Chris 1962 could you plz do a reading for me

  • Hi Chris i could really use a reading if you have the time.Could you tell me if i will hear from my boyfriend soon.We have not spoken in 2 weeks we didn't have a falling out.Do you see any future for the 2 of us?

    his bday 7/28/1955

    mine 1/16/1950

  • Please refer to the post "TO ALL FRIENDS OF CRIS1962".

    Chris is currently facing her own challenges and is unavailable to give any readings. Give her some time and repost in future.

  • If he is your boyfriend, why not pick up the phone and call him.

  • Aloha,

    I sense your boyfriend is going through some life changes, he is not sure about many things right now and is questioning his life purpose. He is doubting himself and is not happy with what he has done in his life up to now. He feels a bit lost and wonders where he has gone wrong. It has nothing to do with you it is him that is confused about life.

    I sense that you are a loving and caring person that will do anything for him. Sometimes people we get close to take us for granted and expect that we will always be around for them. You need to see this situation as a period for you to grow more independent, put yourself first before others and become stronger.

  • Hi Wenchie thank you for the reply i appreciate it.I have picked up the phone no answer no return call.


  • Magicsouldream2003

    I feel for you. What is it with these men who think they can just ignore us, leave us hanging on, string us along and when they are ready, come running back? I tell you, I'm almost ready to jump the fence!!! LOL!!!!

    I wish you all the best, going through a similar situation right now with my man and it is frustrating to say the very least!

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Hi glrk

    Thank you very much for the reading.You are right he had to move back to his hometown that he hates to take care of his mother who is almost 90.He had to take a lower paying job and he is always overdrawn at his bank.He has never asked me for money and would never take it when i did have spare money.I really love him but never know how he feels.I have started doing that.My store is closing in January and i am hoping that they will not have a position for me so i can get unemployment and my severance pay so i can take some classes in aromatherapy.

    Once again thank you so much you are truly a wonderful person to take the time to help others with your gift and knowledge.


  • Hi wenchie

    I feel for you i truly do an all women with confusing men lol

    Well we love them and i guess when we get tired of hanging around and getting ignored we will choose to move on.I am almost to that point now but in the meantime i will work on me.

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