (but due to lack of affordable housing) I know I would not be better off... not financially anyway. Money is not the only reason I'm staying, I must add.

  • What are your exact birthdates?

  • And no, you cannot change other people, but they can change themselves if they have a good enough reason to.

  • In general, you are not likely to stay together for long. The reason is too many differences in your nature. Sagittarius is full of fun, play and enthusiasm, while Capricorn is full of practicalities and responsibilities. Her too-much independent spirit is likely to make you insecure and your possessive attitude may make her feel cloistered. You want her only for yourself, while she wants to show-off to the whole world. Her world is incomplete without the parties and adventure, you love your home and this is where you like to spend most of your time. To you, your Archer may come across as irresponsible, inconsiderate and immature. However, both of you can learn much from one another, but only if you are both willing. The Archer can teach the Goat how to have fun and mix with people, while you can bring maturity and practicality into your friend's way of life. .

  • The Captain, I am a Cap female who has had contact with many Sagittarians, especially my great aunt who I loved dearly..she is now deceased. I loved what you told the guy about his relationship, but I have a question too. I used to work with a Sagittarian woman who was just down right belligerent. I was her supervisor and she did not get along with me or anyone in the office b/c of her mouth and nasty attitude. Yet, she would come in the office with sad stories about her life and make it seem like everyone (mainly her family) was against her and I would feel sorry for her. The funny thing is our boss, a Libra woman who we complained to about her attitude DID NOTHING. We thought she was afraid of her, and I asked her about it and she said she wasn't. Yeah, right!! This woman was manish looking, tall but kept herself together: girlfriend could dress!! She's not with us anymore (Thank God) and called several months ago to ask if she could have her job back. Can you guess what our boss did?

  • hmm. well sounds like you kinda rushed into things maybe ? but thats not always a bad thing, but you find out things about someone pretty quick from living with them. are there lots of qualities you still like about her? you could suggest getting a shed or buy her a little shed for her to do her mechanic stuff. i have to admit it would drive me crazy too all that oily muck on the kitchen benches (im a virgo) .there is ways around things, like when i paint i just put a throw sheet down or blanket on the floor. maybe you guys just need more personal space, i dunno. i know saggies can be incredibly tactless and really like to do things their way. they can be heaps of fun and passionate too though! does she own the place or rent too? you could always go live in a tent! i have another idea.. why not get all your and her stuff and make one massive pile reaching the ceiling the kitchen so it is impossible to access. throw in a couple of sandwiches and some fruit, tea bags, mugs.. see how she likes that!!!

  • Casper, perhaps your boss was privy to some information about the Sag woman that you were not, perhaps something that led her to keep the woman on, like maybe the woman had dependants to support and needed the job. Or maybe your boss was testing you to see if you as supervisor could keep the peace and were effcient at handling the people under you? If you were her supervisor, did you ever take the Sag aside to find out what her problems were?

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