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  • So, I dated this guy for a few months, he's in the military.... He left for a 2 month tour in August. He thought it would be a good idea to take a break while he was gone and then see where we were at when he got home. We kept in contact very sparsely via e-mail while he was gone... I got maybe two from him. However, he's home now and has failed to e-mail text or even give a courtesy call letting me know he's back in the U.S. Was his idea of taking a break while he was gone to get rid of me for good? It's only been 2 days since he's been home... Am I jumping the gun or should I just get over it?

    Feedback from guys would be helpful since you probably know a bit more about tactics of dumping a girl. Feedback from any girls who've been in a similar situation would be appreciated too.

  • ok i have know various people in the military and one of the people i know had a fiance but he broke it off with her after about a year because he was there and she was all the way in arkansas maybe he just didnt want to hurt you a thought that maybe you would heal while he was gone so that breaking it off was easy for you

  • Get over him. Move on. Sorry, but you sound really imature still, maybe you need to just date for awhile. Hey, I've been you age and you wiil find the right guy. You are young enjoy life before you settle on one guy. I have a daughtrer 20 almost 21 {January 24th} who is married. Yes, married. At 18 yrs. old. Her husband is in the Navy. They married so soon because they couldn't afford to live together. See if you are married in the service they give you extra money. My kid could never hold a job, as she is epileptic. She has 3 types and one of them causes her to have a bad temper and attitude to boot. Please take your time. Quit worrying about the boy in the past and this past one. He moved on, you should too. If he does call or text and wants to "hook up", be nice and tell him you moved on, he should have been a gentleman and contacted more while he was away. He can't have his cake and eat it too! Best of luck and love. Donna

  • Thank you both very much for your feedback!

    I really appreciate it.

    I just started dating someone else who treats me with respect and really cares for me.

    Now the difference between how Ib was treated and should be treated is clear and I am over the past relationship.

    I think I just got too carried away with the last guy and I will be sure not to put myself through that again.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  • I am very happy for you. See, you did find a great guy. Best of luck and love, Donna

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