A reading request

  • I am a Pisces female (3-6-1972) who has been married to a Taurus (4-22-1972) for 12 years. Over the last year my husband and I have been struggling in our relationship. We have split up and reconciled and now I am thinking of leaving him for the last time.

    Also in this picture is a Scorpio male (10-23-1969) who has been, for lack of a better term, a "crush" of mine since we were teenagers. This man has recently re-entered my life and has been primarily a friendship. We have both admitted that we feel that there is more than just a friendship lurking beneath the surface and that those feelings have been there since the first time we laid eyes on one another roughly 20 years ago!

    I wonder if this Scorpio is my soul-mate? If not, am I still meant to be with my husband the Taurus? Any and all insight is welcome!

    Thank you,


  • what does your heart say? I think you love your husband, but your hurt? did he cheat? maybe try counseling? good luck!

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