Breakup with a Scorpio man

  • He broke up with me, saying that he isn't ready for a relationship right now. He had been apprehensive about dating from the start, as he was traumatized by a very bad breakup about a year and a half ago. We are so good together, and our relationship has been so positive and loving and fun and deep. Really the most fulfilling relationship that I've ever been in. The breakup was very difficult, we both did a lot of crying and opened up about our emotions like we had never done before. He wants us to remain best friends. He said he will do whatever he can to keep me in his life. He wants us to continue spending the same amount of time together, and he continues to be very affectionate. I care too much for him, so I told him I needed a break from all of the emotional stress I've been under. I told him I'd call him in a few weeks. What should I do? He's not a manipulative person, and he's been extremely honest with me, almost too blunt at times. I think we should be together. Do you think we have a chance at getting back together someday? Should I try to be his friend? Or spend time apart? I don't want to lose this person.

  • Hi

    I think he asks for a time out to figure his past out n how to heal himself. Many who has had a bad break up find often a new partner which is defined as a rebound.

    I fee he doesnt wanna use u as rebound but loves u as much as u love him. Now being burnt is such high deep emotions scary, bc he starts to ask, when will this go to hell bc its the pattern. So as much as it pains u, n TRUST ME when i say i know this feeling too well, been there done it, is to allow him time n space. Remain a friend. Allow him to heal his style n way n he will return to u. There is a saying if u love someone set em free, if they return they were urs to start with, if not they never were. Either way u leant a lot.

    Ive done this with 3 men i love, 2 has returned. So it pays to allow em time to heal n return in their time n terms. i wish u the best hon. Keep the faith!

  • scorpio men are very insecure and controlling/possessive.IMHO i think you should just be his friend,give him time to heal cuz if you don't he will start to become controlling. if he deals with himself i don't think he'll take it out on you.

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