What is true love?

  • Hi guys. I see that many of you are interested in the romantic love. It bores me to death, but that is not what I want to tell you.

    I want to say something about what true love is. Although I only have a few words, much more can be added to it.

    True love is received from the creator. True love is from the creator. True love has no self interest.

    True love has no self interest whatsoever. True love is a healing power received from the allmighty to a human being. True love is forever and has no end. Our lives end, but true love never ends. Because true love is alive on its own, it is a power that has come from God, and that in fact IS God. True love in fact is God. That is why it is said in the holy books that love is God. Because it is true.

    Us humans have self interest. That is a part of our bodies. In fact, it is said in the Bible that us humans must surrender our bodies to God, so that our bodies in reality becomes temples for worship of the creator. So it is natural that our bodies object, since they are following their patterns. The body has its own pattern, learned by history. So the body (the mind) has its own way of experiencing a persons healing process. It is like a slow death. But in reality that is what is necessary in order to become truly alive. The death is how it feels when what we have trusted to guide us through our lives, our thoughts, are proven to be wrong and we are being showed the truth. That is why some people witness that they became afraid when they saw an angel or a person whom was filled with a godly light. It is the mind that does not understand, it panicks. So if we think of this when a person has realised the truth about something. To let go of an idea or a dogma is so strong that when the idea dies out of the person, the person feels it as if the person itself is dying. So true love is really beyond our mind completely. It is incomprehencable for our mind in reality.

    So the love that we feel when we truly love another human being is beyond our mind. In our mind we picture that true love is to live together as husband and wife and perhaps even have a child together. And have mutual economy, eat together, sleep together, etc. But in the godly terms, true love is far beyond that. It is a source for healing of the soul. And truly, that is what God wishes for us that in fact leads us to marry. Because then the two will be living the lives that God wishes for them. If they are guided by God through their lives. And their children will then be close to God, since their parents are being healed through their lives by the allmighty who realms inside of them. If everybody had married out of true love, then the world would in fact be at peace.

    So love is above the mind, above the body and beyond everything that is in this world.

    In the Bible, love is shown through Jesus Christ when he left to die. He left everybody that he loved in this world to die. He left his mother, whom had conceived him, born him, fed him and raised him and loved him all through his life. But Jesus Christ knew that God would take care of her when he left. Jesus knew that God was with her and that he did not need to stay with her in order to save her from anything. He knew that she was safe and being well taken care of by God. So he did not worry about her at all. God guided him and showed him what to do, and that he had to let it happen. He did what was best for everybody and in the process he left his mother and everybody whom he cared deeply for. It was Gods will for everybody, and there is a word for this. It is called altruism.

    Altruism is a challenge for everybody, and few would like to do it. Altruism is what the hanged man is all about. The hanged man in tarot. Altruism is about letting oneself go through what one does not want in order to become healed and bring healing to the world. For the greatest good.

    True love is about altruism. True love has no self interest.

    So that is why I say that it does not matter whom you are married to, as long as he does not pollute you. As long as he is not harming you. As long as he is pure and not dirty. Because true love is about yourself. It is about that God loves you.

    True love comes from God directly to you, not through another human being solely. That is what it means when it is said in the Bible that we must build a temple for worhip. It means that we must let ourselves be opened up and healed by the allmighty. So that our body in truth will become a temple for worship.

    So what I am trying to tell you, is that you allready have true gotten love. If you just believe in it and continue to let it be there for you. You dont need to look for it anywhere. It is allready inside of you. That is stated in the Bible, the torah and the Quoran. Even those who do not follow monotheism believe in that: The buddhists, the hinduists and the taoists.

    Just continue to believe that God is there for you, and continue to pray for guidance.

    Hanged Woman

  • Greetings HW.... I have read many of your reading and fine them to be very insightful and inspiring. I understand what you are saying . Altruism is very challenging, overwhelming and very confusing requiring a lot of prayer and alone time and crying time.

  • You are right about that. Thankyou for the encouragement, it is encouraging to see that someone find it inspiring. I love to inspire.

  • I am able to think love, speak with love and to accept love. I thank God often for allowing me to go through this transformation and not give up on him or my hopes and dreams, they have become clearer,. I feel a calmness and is getting stronger everyday. Learning to love myself, knowing and believing that I am worthy of the things and people that God brings into my life, also realizing that some people don't come to stay but to teach me a lesson that I need. My first lesson was when I was married years ago when I had to learn to take care of me and my sons after the marriage was over, he walk out on payday with the rent money,. I found out that courting was taking away time from my sons so I gave it up to raise them and provide a safe and secure home. Now I 'm or was in a relationship where events and situations unfold in a way that work out for me, I hoping and believing that it will work out, what ever happen I,m in a better place the accept and deal with it. I have learn many lesson that will change my life for the better. God love in us makes for a better romantic relationship because true love is longsuffering, gentle and kind. Continue your good works it reaches many,

  • Thankyou. And what you did is called altruism. To let go of courting for the greatest good. And it also helps yourself aswell to infact practice altruism. There is an inner reward, it heals to practice altruism. Because in order to do so one must let go of ones own desires. The desires that in fact are preventing us from receiving a higher state. And what you did requires that you must sublimate. To sublimate is to channel the energies from the lower nature upwards in service for the greatest good, a higher purpose. What happens then is that we then function on a higher spiritual level, since we have learned to master the low nature with perfection. In tarot that is called the Strength card.

    Dictionaries explain the meaning of the words altruism and sublimation. I quite like the meanings, and I have read a bit about it in articles.

    Bless you.

  • not meaning to cause any problems but, ill tell ya what i think true love is.... ever heard about a very old couple in there......maybe 80's or so that when one one them passes away, that the other dies within weeks afterwards? even though one that died later was still in good health?, that to me i think is true love and the meaning of a soulmate, that once they spent there whole lives together that they couldnt be apart at all from eachother in this life and even the next.

    I myself to do not believe in god........... well there might be some higher power out there, but i not gonna read about it in a book that was writing by people thousands of years ago. and it changes???? how does the bible and other Religious books have more than one version??? hmm sounds like people making up new to stuff to brainwash people into thinking what they think. Religion has started more wars, killed more people than anything else in history. and all for what???? saying that my god is better than your god therfore you should die for it? am i the only one that thinks about stuff like this or what? or are you so blinded with your beliefs that you REFUSE to see it any other way than your own? religion makes people very close minded and not open to other things in life.

    my whole dads side of family is mormon up in utah, and all they try to do is try to convert people to their Religion, they call everyday and still!!! try to convert us so we avoid there phone calls alot, i know what kind of person i am and i know that im a very good one too, i dont need a book to tell me to Believe in god AND THEN i will be a better person lol,

    i kinda Believe that everything happens for a reason, but i REFUSE to think that my older sister had to die 3 years ago in order for me to become stronger. in which im still not over it, but it has made me a little stronger cause i take what she told me and try to live up to it now. or maybe all the bad stuff that happened to me in the past Needed to happen to make me stronger? maybe one day i might believe in some type of god cause i have an open mind and willing to listen but i really doubt it ahh i dunno im rambling on again..............ill shut up

  • I personally don't believe in the concept of soulmates. I believe as humans we can truly love more than one person. In my opinion the principle of sooulmates or having a true love indicates that we love one person less than another. I feel that we can find a person and with communication and love we can truly be happy.

    I believe there is a god but I am not religious as many of the people here. I agree with a lot of what Chevelle has said. In a time of crisis the words from the bible provide very little comfort. I still pray at night and ask for help and guidance but everyday I live my life in a proactive manner that has so far produced more results than praying for years on end.

  • TheHangedWoman-Your post was beautiful, eloquent and very insightful. Does your husband believe the same about true love? What if only one partner in the marriage believes in god?

  • Hi HW, I liked your post. You know, what separates Christianity from other religions is the fact that Jesus arose from the dead (that was part of the mission) and that he was the Son of God. We are children of God. For me, Jesus is my example. If we put our faith in Him and believe, we draw closer to Him. He had to select a few to show His divine nature to. Society at large wasn't ready and still isn't. Because His true nature is love, He is merciful. I believe He will come to each of us. Hanged Woman, your faith is given to you as a gift.

  • My faith in fact has risen me from death. I was ressurrected. I was dead in every way, only my body was still "alive"- I felt like a ghost.

    I realised that there were dead people walking around everywhere. People who everybody could see. I realised that there were alive people among us, although they did not know that the others were dead, because even though they were pure, they were not aware of how pure and how good they were.

    I saw that criminals, drug addicts and other people whom were seen as those who had lost, I saw that they were immensely good just like everybody else. Just that they were not aware of it. Their mistakes came from a misunderstanding in themselves. Not because they were evil or something like that. They just had a misunderstanding of who they were and what they were "supposed" to do in their lives, and that was the only problem. They had just learned who they were and followed their belief. They were just following a pattern that they had learned and were acting out of who they believed they were. Like acting out a role in life.

    Because I was almost like a ghost, I could see everything clearly. I was dead, but people could see me. People thought I was a living human being, but I was dead. I had lost everything. I had lost everything. I had lost myself and lost life completely. I had lost everything.

    I prepared for my physical death, since I knew I was dead inside of me. I gave away all my belongings and shaved my head. I had a job, and people thought I was normal. Although I was fully aware that my life was over.I strongly believed that I was going to die physically very soon.

    I prayed to God all the time. I prayed to God night and day. Because I knew that my body would die soon, since I was dead. And then God ressurrected me. God showed me that "He" does not want me to die. I am now still alive, living as a normal human being, six years later, married and have a child that is three years old. I know I am alive because of Gods will.

  • wow, thats some deep stuff right there i dont care who you are hahaha but honestly really deep stuff, im sure you had some bad things happen to you just like probably everyone on this website.

    im sorry but for me praying to god never helped anything, nothing ever changed when i was younger when i need god the most, i was a very disturbed person when i was younger, i thought about being one of those kids that would go to school and shoot everyone cause everyone had it better than me and couldnt take it seeing them all happy while i sat there depressed on the brink of killing myself with a gun, even though i covered it up very well, since i had so many unfair things happen to me,(molested, etc...) i honestly thought i would end up being a serial killer. all my life within myself it has been like a never ending battle between good and evil, and so far the good has always won, but i am fearful about the day that evil may win one day, im actually suprised im not a drug addict, or an alcholic too drown my sorrows, and when i do drink im actually a very, very happy drunk and not angry.

    even though i dont think evil will ever win but what if? i think its a miracle that i DIDNT do alot of the things i thought about doing as a child, maybe god had me go threw all those things cause he knew i would survive them? and it would make me stronger? ive always felt like i have a much bigger part to play in this world, and that im here for a reason, its just taking me a long time to realize this, im 21 and ive always knew i was more mature than my friends i seem to get along better with older people.

    but all that has been in the past, and im looking forward and it seems like a very good life ahead of me,

    hanged woman, im glad to see you doing better sounds like you have a great life now(still has its ups and downs i bet as does everyones) well i gotta go drop off my nephew damn interruptions!

  • chevelleman: I understand how it feels to want to kill oneself and those happy people who dont seem to care about the unhappy and lonely nor being able to even understand how it feels. I know how it feels to feel unhappy. It is almost like being in hell. Or even to in fact be in hell. But the positive about being on the bottom is that there is a way out from it. I promice you that it is possible to become healed from inner turmoil. It is like being resurrected from death or emotionally revived. Like dying and then wake up from death.

    Psychosynthesis. Taoism. Buddhism. Quoran. Torah. Jehova witness. Christianity in different directions. Muslims believe in Jesus, by the way. They just also believe in Muhammed and believe that he was the last profet. Monotheism in many directions. There are many many ways to explain how a person can become healed. Even though it really explains the same. Please seek. Please seek. The answer is within yourself. Not in your mind. But in yourself. Religions and explanations are for the mind. But the healing is for the soul. So it does not matter what direction you go. As long as it is upwards. Upwards and inwards.

    I think it is the buddhism that says: Find yourself and you will find God. Or: Know thyself. In the Bible it is said: If you want to find yourself, you must loose (let go of) yourself. If you want to find your life, you must loose (let go of) your life. So the way to find peace is in fact to let go. It is an emotional leaving, not a physical leaving. So that we emotionally let go of who we think we are, what we think we must do and what life we think we must have. Who you are is more than what realms in your mind. That is why the buddhists say: Know yourself and you have found eternal peace.

    When it is said in the Bible (the scripture I know best): "When a person meets God, he looses even that wich he thinks that he has."This does not mean that God hates us. It means that God is truth and when we meet God we loose all our illusions.

  • The stars hide the forbidden word h e l l

    Forgot that that is a forbidden word in this forum. lol

  • And chevelleman: Please look up the word psychosynthesis. Perhaps you would want to learn something about that? It is an approved part of the psychology curriculum/subject. Some are specialists and can help people heal and transform into themselves.

  • well after my sister passing away 3 years ago, ive changed alot, and im not that way anymore at all, and since meeting this girl 2 months ago, people can just see or even just sense in me that im happier, im getting my life together for the first time and its pretty exciting haha, all i know is anything i do for a career i will be one the of the best at what i do maybe a Councler for anger and domestic violence cause i think i could help alot of people by actually caring and not just acting like i do, something that helps people or animals, cause everywhere i go the damn animals flock to me like Dr. Dolittle haha. maybe they sense something i dunno

    but ill look into psychosynthesis and see what its about.

  • I am glad you feel better than before.

    I joined subud and started doing the latihan when I was 20. I am 31 now. www.subud.org. I have found peace.

    I was unhappy and afraid of having friends the whole teenage period. I was insulted when people smiled at me and said hi. I was scared to death to have friends and people close up to me. Since I was in an illusion that noone would ever love me truly. I am free. I have found peace. All the problems I have ever had in my life has been because of inheritage and environment. We inherit misunderstandings and illusions from our parents. And we learn our misunderstandings from the people around us when we grow up.The pain in this world is not something that the allmighty is doing to us. The pain comes from the misunderstandings that we have inherited and learned. The misunderstandings make us make mistakes.

    So we need healing inside of ourselves. And that healing is like being revived, like being resurrected from h ell or death. From the inner death. It is just how it feels. It does not mean that we are d amned or something from before. It is just that it feels like a resurrection because of the difference and it really feels like it is a help that comes from an invisible good force that loves us. And it does love us, since the end result when we follow that force and trust it is healing of the soul. The end result is a healed soul.

    Also, check this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b1GKGWJbE8 It explains the law of attraction.

    Thank you for sharing.

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